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Zak’s Haunted Museum – The Review.

So I’m pretty sure most of you would of heard of Zak Bagans Haunted Museum situated in Downtown Las Vegas by now?

If you’ve not (Then where have you been, seriously?) It’s a paranormal museum that was opened in 2017 by Ghost Adventures Host and Star ‘Zak Bagans’. The Museum is set in a magnificent 1938 mansion which boasts 30 eye catching rooms and each hold extremely mysterious items that Zak has collected over the years.

The museum doesn’t claim that every item on display is Haunted, in fact, that was one of the first things that we were told at the start of the tour.

Being a paranormal investigator myself, this is a place I have wanted to visit since the very first day it opened it’s doors. It took me two years to finally get there, I decided to visit whilst I was on a two week vacation in Vegas for my 30th birthday.

In fact, I actually visited ON my birthday, pretty cool, right?

I’d heard a lot of mixed reviews about this place but I guess it’s pretty much the same with any other location. You’re always going to receive some good reviews and some bad.

I think the main thing that struck me was reading that a lot of people believed the museum to be made up fully for entertainment purposes, and I’m not gonna lie, I was half expecting that myself. Meaning, for everything to be over dramatic, stories of demon’s and ghosts shoved in your face from every angle.

WELL I can happily say that now I have visited, that it’s certainly NOT like that at all.

People who know me know that if I have got something to say then I will downright say it, I don’t hold back and if I thought this museum was total BS then I would call it, no matter who runs it or how big it is.

On this occasion though, you won’t be seeing any of that from me and I can certainly see why it was recently awarded the best attraction in Vegas, this place is NO JOKE.

My Visit 

Me outside the museum – 31st August 2019

I arrived pretty early around 12.30pm before the museum was due to open at 1pm. I’d done my research and know this place can get pretty busy! (That and I really didn’t want to be standing out in the sun for a long time because I legit would have died. UK girl can not hack that Vegas heat, Sheesh!)

We didn’t have to wait around for long before the gates were opened and we were asked to stand in line. I actually got to meet Angry Joe which was pretty cool. He came around with the waivers for myself and my group to sign. Yes, that’s right, the rumours are true, you DO have to sign a waiver.

Though after going inside, I can kinda understand why now.

Don’t ask me what was on it as I legit didn’t read it, I was too excited to get in, I probably signed my life away to Zak or something so that he can have possession of my body for one of his display cabinets when I die.

WHO KNOWS? It was worth it though.. I think!

Oh and can I just say that Angry Joe was actually a really nice guy, I must have missed the angry that day! 😉

ANYWAY mooooooooooooving on…..

After all of the waivers had been signed and collected we were split into a small group of around 9-10 people and the tour began!

Now I’m not going to go through every single little thing that happened as I don’t want to ruin the experience for anyone else that may be visiting BUT I will be talking about some of my favourite experiences and highlights of the tour.

So, there may be some spoilers ahead!

The Dybbuk Box Room 

The dybbuk box, or dibbuk box, is a wine box which is said to be haunted by a dybbuk. A dybbuk is said to be a restless, usually malicious, spirit believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living.

Now by this time, we’d probably already been on the tour a good half an hour or so and myself and a few others had already started to feel a little ‘indifferent‘ as we’d moved from room to room to check out the different items on display.

My dad who was with me, prior to entering this room actually felt like a hand had slid down his back, he described it as ‘being able to feel the fingers trail down his spine‘ – My dad is normally the quiet type and he’s been on many investigations with myself and it’s extremely rare for him to speak up and say he’s felt something, so pretty much from that moment I knew he was legit.

Not only this but we also had a sceptic with us who’d also felt something tug on his bag on the way around.

This is also someone I know very well and as far as I know he’s never had anything like this happen to him before.

I recall feeling a little ‘out of place‘ at times, sometimes I felt entirely with it and other times it didn’t feel as if I was actually in the room, but instead, watching from a distance.

The dybbuk box was one of the items I was most looking forward to seeing. I really didn’t know what to expect when entering the room as the energy from the entire museum was already completely off the scales. It really does have its very own vibe.

Thankfully in the dybbuk room I had felt absolutely fine, although others had mentioned feeling dizzy when we were inside. I had gotten pretty close to the glass and checked out the box whilst the lovely tour guide began to tell us a little more about it.

It was definitely one of the awesome items of the day and PS, It definitely needs to be opened and if it does get opened, can I come? (Ehh, worth a shot right?!) Haa!

The Devil’s Rocking Chair

The infamous “Devil’s Rocking Chair,” a relic from Ed and Lorraine Warren’s archives.

One of Zak’s newer items if of course the The Devils Rocking Chair which many of you will remember has links to Ed and Lorraine Warren and you can see a snippet of what it was used for in an upcoming Conjuring franchise movie!

I was REALLY excited to see this.

Again, a tour guide had taken our group into a small room and myself and my mom were at the very front. The Chair itself is kept inside a small kind of ‘cupboard‘ which was on the wall in front of us. Before we saw the chair a brief video was played of Ed Warren as he spoke of the chair and during the reveal they played the actual exorcism tape.

Now as the door opened (and I am being completely honest with this as it still bothers me to this day) I’d felt a massive burst of energy fly towards to me, so much so that I actually leaned back a little as it was quite forceful.

With being a paranormal investigator I’m pretty use to this feeling and I knew that it was energy coming from the object, I think it was just the sheer force of it that had kinda caught me off guard.

Funnily enough, nothing was said and later that evening, My mum said to me ‘I really didn’t like that chair, I felt this massive gust of  energy fly towards me as the doors opened

I think my exact words were ‘Mom, you gotta be shitting me!‘ as I too then went on to explain it had also happened to me. We’d both been stood side by side and directly in front of the chair as the door opened.

That’s definitely an experience I am NEVER going to forget.

I’d legit give my right arm to investigate that room.

John Shaw – Freak Show

John Shaw at Zak’s haunted museum.


It was great that in between of seeing all of these items that some amazing humour and entertainment had been thrown in too! I think that’s awesome!

You gotta have a sense of humour doing this entire thing otherwise you’d actually go insane!

Well, I say a sense of humour, if your idea of fun is having a bunch of clowns jumping out at you and each one saying ‘Happy Birthday‘ in a creepy voice along the way…

Good thing it’s definitely my idea of fun and I’m not gonna lie, one of them did actually get me pretty bad and I screamed my head off. It’s still funny though.

Inside, Zak has a kind of ‘Carnival, Clowns and Freak show‘ thing going on and this entire floor smelt of popcorn.

Upon going into the room with John Shaw, I was kinda picked on a little bit as it was my birthday and taken to the front. The next thing I knew this guy had taken a drill out (YES A DRILL) and was drilling himself in the nostril and I was just like …. cool.

Whilst my mum proceeded to try and not vomit in the corner (lol)

It was quite interactive too. I had to hold a kind of ‘Jug‘ of water shall we say and then John, just a few inches away from my face now decided to stick hooks in his lower eyelids which also had chains dangling from them, I then had to fill the bucket at the end of these chains with the water so he could swing it from side to side using just his eyelids…

So yeah, thanks John! Awesome birthday.

Been dreaming about you for a few weeks now and those sexy eyelids.

Haha! But on serious note, it was really fun! and definitely a birthday I won’t be forgetting in a hurry! That’s for sure.

Sharon Tate’s Wedding Dress


Inside this room, Zak has a kind of ‘dead celebrity‘ memorabilia section. This was actually the room I had my first ‘profound’ experience in.

I was actually stood with my back to Sharon Tate’s wedding dress and I felt someone tap me on the shoulder a couple of times, as if to try and get my attention.

So much so that I actually thought it was my dad or something, but as I turned I realised that no one was there, in fact, everyone was stood in front of me. I’d instantly turned to my mom and told her what had happened. I have no idea who or what had tapped me on the shoulder or why, all I can say is that it definitely happened. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way, I genuinely just felt like someone was trying to get my attention.

Overall this room is pretty cool, it has a whole bunch of celebrity memorabilia.

Again They did state that not ‘everything’ is haunted or said to be haunted. Even if it’s not, it’s a really amazing collection, that along with all of the serial killer memorabilia too, which by the way, also has it’s own room…

Charles Manson exhibit

I actually saw Charles Manson’s teeth and a few more of his personal belongings as well as his ACTUAL ashes and bone fragments. Zak also had items that relate to John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy as well as MANY more.

Ed Geins Cauldron

The object was a rusty cauldron said to have been purchased from the Gein estate sale in 1958. A former neighbor named Hollis Brown saw the cauldron in a shed on the property while assisting police with cleanup in the wake of Gein’s November 16th, 1957 arrest. It was filled with blood and human remains

Now as mentioned at the very beginning, Zak’s museum has over 30 rooms and each have been designed to match the items that it holds.

Ed Geins however was my overall favourite.

The design hits you as soon as you walk in and it depicts a barn. It’s dark and eerie sounds as well as a red lamp above really add to the atmosphere.

All of the tour guides were fantastic, we had a new guide for each location in the museum and all were very informative and the tour inside the cauldron room was no different.

We were filled in of the gruesome details behind this item and it was shortly after that’ it felt like someone had stroked my leg.

I was wearing a dress that day as it was absolutely scorching outside, so the feeling of someones hand on my leg towards my thigh area was a little unmissable. Again, I was not stood by anyone at all and I was more towards the door as for some reason this room made me feel very dizzy and a little sick. So much so that I stayed by the door incase I had to run out and find the nearest bathroom!

I gotta admit, this room did freak me out. I didn’t like it at all.

It looked great, but the general energy and atmosphere was a big no.

The Demon House. 

Remains of the Demon House – the most authenticated and and documented case of possession in American history.

As many of you know, Zak had the the former ‘Demon home’ bulldozed to the ground but he did keep certain remains of it, such as the staircase and some dirt from the basement.

All of this you can now see and experience in his museum.

This was another room I didn’t particularly enjoy. We were shown a brief video once more in regards to the story and documentary Zak had made and soon after the slats on the walls around us were removed and we were actually standing in the middle of the Demon House exhibit.

Both me, my mum and another person in our group instantly got the smell of sulphur.

Their generally was not a nice feeling but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it felt ‘evil‘ because it didn’t, It was more like a sadness. My mom also picked up on a damp smell, almost as if everything in there was very old.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain our feelings which is why you definitely need to go and check this place out for yourself.

Would I recommend it? 

As stated when I first started this blog, I’m not here to BS anyone and I genuinely did have some experiences here.

I think it’s a great location and has some amazing authentic items, each of which can be backed up with legitimate history.

The tour guides are very informative and we were given ample time to check everything out. The tour runs for around an hour and a half (approx) but I think we was in there a little while longer.

I really thoroughly enjoyed my experience and it made it an awesome birthday. Massive thanks to Zak and his team who should all be very proud as it’s a great museum!

I would definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in Vegas…

I’m already planning my trip back!

As a review I’d give this place a 10/10 and it certainly deserves all of the success it’s been receiving.

This place is legit if you want some place spooky cool to visit whilst in Vegas!


Until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Blog written by Vicky Grant.

Cannock Chase Mysteries.


Oh how we love a good mystery!

For this blog we decided to look into a more well-known location and some of the main mysteries and legends which surround the Cannock Chase Woods in Staffordshire.



The Black Eyed Children. 


‘Black Eyed Child’ (Photo from google)


I’ve always been fascinated by the infamous ‘Black Eyed Children‘ stories and they have been spotted in the Cannock Chase woods on numerous occasions. I’m sure many of you here in the UK (and those of you around the world) will remember some of the articles revealing hideous images or video footage of children with eyes as black as coal hitting our news headlines several times over the years.

When you look up the description of the Black eyed children it reads…

‘Supposed paranormal creatures that ‘resemble’ children between the ages of 6-16 with pale skin and black eyes’

(Very specific age range there!)

It then goes on to say…

‘alleged sightings are taken seriously by ghost hunters, some of whom believe them to be extraterrestrials, vampires or demons.’


Okie dokie.

I can’t even argue with that statement as I’m about 99.9% sure there are certain individuals out there who do indeed believe these ‘Black eyed children‘ to be something utterly horrifying and terrible.

Believe me, I’ve seen the videos. People out in the middle of the night looking for a glimpse of these apparent ‘otherworldly‘ creatures..

In fact, a majority of the time the videos are titled ‘Demon black eyed children’ and a lot of them seem to stem around these poor kids being demonic/vampire in nature.

WELL… Let’s try to look at this from a ‘semi-logical’ point of view? (Says the girl who hunts ghosts for a living!)

The black-eyed children have been spotted on many occasions right? There are thousands of stories that surround them.

But did anyone actually really bother to look into the possible cause and history of this or did most of us just think that because they are reported to have black eyes that it automatically makes them a demon?

Let’s assume it’s the latter.

Do I think the black-eyed children are demonic in nature? No.

Do I believe in demons yet? It’s still a no from me because after 7 years of investigating I’ve never came across one yet, and believe me, I’ve been to a lot of supposedly ‘f**ked’ up places!

Do I believe in the black eyed children? There have been a lot of reports and a lot of footage floating around, hence why we wanted to check this out for ourselves.

But what makes this any different to any other ‘ghost caught on film’ which you see thousands of every other day?

It’s different because the tabloids blew it out of the water with their strange yet ‘eye catching’ headlines. (No pun intended)

Making this appear to be something malicious in nature. (Just my personal opinion)


So what’s another probable cause for these Hauntings?

If there are spirits of children in those woods and indeed they do have black eyes it’s a well-known fact that during the 1800’s there was an outbreak of a disease called ‘Diphtheria‘ and one of the symptoms of Diphtheria can actually be a coating inside of the eyes causing them to appear black or grey in nature. 

SO this whole time people could have been running around the woods shouting ‘OMG DEMON CHILD‘ when in actual fact, it’s more ‘likely‘ that this poor child could have actually died from a terrible disease.

If you look into the reports of the black-eyed children, you’ll also find that when these children are spotted they were described to be wearing clothing that also depicted the 1800’s (which is when the disease would have been at its height)

They are evil monsters though right? I mean, what do I know? The TV said they are so it has to be 100% true. (wink wink)

So why are these reports taking place in the Cannock Chase woods? That part sadly I can’t answer. Without the actual facts of who died and for what reason in that particular area, We will never know!

I’d like to say I’m pretty sure they are not Demon’s, Extraterrestrials or Vampires though. (But just incase we made sure we packed our Ray Gun, Silver stake and Holy water!) I’m joking…

At the end of the day these still could be child spirits and it’s more ‘likely‘ that they had this disease and died from it. Which is why we took a completely different approach when investigating these ‘claims’.

So, with the above all said and done and our own theory in place..

We didn’t go looking for ‘Demon children‘ we went looking for child spirits and we treated them with the respect they so rightly deserved after all this time.


Other Mysteries.


Not only are the black eyed children a main feature of the Cannock Chase Mysteries but it also has a whole host of different legends!


Apparently Slender Man has been spotted in these woods. The story of slender man seem’s to center around an extremely tall dude who likes to capture kids. Unfortunately no one would let me borrow their child to test this theory so I had to put on some extra wrinkle cream that day and try to use myself as bait. Haaaa.


We also have something called the ‘Pig-man Aliens’ which is a creature that is half man half pig. Whole massive story about this online which I won’t get fully into, so feel free to google that.


Apparently it’s a hot spot for avid UFO hunters who claim the area to be a thriving hotbed of strange lights in the sky.

Then we have the usual


Honestly, with this list it’s surprising to me that Bigfoot didn’t decide to also make an appearance then we’d pretty much have a full house!

There’s also a story about an escaped ‘black panther‘ from a zoo that has now taken refuge in the woods. It’s been spotted on several occasions and there are some photos online.

Sounds delightful!

So we packed up our equipment and headed out for our investigation!



Day Visit.

Now before we get into the actual investigation, I’d like you to check out this video below.

(You’ll need headphones for the best experience.)

This is just a piece of footage from our day visit, I was filming this for our intro and I didn’t even realise I’d captured the moment until the next day when I was going through the footage.

We’d arrived at the woods and it was around 9 in the evening.

We’d taken a wander, I’d gotten some footage when we heard what sounded like someone coming towards us on their bike (or at least that’s what it first sounded like) but then it quickly turned into this soothing flute music which seemed to get louder and louder and at one point it was as if it was right next to us, yet, no one was around.

We were on the main path and could clearly see our surroundings. LUCKILY this little clip of footage picked up the music.

Have a listen below, let us know what you think in the comment section!

So, it’d already started off a little weird. We departed for a quick McDonald’s (standard) and came back once it had gotten dark.


The Investigation. 


Cannock Chase (Photo by Haunted Insight)


Cannock Chase Woods is absolutely massive and it’s split into several different areas and sections. We’ve had a few people ask which section we went too and it was directly off the A460 on the main road before you turn into the oblivion of the woods.

We filmed the investigation and you can check out what we captured at the top of this page via the YouTube video.

We’d started to wander deeper into the woods away from the natural noises of the road. (Although it’s a pretty quiet road anyway!)

Admittedly I did get a little freaked out at the start because I could have sworn that I saw a child figure, glowing in white, stood by a tree. It’s such a cliché right?

I’d saw this out of the corner of my eye and to this day I’m still not sure if it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. It lasted for the split of a second but it was enough to freak me out and put me a little on edge.


We’d carried on a little further up the path and found an area which led off towards a small stream. I’ve always believed that water acts as a conduit for paranormal activity so it seemed like a pretty good place to start.

From the off both myself and James were hearing disembodied voices. By this time we’d kinda got use to the sounds of the animals around us and could distinguish the difference between anything weird and the natural noises of the forest. I heard a child on several occasions and you’ll see in the video we captured some strange voices on the cameras audio.

My favourite in particular was when we were talking about going up to the path and a voice came through (quite clearly) and agreed that we should “go stand up there

Throughout the night we’d stayed completely respectful incase there were child spirits present. I’d also bought a trigger object EMF bear with me “Charlie” and we decided to use this to try to communicate with the children.

Setting the bear on the ground we made the camera static and stepped back behind it. It took a few attempts but eventually the bear did light up… though it would not respond to my voice at the start and only to James! It was clear that if we were communicating with a spirit it had clearly taken a liking to him.

Throughout the night the Alice box had said several names but one in particular stays in my mind which is Nancy.

As you will see in the video we seemed to make a connection to someone drowning there due to the responses and again the letter ‘N’ came up as well as her full first name.

I’ve done some research online but couldn’t find anything factual to link this to a real event unfortunately.

During the excitement of the bear lighting up and the communication we were receiving it was then we began to hear what sounded like ‘howling’ in the woods.

It also sounded like a rather ‘large’ animal stomping around and reeking havoc. We cut filming then and there and went to check it out and it was indeed animals (that had probably been fighting) so due to this and also the scary story of the ‘escaped black panther’ we moved away from the area and headed to our next location a little further down where earlier James had seen what he believed to be a shadow figure propped by a fence.


Cannock Chase (Photo By Haunted Insight)


Due to the spirit box turning on in my bag (I still don’t know how that happened as you have to hold your finger down on it for a rather long time before it actually comes on) we figured maybe the spirit would like to communicate with us that way.

During our spirit box session we began to receive intelligent responses right from the off which is all documented in our video.

It did answer me when I asked where we were stating ‘Cannock’ and we also got the spirit to say James’ name.

The best piece of evidence for me of the night though is definitely when I asked if the spirit died here and it responded “yes” and then when I asked if they were buried here it responded

“You, help, find, body”

Absolutely chilling to look back at now, but at the time it was a fantastic intelligent response, it’s also VERY clear!

We also had what seemed like two spirits bickering between each other when asked how did you die.

“It doesn’t matter” in one voice and another intercepts saying “it does”

To add to the above we also had a heart wrenching response to that question just after which said “think it took me naturally

I was absolutely blown away by these responses.

Not everything is pointed out in the video and some we couldn’t understand. Have a listen, let us know what you hear? Leave us a comment on the blog below.



Under the stars.


Throughout the evening we received SEVERAL references to the ‘stars’ both through the Alice Box and the spirit box. This was all documented on film.

When asked where their body was buried again we received a response “to the stars” and then on the Alice Box it said ‘Stars Apart‘ and later ‘Above and Below

I think it’s a massive ‘conscience’ that two completely different devices seemed to pick up and centre around the same thing. Thinking about this now, when asked where are you buried, is it possible that the spirit who is still attached to their body could be resting in the ground?

And what would they see when they look up?

The stars.

Were they really trying to tell us where they are buried?! I have no idea! All I know is that I feel a kind of deep attachment to this place now and a need to help this spirit who didn’t seem at rest.



We will definitely be returning to Cannock Chase later in the year to see if we can get some more answers. (Although James wasn’t particularly fond of my idea of taking a shovel just incase lol)

I absolutely loved this investigation and due to the amount of activity we had, I’m happy to say that in my personal opinion there is definitely something otherworldly going on there…

But was it demons?

I’m afraid we didn’t come across any of those (again) but we did form a bond with this extra special location and it’s one I will certainly NEVER forget.


The full photo gallery from Cannock Chase will be available soon over on Haunted Insight.


But, Until next time…

Happy hunting!

Blog written and video edited by Vicky Grant
Photography by James Pykett