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Past life reading with Jenny Pugh.

Do you believe in past lives?

It’s a subject that has fascinated me for years and I’ve always been interested in getting my own reading done by a psychic who claims to be able to channel into that energy and tell you about our former selves.

There are many different notions and theories that surround this subject, Many come from personal views and from religious followings.

I am not religious in any way, my view comes from my own desire to know more about this phenomena and wondering if indeed it would be true that we have all lived many lives before our current one.

Some people believe in reincarnation, we can come back after we die and begin a new life as an animal, another person or even a plant or a tree.

But why can we never remember those lives that we had before?

It turns out that some of us do! 

I remember reading a really fascinating article recently about a little boy around the age of four who would speak to his parents about his time upon the famous vessel The Titanic.

He would tell his parents how he and his wife were in the water and it was very cold. I remember seeing that his parents did a lot of research into the name the boy had given and could actually link it to a missing person from the ship.

April, 1912. The White Star liner "Titanic" leaving Queenstown harbour before making her maiden voyage en route for the USA. The ship struck an iceberg and sank near Newfoundland, killing 1550 people.
The Titanic sank on the 15th of April 1912


A lot of these stories do seem to come from young children, so much so that their was a show on TV which centered around just that called ‘The Ghost Inside My Child‘ which I’m sure many of you would have watched when it first hit our screens back in 2013.

But can it be true? 

There are a lot of unanswered questions and just like many aspects of the paranormal I believe this is something we will never fully understand and the strength of belief can only come from experiencing something ourselves.

So how can a ghost hunter believe in past lives?

If we did really have a past life then how can we be hunting ghosts? surely our lives would be forever ongoing which would leave no time for a spirit to linger?

I have my own theory on this the same as anyone else one would. In my mind, a past life is just a shell of our former selves, I do believe we can have them and maybe we carry certain aspects of this person we once were into our new life.

The person we were before has their own soul and their own spirit, but a part of that person will move on to a new vessel in life. Hence I still believe in spirits and ghosts and all that’ goes bump in the night! 

As an adult, I’ve looked into this a lot and as mentioned before the whole entire aspect of a past life seemed to stem around a huge belief system that can be viewed differently by many individuals all around the world.

Essence of a past life?


There is a theory that if you are afraid of certain things in your current life without a reasonable explanation, that maybe you had a bad experience with this in a past life.

For example;

I’ve always had a fear about things exploding in my face. Obviously this has never happened to me in ‘this’ life, but even standing by a microwave will make me back away as in the back of my mind I would see it exploding and this is a true deep fear that I have.

I also once had a very vivid ‘memory’ of me being a different person and I remember telling my mum about it as a child. I told her that I remember the war sirens going off in the street and that we all had to take cover in an underground bunker. Bearing in mind that I was born in 1989 which is long after any war had ever taken place.

So why do I have this vivid memory? Even now I can see the old streets in my mind and as a child, why was this so important to me?

Some people even believe that certain aches or pains you have could be giving you an insight into how you died in a past life, again, for example, if you suffer with severe neck back but for no apparent reason, it could be an indication that you were hung! And there are many different notions that surround this for various pains! Just look it up! 

It is also said we could have known many people who are close to us in this life in a past life which is why we feel so attached to them, hence the saying of a soul mate or a best friend. That feeling as if you have known someone forever. We all have it.

It’s very strange indeed.

Recently I was introduced to a Psychic on Twitter, Jenny Pugh.

She is very well-known in the field and is highly trusted by her following. We’d become friends through someone we knew mutually and we began to talk which is when I saw that she offers past life readings. I literally jumped at the chance to have mine done!

Jenny gave me a very detailed reading and now I am going to share MY personal reading with all of you!



The Farm Girl. 


I have tuned into my spirit guides, and they have told me the following about three of your previous incarnations:
In the first life that they are showing you, you have incarnated in female form. I can see you as a lady who is wearing a long rough fabric dress with a headscarf pulled tightly under her chin. She is in her forties but I also feel that she has lived a very rough and rural existence which has aged her prematurely and she looks much older than her years. 
She has blondish hair which is swept back over her head under the scarf and has blue-ish eyes. He face is lined and full of character. My spirit guides are telling me that she was a farm worker, although it wasn’t her own farm that she worked on, but one belonging to her older brother. There she undertook many of the farm chores such as looking after the poultry and ‘the’ cow (think they only had one, probably for milking). 
Now they are telling me about her work as a thresher, she worked in the fields helping to produce wheat which made money for the family as well as keeping them fed. I can see her working by hand bent over working at the side of the field. It was a very hard life for her with early mornings and long days and they are showing me a close up of the palms of her hands, which are calloused and have evidence of previous cut injuries. 
I am getting a name which sounds like ‘Sarah’ connected to her and I also feel that she lived on the western coast of Scotland. She was unmarried but was quite happy that way. She was quite a superstitious lady and I feel that she was a bit scared to go out into the wider world as she had a physical deformity (of her back I think) which made her a possible target for ridicule (or accusations of witchcraft etc) from others. 
She was a warm and caring person who got on better with animals than she did people and she tended to stick close to the very small number of people that she trusted. They are now showing me her taking the cow to a nearby stream to have a drink (it is pale brown coloured – the cow not the stream! lol). Spirit are also explaining that there was telling me that there was a period of unsettlement in their local community, with other properties being burnt out or people attacked so the family tended to keep themselves to themselves as much as possible.
She was also a great weaver and spun her own cloth, and as she worked she used to make up stores to entertain herself. She was fascinated about what lay over the ocean and I feel she may have had some empathic ability too as she could detect when people were going to be ill. 
They are now showing me the lady at a lot older age. She is dressed in dark clothing, almost bent double with a stick to support her and she has lost most of her teeth. She is still living on the farm ‘it’s her home and she never wanted to leave’ someone just said. 
I also feel that she had a twin sister (‘Mary’ or similar sounding name) who died before the age of five and who guided (from spirit) while she was on the Earth plane. The lady passed away I feel in her late 60’s or early 70’s with complications of the heart. It was nothing dramatic, it just slowed down and gave out, and she went peacefully.

A British Soldier. 



In the second life that my guides are telling me about, you incarnated as male (I’m not sure if you knew this, but we can reincarnate as either male or female in different lives). You were a young soldier, one who was badly injured in a war. I can sense the left side of my face feeling like it is on fire and know it was a badly disfiguring injury. It looks like some sort of burn and shrapnel injury, and although terrible, it was not fatal at the time. ‘Didn’t see it coming’ I just heard them say, ‘but ‘lived to tell the tale’. 
My guides are talking about ‘trenches’ and ‘a tommy’ so believe that you were a British soldier who fought in WW1. I can see a medal being pinned on your uniform by someone. 
I believe your name was Henry, and you were the third youngest of four sons of a hardworking family. You were good-looking and very proud about your appearance (showing me you shinning your boots). You were very proud to fight for your country ‘in the Great War’ as were your older brothers (I see the youngest brother as a lot younger and wasn’t old enough to go to war). 
Unfortunately, only yourself and another of your other brothers survived the war as one (second oldest I think) was killed. ‘Two out of three isn’t bad!’, someone just said a bit sarcastically about all the deaths of the young men lost in that war.
Spirit are telling me that you went to be trained at ‘Colchester’. which you found scary and new as you were only a teenager when you signed up (feel you were between your 18th and 19th birthday). You were born and grew up  ‘in the sticks’ in the north-west of the UK. To be more precise, I just heard my guides say ‘Westmoreland’, (which I believe today is known as Cumbria). 
You made many friends while you were in the army and you found you had an aptitude for physical activity and sport what surpassed many of your friends. You also took easily to the discipline but you had problems being away from home and missed family (especially your mother). I feel this young man was away from home for about 18-24 months in total. When he was finally invalided out of the army and returned home, he was a lot thinner and gaunt looking. 
He was a very tall young man with dark brown hair and ‘hazel eyes’ (they are saying). He looked very smart in his uniform but was glad to back in ‘civvies’ and try to put his war experiences behind him. Although he was disfigured, he chose not to try to hide it (or himself) and found work locally. They are not telling me what exactly, but I can see him (you!) in pale smock-like top and trousers and carrying sacks on his back (flour maybe?), moving them around (could have been working for a miller). 
They are telling me that he was also very mechanically minded and could fix things for people and was very well thought of in the community (see him fixing a bike). 
He did eventually find his true love and married aged 25 to a slightly younger lady (getting the name ‘Rose’). I can see a family photo of him with a youngster on his knee who is holding a teddy bear. 
The ex-soldier suffered a lot from arthritis in later years (probably as a result of being in the trenches) and passed away from the effects of long-term smoking (see him with a pipe). 
He felt that he had a very happy life and was committed to his family (he had three children in total, one of whom apparently became a doctor – possibly inspired by his father’s injuries). When I asked about his final resting place I just heard spirit say ‘Morecambe’, so believe he must have eventually settled back in the North West, but by the sea rather than going back inland. They are saying although his life was ‘shorter than some, it was richer than most!’ 

American Free Spirit. 



The third life I am getting is from the mid to later 1800’s I believe and spirit are saying that you lived in ‘Wisconsin’ in the United States, where you lived and worked on a horse breeding ranch. 
You were ‘small in stature’ and had blonde hair in this life too. Although you were living a rural farm life in America, I feel that you were the child of immigrant parents who had brought you there when you were a toddler and that the family had originated in the Netherlands. 
You loved the wide open spaces and the animals (a theme which seems to very prevalent throughout your past lives) and adored growing up there where you were home-schooled by your mother. You excelled at mathematics and at languages (including German, French and some Italian) and you were quick to learn and intelligent. 
Your dream was to travel which you did once, when you were older you had a trip to New York City (which changed your views about the world forever). You were a ‘voracious reader’ and poured over any book you could find (especially travel journals and tales of African adventure). 
You were a bit of a loner and ‘free spirit’ you tended to scare men because of your ability to hold your own with them (which you found to be amusing), and it was your forties before you finally settled down (seeing a distinguished gent with pale face and black moustache). 
You were unfortunately widowed around the age of fifty-two and didn’t remarry. You did not have any children but found solace in reading and in your art which you began studying later in life and you became quite a self accomplished landscape painter, and although the style was quite naïve (can see the thick colourful brushstrokes), your work was dynamic and engaging. You passed away in your sleep as an elderly lady ‘just drifted off’ spirit are saying, and I can see a smile on your face as you passed away.

Well there you have it guys! My three past life readings! 

I was actually very surprised as it was certainly not what I was expecting and in retrospect some of it does ring true to my personality and the way I view life now.
So could it be true?
If you believe or even if you do not, It’s certainly a fun thing to do and experience. Having this in my life now is certainly something I will keep as a fond memory and something to look back upon.


If you feel like you’d like your own past life reading from Jenny they are available via her website and you can check out her packages here: https://www.jennypughpsychic.com/

She also offers portrait and psychic readings.

Jenny is an absolutely lovely woman and it was a pleasure to work with her on this project!
I hope you have enjoyed this featured writer blog as much as I have!

Let me know what you think of this blog OR maybe you have your own experiences which you would like to share, I know I’d be very interested to hear them so please let us know in the comment section below!

BUT.. Until next time
Happy Hunting!
Blog written by Vicky Grant with featured writer Jenny Pugh. All photos are from Upsplah and are free to use with no copyright infringement.

Patti Negri – Old World Magick

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the very FIRST of our featured writer blogs!

For this blog the lovely Patti Negri has given us exclusive excerpts from her international best selling book Old World Magick For The Modern World and she also provided us with a brilliant in-depth exercise which you can try yourselves at home!

Before we get into the main feature of this article

Let’s learn a little more about Patti!




Patti is a psychic-medium and “good” witch.

She was voted number one psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch / magical practitioner in the world this year in an International competition by Times Square Press.

Patti has been able to communicate with the spirit world since she was a toddler and consciously since she conducted her first séance at age eight. Since then, she has conducted séances, clearings and sessions on radio, film, TV and in living rooms across America.

Patti enjoys working her magic on television. She appears regularly on the Travel Channel TV Show Ghost Adventures.


Patti alongside the GA crew.


Patti’s working style is magical, loving and upbeat which creates a positive, safe and fun environment for you to learn, grow and heal.

She has been practicing natural magick her entire life. Her specialty is in adjusting energy and flow – in people, spaces, situations, most anything.

She works organically by creating spells and rituals that arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe to bring about healing, change our lives for the better, and create balance.



Patti’s new book ‘Old World Magick For The Modern World‘ has recently topped the best seller charts in FIVE countries! The US, UK, Germany, France and Australia! 

She has provided us with excerpts from her book below including an exercise you can all try yourselves at home!


I am now going to hand the blog over to Patti and you can read below what she had to say about her book!




In my book OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Balance, Empower and Create a Life You Love! You will learn to bring clarity, confidence and courage to your life with fun, simple magickal practices.

Enlightenment is all about your relationship with yourself and with spirit.  You will receive a collection of fun, easy, insightful techniques to open your awareness and your sight – and therefore your own self-empowerment!  You will learn easy ways to truly take the driver’s seat and be the architect of your life, so you can create a life you truly love.

For the fulfillment of our heart’s desires we need the willingness to step out of our cocoon of false beliefs and any limitations that appear to be sabotaging our efforts. The choice is ours, and it is greatly dependent upon how we view change: as an opportunity to release our fears and insecurities or as a challenge we prefer to avoid.

When the exploration of consciousness is interwoven with the unfolding of events in our everyday lives, we have made a conscious choice to discover and live our limitless potential.  Our dreams really CAN come true!  And, it is as easy as we allow it to be – or as hard as we make it.  Let’s go for easy!

What is Practical Magic? 

Practical magic is simple techniques, spells and thought patterns that anybody can do to improve your day to day life and help you live a magical life every day!  Everything is a combination of Mind, Body and Spirit to create the shift, open the door, enhance the opportunity, see a new perception to move forward in the direction you want with a bit more grace, ease and enjoyment as you manifest the life you want!  Everything from how to deal with difficult relationships, your own personal blocks, fears and limitations, to how to develop your own psychic ability and intuition and to tune into your own guides and deity.   Who has the power?  YOU do!     (If not… who or what have you given it away to?)  I will teach you how to be the master or your universe.  The architect of your own life.

Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

The one thing we know from the 200,000 books written about it, is that everything we do must include mind, body and spirit. One out of three is “wishful thinking”.  Two out of three is “hit or miss” at best.  Three out of three is a “home run”!  To break it down, to do anything we first must do or have it in our head, in our thought process. We don’t do ANYTHING without it being a thought first. Examples are: “I’m going to be rich.  I’m going to eat.  I am going bowling.  Everybody takes advantage of me”. Etc.  Then, hopefully, our body takes action.  We start the process of making money, eating, bowling – or even the manifestation of people taking advantage of us…  (People most always DO live into our expectations…  keep aware of that!)  But the third and often elusive is the “spirit” element.  It’s less tangible.  Harder to grasp.  But, the spirit aspect is the “battery power” that makes it happen.  It’s like the aspirin for the headache.  Spirit can be created a lot of ways; via prayer or affirmations, vision boards, spells and magical workings, or it can be done via the elements. Every element has some specific attributes.  We will be using all of these techniques, elements, spells through out

Living your belief system

To me it is all about Awareness…  Awareness, Intent and Conscious Creation. Let’s live our life “Awake”.   Which is very different than a life lived on “auto pilot”, “phoned in” or “asleep at the wheel”!   This book is the perfect place to get started…We know that where you put your energy is where you live.  Start putting your energy into the things you want – not the things you don’t have.  The classic “Glass half empty vs glass half full” is a perfect place to start. Yes, fate exists.  But free will and manifestation outweigh it by a landslide.  This is a good place to begin in creating a life you love.  You can’t control everything around you.  But you CAN control how you react to the things around you – and that changes EVERYTHING!



Elemental Balancing Exercises 

Or what I like to call… 30 seconds to fix anything!


I think the key to almost everything is balance. Every once in a while, well heck almost daily, we get or feel a little out of balance. Here are my super easy elemental exercises to help get you back in balance within 30 seconds almost anywhere you are!

Picture your entire life in the four basic elements.  Earth.  Air.  Fire.  Water. Your Earth is who you are, your home, your sense of being, the womb. Our Air is our thinking brain, our thoughts, our sense of reason, (and often that chatter that won’t shut up when we want it to).  Your Fire is your passion, creativity, the blood in your veins, your spirituality. Your Water is your emotions… and remember water is about 70% of our body and 70% of our planet, so our emotions are a big part of who we are.  So, the next time you are not as happy as you can be, or productive as you can be, or even as awake and conscious as you would like to be… (we really don’t want to go through life “asleep at the wheel”, “phoned in” or on “automatic pilot”!)  Instead of just staying in that state decide which of those four elements is the most out of balance. I promise, one of them will be!

Water/Emotions…  Is it your emotions that are out of balance?  Are you angry or sad or worried about something? Whether held inside or screamed out the window… whether justified or not, if it is your emotions keeping you from your full experience of life in this moment… you need the water element. An attribute of water is emotion. Think of it like an aspirin for a headache. Just think how good you always feel after a shower. It’s the water!  You can’t jump in a shower every time you’re sad or angry or worried, but you can almost always find running water. A sink, a kitchen, a bathroom, a drinking fountain or hose. So, going back to the mind body and spirit equal “home run” formula… walk up to that sink turn on the water, first set your intent (mind) perhaps ask your higher self, God your Spirit guides or whatever words you use that with this water you are releasing this extra emotion.   Then run your hands under the sink for 30 seconds (body or action). If you want, you can visualize that anger or sadness running down the drain. The water itself is the “spirit” or battery power!  You now have all three elements, so within 30 seconds you will have healthfully released that excess emotion.  Gone.  Not stuffed down, or ignored or discounted…. just gone.  So now, if you need to deal with what caused the emotion, you can now do it without the overwhelm of it.  Give it a try…  I think you will be pleasantly amazed!

Air/Thoughts…  Do your thoughts get the best of you sometimes?  Do you overthink?  Get foggy?  Sometimes can you just not get your thoughts to SHUT UP!  If so, you need the air element. An attribute of air is thought. In these rushed modern times, very few of us breathe deeply.  Unfortunately, the effect of shallow quick breathing goes directly to your head!  So just being aware of your breathing can be a huge help in itself… but my “magic fix” for foggy brain is adding some sound to your breath…  Vowels sounds to be exact.  Any vowel, any order.  Vowels literally clear the head.  Think about how almost every sacred word or chant is a vowel… “Amen”, “Om”, etc.  So… next time you get chatty or foggy brain – do my one, two, three (Mind, body, spirit) quick fix.  First set your intention that with your deep slow breathing and vowel sounds you will clear and quiet your mind… then just DO IT!  Within 30 seconds you will actually notice the chatter in your head begin to stop – and the fog clear up.  Great to do before a presentation or important conversation – or anytime you need clear thinking!

Earth/Grounding… If you are not feeling “grounded” or “in your body” – you need to tap into the earth element.  Its great to get outside in nature.  Get barefoot in the dirt or grass.  Hug a tree – literally!  But, if you are on the 35th floor of an office building going in to a very important meeting and feeling a little “queasy” – grab ANYTHING that is wood or stone.  A pencil, a wooden chair or desk.  The granite countertop, a crystal, even the diamond, opal or any stone in your ring.  Grab onto it.  Decide in your head that this item will ground and center you.  Hold on to the object.  Deep breath for 30 seconds.  Everyone feels this one a little different.  I feel like a warm earthen blanket surrounds me.  Some people feel like “roots’ are coming out of the soles of their feet into the ground.  However it feels to you – you WILL feel immediately grounded and centered.

Fire/Passion… If you are feeling tired, passionless or not inspired – you need to call in the fire element.  Maybe you have a hot date with your honey and just not “feeling it”. Or working on a creative or art project and need inspiration – or maybe you are just exhausted, in bed and have to get up!  You have all the “earth” you need – but you need the “fire” power to rise and shine.   This, like air is breathing and sound magic…Set your head what you want as in the others…  than do 30 seconds of deep breathing while going zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Ask any eight-year-old what sound a bee makes… you’ve got it!)  Within 30 seconds you will start to feel a tingling in the base of your spine.  It will rise up and in no time at all you will have all the energy, passion and creativity you need to move forward.

These four techniques really can be like your hidden super hero powers!  You can do them anywhere.  They cost nothing and take only 30 seconds!  Keep them in your invisible back pocket – and pull them out whenever needed for immediate balance and relief!



If you would like to grab yourself a copy of Patti’s amazing book

I would recommend Amazon and you can check that it out HERE

Please also follow her on all of her Social Media sites!

Instagram: @patti.negri
Twitter: @pattinegri
Facebook: @pattinegri
Website: www.pattinegri.com



I really hope you have enjoyed this blog! Patti is one of the most loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to and it’s been a real honor in having her guest write for my blog!

I definitely recommend her book!

As the first of our featured writers I would like to say a massive thanks to Patti and also to everyone who took the time to read this article!

We will now be taking on more featured writers moving forwards!

If you are interested in writing for us and having your very own feature just like Patti then please drop me an email directly at


OR alternatively fill out the Contact form!


Until next time,

Happy Hunting! 

Vicky xo