The Old Nick Theatre

Hi everyone! 

This is just a small blog update to talk about our feature in issue 21 of Haunted Magazine!



I went off to investigate the brilliant Old Nick Theatre in Lincolnshire UK this past September and I have written about the nights paranormal investigation as well as some of the activity we received which can all be found in Haunted Magazine!

Haunted magazine is available for purchase (worldwide) in print via their website HERE

It is also available to read for FREE online in digital format AND.. they /also/ have  an APP you can use on your device or tablet under ‘Haunted Magazine’ in the APP store.



I hope you enjoy the article and the magazine in general.

It’s a really great issue that explores a lot of variety within the paranormal field and includes a whole host of different individuals and their stories. (They also bagged a couple of amazing exclusives from Nick Groff, Katerina Weidman and the Tennessee Wraith Chasers!) well worth a look!



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Happy hunting.

A guide to haunted Britain.

Looking for a spooky place to check out in the UK?


We here at Dead Central recently teamed up with Great Little Breaks and contributed our knowledge about some of the most spookiest places to visit right here in the UK!


It’s an extremely fascinating article which reveals some of the most haunted towns and cities in Britain and also speaks about the ghost stories that are held inside of them!

We contributed to the article and and spoke about some of our favorite locations!

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Haunted Antiques.

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our next investigation blog where we traveled to Hinkley in Leicestershire to check out the paranormal goings on of a very unique location – The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre!

During this investigation we filmed a lot more than usual and boy are we glad we did as we captured some pretty amazing stuff! Below you will be able to find a breakdown of activity that have videos in each section to go along with it (sort of like highlights!)

But first, let’s hear a little more about the centre itself!


Haunted Antiques. 




The magnificent centre opened in the summer of this year and is run by paranormal antique collector and investigator, Neil Packer.

The centre can be found at 11A Regent street in the heart of Hinkley and is open to the public where it has more than 100 items on display. After speaking with Neil he did state that not all of the items can be considered as ‘haunted‘ but most do have an energy which surrounds them. The entire reason for the centre is to conduct paranormal research into each item and share their findings with fellow paranormal enthusiasts!

The public are welcome to visit the centre (free of charge!) and Neil also welcomes you to bring in objects of your own, have a cup of tea and chat about any experiences you may of had.

I believe what makes this center so unique is the fact that it is like no other of it’s kind and I discovered this after meeting with the team and it became clear to me that they are truly dedicated with their research within the paranormal filed. It really was a breath of fresh air – Myself and James felt very welcomed.

None of the items are encased behind glass! In fact, Neil actually encourages his visitors to handle the items! (How great is that?!)

Very recently Neil was a guest on ITV’S this morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield I have found the interview online and you can watch the video below to learn a little more about what the centre has to offer!



What is a haunted object? 

Written by James Bosley

We’ve all heard of haunted houses, haunted hospitals, castles, schools, tunnels etc. etc. and most of us have probably heard of haunted items, the most famous being the likes of the Annabel doll (featured in the conjuring films and investigated/secured by Ed and Lorraine Warren). When it comes to a haunted building, the immediate assumption is that a traumatic death occurred inside, or the previous tenant just can’t move on – whether residual energy is left in the surrounding environment immediately after death or an intelligent entity roams the corridors, too attached to ‘move out’.

So what is it that makes an object haunted, to the point that wherever the object might go the hauntings continue?

There are now several museums popping up around the world who claim to host the ‘worlds most haunted’ items; from furniture, dolls, weapons and cauldrons to bones, there’s a plethora of different objects that are reported to have tormented their original owners so much that they just had to get rid.

Before we look at possible causes let’s look at some of the most notorious ‘items’ that tend to be associated with hauntings:


The Dybbuk Box

If you haven’t seen the film ‘The Possession’ I’d recommend watching it to get a better idea of what these are – whilst the film is plagued with special effects and huge over exaggerations it does give some insight in to what this is.
Traditionally a Dybbuk box is a wine cabinet that is said to be haunted by a ‘Dybbuk’. A Dybbuk is a restless spirit, usually malicious with the ability to possess the living. The box was made famous when it was auctioned on eBay with a horror story written by Kevin Mannis, without going in to a heap of detail go an Google ‘eBay Dybbuk box’ if you want to find out more – it’s pretty interesting!
Kevin was a creative writer and therefore you have to take a lot of what is described with a pinch of salt. Since this first box there’s been many more pop up for sale, the vendors claiming that evil spirits have been trapped inside, which in the world of all things paranormal, makes them very expensive and saught after.

To cut a long story short for the purpose of this blog, when Kevin came in to possession of the box he immediately broke the golden rule ‘do not open’. When he opened it he found some strange items (pictured above) and locks of human hair bound in cord. He left his shop for the day and upon return found the whole place to be trashed with no sign of break-in or anything missing.

The crying boy painting

A very famous series of ‘cursed; paintings, renowned for spooky associations that carry an aura of uncertainty even today. ‘The crying boy’ is actually mass produced print of a collection of paintings of crying boys and girls which have sparked nationally feared urban legends.
Back in September 1985, The Sun newspaper reported that an Essex firefighter had claimed that undamaged copies of the paintings were frequently found in the embers of burned down houses. By the end of November word had spread and people had begun to accuse the painting of being cursed.
The Sun organised mass bonfires for those in fear to destroy their copy of the crying boy and people flocked to get rid of them in an effort to dodge the curse. The paintings were later investigated by BBC radio 4 who found that the prints were treated with varnish containing fire retardant chemicals, they also noted that the string holding the painting would be the first thing to deteriorate in a fire and the painting was likely to fall landing face down – protecting it from the flames.
Cursed or not, the crying boy is one of the most nationally feared haunted objects and is a unique case of where multiples of the same object are believed to be haunted (/cursed).


Robert the doll

Most people in the world of weird have heard of Robert, he’s a very tired looking sailor doll that has made news headlines multiple times for his creepy antics. The doll was originally owned by Robert Eugene Otto, an artist who belonged to the prominent Key West family. The doll was reportedly manufactured by the Steiff Company in Germany and purchased by Otto’s Grandfather on a trip in 1904.
There’s nothing conclusive as to why this doll is haunted, some say the doll remained at the Key West family household for a long time, even after new ownership had taken over the house. Others believe the supernatural powers of the doll were activated by Otto blaming it for his childhood misfortune. Either way, the claims are strong; starting from just a change in facial express, giggling noises and objects moving around the room the doll is in. Some claim that this doll will cause car accidents, broken bones, job loss, divorce and cornucopia. Robert now resides in the East Martello Museum and visitors have claimed to have suffered misfortune after visiting the doll for not ‘respecting robert’.
The doll has featured on Zag Bagans, Mystery Mansion in October 2015 and there has been a series of films produced on the doll starting with ‘Robert’ in 2015 then a sequel titled ‘The Curse of Robert The Doll’ and finally ‘The Toy Maker’ in 2017.


Still, what is a haunted item?

Well, that’s like asking what is a haunted building? what is a ghost? what is a spirit?
Its subjective and people will argue and disagree but essentially a haunted object/item is anything that has a spirit attached to it, rather than a spirit that roams freely. Some items like the Dybbuk box you can think of like a prisoner in a cell, instead the malicious spirit is contained. With some of the others they tend to be thought of as vessels, where the spirit can rest and manifest when it wishes (dolls, typically).

Most haunted objects tend to be creepy items to start with, if they are associated with traumatic death – like murder weapons, furniture surrounding a place of execution etc, coffin/funerary items we will already have a preconceived unease about the item.

However even in my time investigating I’ve seen a HUGE amount of weird and wacky haunted items – dolls, tables, lamps, telephones, jewellery, taxidermy, watches, clocks – the list is endless. It’s probably my biggest fascination with the paranormal world. I’ve been seeking out haunted and cursed objects for about 6 years now and in that time have amassed quite a collection (most of which I’ve since passed on). While I find it difficult to accept a spirit free from the parameters of mortality would be confined to something as trivial as a doll or wooden box, the overwhelming number of reports of people living through hell because of ‘haunted items’ is difficult to argue with.
A place like the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research centre is a small version of heaven for me. Nowhere else can you get hands on with such a variety of haunted items in an environment that fosters authentic paranormal research through both traditional and modern methods. If you have any interest at all in learning more about haunted items I strongly recommend you visit the museum.


The Investigation. 

Written by Vicky Grant

We investigated the centre in late August of this year and Neil was kind enough to invite us down and leave us to our own devices!

We arrived at the centre at around 8PM and were greeted by Neil and two of his fellow team members, Sharon and Jane.

After chatting about a few of the items myself and James went off to take a few pictures of the location for you all to see and those can be found below in a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When you first enter the centre you will find a small reception room for guests before you are taken fully into the museum. The first photos show the main room which is filled with an array of different items. After exploring this area you can move into the hallway where you will find the staircase and even more amazing objects! I was particularly fond of the dolls on the stairs….. ( and I have to admit, there was a completely different atmosphere in that area! )

Down the corridor at the bottom you will find some ‘darker‘ items.

On the night we visited, Neil had actually had a new item which had been delivered to him, it was a priests exorcism kit. ( You can imagine James’ excitement, he seriously was like a kid in a sweet shop! Ha! )

Priest exorcism kit at Haunted Antiques.

This particular item had only been at the museum for a few days so we decided right then and there that we would do some work with it ourselves on the night to see if we could contact anything that may have been attached to it.

After exploring the darker items we were then told of the isolation booth.

This is a room that has been set up for research where you can take a particular item into the room alone and sit quietly to see if you can make a connection with the item. If you ask me, It’s a brilliant idea! Though I wasn’t entirely sure about this whole ‘going on my own business‘ – I guess you’ll see why a little later!

At the very back of the centre is another small room which is known as the seance room. Their is a round table set up in the middle along with a few chairs. Not only is the Museum filled with a vast amount of Haunted Antiques but the building itself is said to be haunted within it’s own right.

Dating back to the 1800’s – you definitely get the full feel of the history as you step into the back room and are greeted by low beams which only add to that marvelous Victorian feel.


Spiritual intuition

Before we began our investigation we got chatting with Jane about some of the experiences that had been had in the museum via the general public.

Jane is a Spiritual medium who is able to pick up on the energy of spirits around her. She told me she keeps a journal to jot down her feelings and she also draws the spirits she see’s.

She was kind enough to share the story of the man in the hat with us who is seen regularly by herself ( and others! ) on the stairs.

She’d told us that a child was visiting the museum one Saturday afternoon and he’d become scared whilst on the stairs. Saying that he’d seen a ‘monster‘.

Jane using her ‘researching‘ mind had asked the child to draw what he had seen.

Here is the photo! 


As you can see – he’s wearing what looks like a bowler hat of some sort.

Jane then went on to show me the picture she had drawn herself of the man on the stairs when she first started out at the museum (many months before the little boy had visited!)


One photo drawn by a child and the other drawn by an adult yet the similarities of the Hat are uncanny!

I have to admit, this was one of the highlights of my evening!

Thank you for sharing this with us Jane!


The Seance Room


We began our investigation in the seance room and we had taken the exorcism kit along with us which had been set up in the middle of the table.

We started by calling out as we always would.

This particular room had a feel like no other and it was felt by myself and James as soon as we had stepped foot inside of it. It had a darker atmosphere which is generally hard to put into words unless you were there and able to witness it for yourself.

We spent a long time in this room calling out and so far we’d only received what seemed like small ‘taps’ in response to our questions, though how paranormal this was, we were unsure.

James began to include the exorcism kit into the line of questioning and we were both startled to hear what sounded like a ‘devious growl‘ – we both heard this and we’d turned to look at each other. Honestly, I was a little on edge after this as it sounded so very loud to me and as if it had been only a few inches away.

We were filming at this particular time and it was picked up on camera, although it sounded more like a ‘heavy breath‘ on film – Which in honesty was nothing compared to what we actually heard with our own ears! (Cue the impressions in the video!)

We also conducted an EVP session in this area but we only received one thing that could have been considered as a response. It sounded like a whistle, we also captured some odd ‘electrical interference‘ and you can check this out in the video below!

The hallway and the stairs


Venturing out into the hallway, we’d sat just outside of the seance room at the top end of the corridor. We’d placed an EMF trigger object bear at the bottom and I had the K2 in front of me. I’d only been filming for a few minutes when I heard what sounded like a mumbling voice. I honestly thought this was James, In fact as you will see from the video I went into full denial of it all and started to blame him for it over and over again. He was looking at me like I was mad so I’d turned the camera off and we did an instant review of the footage and sure enough, the voice could be heard and it was captured on camera.

I have no idea what it’s saying. It almost sounds like ‘sup‘ (haha!)  – but it could certainly be conceived as just mumbling.

I’d like to apologize to James for yelling at him LOL! 

We’d started off in this area with activity so we decided to stay where we were for a little while longer and continued to call out.

We didn’t receive anything more until we’d decided to get up and make our way towards the stairs.

I’d already ventured down to the bottom and James was behind me. It was then I heard an almighty crash and I about jumped out of my skin. I thought James had knocked something over as you’ll hear me say

‘What have you done?’

Only to turn and find him just stood (looking a little shocked) as he stared off into the corner. It turns out that the candle harbour that was placed on the top shelf had fallen off and gone with a bang!

As you’ll see, I got very excited about this. Mainly because at the very start of our night we were told during our walk-around by Jane and Sharon that the night previous to this one – This same candle harbour had flew off the shelf and somehow landed in the middle of the room.

After trying to debunk this we went and got the ladies to see exactly how it had been propped on the shelf. It actually took four of us to bounce up and down on the floor to get it to move. Not only that, but the object that was in it’s place prior to this one was also known to be somewhat of a trigger object.

Was this paranormal? 

I honestly can not say!

I’d like to think it was because it took so many of us jumping up and down to make it move but then again, I guess it could have been slightly at a swerve on the shelf and it may have only took a small movement to make it go!

During the time of us trying to debunk this moment, we captured a strange sound on the audio which has been pointed out in the video, it sounds like an old fashioned child’s toy, the type you’d blow on to make a ‘swooping sound

You’ll hear it and it’s very freaky indeed!


Defying everything we moved to the bottom of the stairs regardless and began to conduct a spirit box session.

I will say that in this area there is a very high level of EMF as you’ll see from our K2 as it spiked to red. This is due to an electrical box at the top of the stairs.

High EMF readings can cause feelings of being uncomfortable and also hallucinations so after discovering this we kept that thought in mind although this would have no effect upon the spirit box. (And you’d have to be pretty close to the box to feel a profound effect!) 

I am terrible with spirit box responses most of the time although on this particular occasion I did pick up on a few things whilst I was there, the majority I noticed after watching the footage back though!

My favorite moment was when we were talking about the K2 spikes and a female voice came though the box (who sounded as if she had a foreign accent!)

The words were ‘over the’ – ‘fire door

Pretty much a full sentence over several sweeps in the same voice! (Very rare indeed!)

What’s even more weird is that during the time of the voice – we were holding the K2 over the fire door!

During this time in the hallway we also ventured into the ‘Isolation Booth’ – James had been getting a very strange vibe from the room from the beginning of the night and I had too. Our original plan was to split up and take it in turns alone but evidently we both chickened out in the end and decided to go in together. Safety in numbers, ha!

We filmed for a short time in this area but I began to feel extremely nauseous so much so that I turned the camera off and just sat quietly in the room with James whilst he continued to call out.

It felt like the room was spinning. I was very dizzy and I didn’t spend long in there at all.

After an eventful session we decided we wanted to take the spirit box into the seance room where we’d earlier heard the growl to see if we could connect with the spirit that had made the sound.

We actually received some pretty amazing responses in here, my favorite being the point when a male voice came through the box and said ‘Hi Vicky‘ – It was so VERY clear and I heard it the moment it was spoken.

Upon review of the footage we were also surprised to hear an ‘aggressive female voice come though the box – Jame’s thought at the time she was saying ‘stop it’ – but open listening properly she was actually saying ‘F**k it


The F at the start is so pronounced it couldn’t be mistaken for anything other!

We also captured what sounded like a conversation between two people.

You’ll hear a voice come through which says ‘Jonathan?‘ (as if asking where this person was!) then a couple of seconds later a male voice will come through and say ‘Don’t cry, I was joking‘ – Another full sentence over several sweeps in the same voice.

Did we pick up on a residual moment?

It sure sounded like it!


The Main Room. 


For the last part of the evening we ventured into the main room to investigate and we decided to do some work with the ovilus.

I thought it’d be a good idea to take the device around the different objects in the room and to see if it would speak and say something relevant to the items.

I started on the left side of the room and we didn’t receive any solid responses until we reached an old radio. The lights on the device began to fluctuate from green to yellow indicating a change in temperature in this area. I’d been walking around with the device and this was the only time it had changed so far and it wasn’t something that was consistent ( If their was a solid temperature change it wouldn’t fluctuate and then suddenly stop for no reason! ) – sometimes it would change around the object and other times it wouldn’t. Very strange indeed.

Moving on from the radio we also received the same response on the opposite side of the room around an old army uniform. I then moved the device to a shelf of army memorabilia and it said the word ‘metal’

James was quick to point out that this made sense. Half of the objects on this particular shelf were made of metal. It had knifes, helmets and other weapons.


But it was about to get a lot more accurate!

I went to the last shelf in the room which had some dolls upon it and the device came out with the word ‘east

To me, it felt as if we were being directed so I’d instantly asked James which way it was.

He’d taken out his phone to find a compass and after a few moments we discovered east was in the corner of the room and you will hear James say…

‘Its where the Bike is’

The device is placed onto the shelf with the war memorabilia and I sat down. I then asked which item the spirit was attached too and what happened next was the most amazing intelligent response I have ever received!

The device said ‘BIKE’

ALL of this was captured on camera and I hope you’ll be just as amazed as I was!

First it told us to go EAST – Which is exactly where the Bike was and then it told us intelligently what item it was attached too!

I’ve never had an ovilus response be so accurate before and I was thoroughly impressed! 


We had a really eventful night at the Haunted Antiques paranormal research centre and there is no doubt in my mind that this place and the objects certainly do hold some kind of residual and intelligent spirit energy!

I would like to say a huge thanks to Neil for having us!

We’d love to come back at some point in the future and maybe bring a part two to this blog and try to answer some of the questions this amazing location has left us with!

If you would like to know more about the centre then please do check them out on Facebook by clicking here.


Until next time…

Happy Hunting! 







Our Personal Experiences.

Hey everyone,
welcome to a special edition of the dead central blog where myself and James will be talking about our own personal experiences that revolve around our everyday home life.

This is a little different to anything we have ever done before.

As a team, we normally converse about the ‘strange goings on‘ we feel have happened to us during our time at home but we never normally share them with anyone else.

I thought this would be a great idea to write about them on our blog. We know that thousands of people across the globe have their very own experiences and some find it hard to talk about them in fear of what other people would think.

Hopefully this blog will give at least one person the courage to come forward and tell their story!

Vicky’s personal experiences.

I want to start this blog with some of my previous personal experiences.

These particular experiences happened to be a couple of years back at my home and fortunately they have not happened to me since!

I am a big believer in spirit attachment since this happened to me, I also believe that spirits can follow you home from a location that you have been investigating which is something I never really thought could happen, until it happened to me.

Strelley Hall – Notthingham.

We’d been investigating Strelley Hall,  This is a place I have investigated many times in the past. After the investigation and everything had been wrapped up I had returned home as I normally would. It was around 3.30AM and I was exhausted. I’d changed in my pajamas and got into bed though I couldn’t sleep. The atmosphere in my home felt strange, it wasn’t the light relaxed feeling I would normally get, it felt dark, oppressive even.

I was lying in bed with my cover wrapped around me, practically like a cocoon as it was freezing!

I felt the sheet being pulled from my body.

It was that harsh that it ripped the blanket a good few inches away from me and the room was so cold I could see my own breath.

I was utterly terrified and froze in that moment.

I’d looked up but didn’t see anything, the room was pitch black. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest from how frightened I was.

After a few moments I managed to get out of bed but I didn’t stick around, I ran straight into the bathroom and I remember I just sat on the floor and cried.

It was so unexpected and it really did scare me that something could have that much energy to pull the duvet from my bed. It really was like a scene from these cliche horror movies you see.

After a good ten mins being spent in floods of tears I started to feel REALLY angry that I could allow something to have this effect on me, so much so that in that moment the anger seemed to take over and I’d stormed back into my bedroom shouting and screaming for whatever it was to go away and leave me the hell alone!

It went quiet.

The dark feeling passed. And since that day, I’ve never had anything pulling on my bed sheets again!

The Old Warehouse.

This experience is a lot more recent, Only a few months ago myself and James went to investigate an old warehouse in Derbyshire. It was a former factory from the 1800’s and it was the first time it had ever been investigated by anyone.

We were in the main office calling out and again, I began to feel very uneasy, the atmosphere had changed.

It seemed darker, malevolent even.

That night when I got home I still felt this feeling and for my own peace of mind (to be safe) I’d told whatever it was that had followed me home that it was not welcome here.

I went to bed as normal and I never said anything about me feeling like something had followed me, even though I still felt like it was around the next morning.

My mom had actually mentioned to me that the house felt difference since I’d come home and she thought she’d saw a shadow of a ‘tall man’ on our landing.

That same morning she had gone for a shower and hung her dressing gown on the back of the door. When she got out her dressing gown had been tried in several tiny little knots around the hook! so she’d struggled to get it off!

This was weird!

She said she felt like she was being watched and after that, it was enough for me to take out my ‘protection sticks’ and I began to light them moving through every-room stating that this entity was not welcome.

We never had anymore experiences after this.

My personal Life.

Not many of you know as this is a part of my personal life and something I find extremely hard to talk about. I sadly lost my nanna to cancer a few months ago (15th o May 2018) and we were very close.

She knew what I did within the paranormal and she herself was a believer as well.

It’s strange now looking back as she always ‘jokingly’ said to me that she would ‘come back and haunt me‘ but in reality you never really think much of it.

I’ve been having some rather odd experiences at home since her passing and I wanted to speak about them.

Wear This?

The first instance happened about a month after her death.

I was at home. Me and my mum were sat in our living room. We had some of my Nanna’s clothes in the back room, a few of her tops were resting on a chair.

I’d said to my mum that we should go to the pub tonight for a little while but I had no idea what to wear, the next thing we heard was movement in the kitchen and upon inspection, one of my nan’s tops had fallen onto the floor.

I had walked over and picked it up.

It was one of her favorites that she enjoyed wearing when we would go out to our local. It was quite dressy and my mum had purposely taken it from the house for me to have. (yes, my nan wore very modern nice clothes!)

I find it strange that upon our topic of conversation about ‘not knowing’ what to wear that an item of my nans clothing just so happened to fall on the floor.

As if to say ‘wear this’ and you know what? I did wear it.

Coincidence? It’s a pretty big one. I would like to think of this as some kind of sign. Maybe because I miss her so much so I will keep hoping it was?

The Fire Alarm.

My second experience was also at home. Again, it was just me and my mum.

Now most people have a fire alarm in their house (if you don’t then you should!)

Myself and my mum were in the kitchen, she was boiling some potatoes. So nothing that should have set the alarm off.

My nan has been a topic in our house since she passed (as you can imagine, we like to talk about her and keep her memory alive.) – This is exactly what we were doing.
I remeber I was sat at the kitcken table, asking for a sign in my head.

The next thing, the fire alarm started to beep.

Not fully, just a few. I assumed it was the battery at first.
Until it then stopped and started to full on sound the alarm.

I grabbed a brush with a long handle so I could hit the button. Though me and my mum were slightly confused as to why it was going off in the first place with no smoke (and honestly, the fire alarm in our house has not sounded in forever, I can’t even remember the last time it did it!)

As I walked upon the stairs (it’s situated on the high ceiling above them) it stopped.

So I was just stood there, brush in hand. No alarm.

I remember my mum said something like ‘It’s nan messing with you‘ and it made me laugh. She was a joker for sure when she were alive.

We both asked if it was her and it beeped. Just once.

I walked a little further up and it started to go off again  so I lifted the brush and hit the button, turning it off. I stood waiting for a few seconds, nothing.

I was about to call my mum to say it had stopped and as I opened my mouth to tell her, it beeped at me again!

I just laughed.

My mum was stood in the doorway just watching.
I waited again about a minute or so. Nothing. Silence.

I went to speak to say it had stopped.. and AGAIN mid sentence, it beeped, interrupting me!

It continued to do it every time I went to speak (as if it was trying to be funny!)

In the end my mum shouted ‘MOTHER, PACK IT IN‘ (Slang for stop it)
And low and be hold. The beeping stopped and it’s not done it again since.
Explain this to me? as I certainly can not!

It was a very weird experience. Coincidence again? Maybe – but they seem to be mounting up now!

The Ceiling Fan.

Three of us present in our living room.

We were sat watching TV and we heard what sounded like a clink against glass. The next thing their was a shadow in the room, as if something was swinging to cause it.
All three of us looked up to see the chain (from the ceiling fan light) swinging quite roughly from side to side as if someone had just knocked it. Which must have been the sound of the clinkling glass we heard.

I think we all just kinda sat looking at each other like ‘wtf’ just happened.No windows were open and It would have had to have been a pretty good draft anyway to make that happen!

Again, just a little something I can’t explain. Like someone trying to get our attention.

The Dream.

This is the most recent experience and probbaly the strangest of everything.

It was an experience my mum had.

It was late around 2AM – My mum was still awake watching TV but my step dad was asleep.

My step dad is not really a believer in this kind of stuff, which is fair enough. Though I think after this experience it may have opened him up a little more to the possibility that something is out there.

My mum had turned to look at him as he was mumbling something in his sleep.

The words were – “eeeeeeee, hello.” and then few second later, again. “eeeeeeee, hello.

At this point, my mum was a little freaked out as she said his voice had changed. He has rather a deep voice, but this almost sounded female and the way the words were dragged on could only be described as if it were like something out of the excorsit. (no joke!)

She ignored it and a few minutes later he woke up from his dream, asking my mum if she were okay. She replied yes and that was the end of it.

The next day, my mum came home from work and told me what had happened.

I agreed it was a little creepy but she didn’t want to tell Dave encase it freaked him out.
When he also returned home, we didn’t mention what he’d said, but my mum asked if he could remember anything about the dream he’d had last night.

He responded that he could.

That he’d saw my Nan last night in his dream. For only a split second. She was glowing in white before him and then she shot up (as if into the sky) gone.

Me and my mum were pretty shocked by this.

He also said their was a lot more to the dream, but for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it was.

Was this my Nan trying to come through and give my mum a message?!
Pretty weird, pretty big coincidence.. again!

I will admit. It’s the weirdest thing ever. Considering that same night, I also heard my dog howling from downstairs and I had to go see if he was okay. When I got down there he looked in shock, as if he too had a nightmare.

I can’t explain anything that’s been happening just lately…
But I certainly do feel as if someone had been trying to let us know they are still here with us.

The Writing on the wall.

Moving off the subject of the strange experiences with my nan.

If you follow me of twitter you’ll see that I recently spoke about this little experience as honestly, it has freaked me out quite a bit!

I woke up one morning and I looked up to see writing all over the ceiling and my bedroom walls. It was white, glowing and looked as if it was handwritten in ‘squiggles’ is the best way I can describe it.I have a few pictures on the wall, but it didn’t cross over them, it was just the walls (which is even more odd!)

Hallucination? It’s pretty specific if it was.

I have no idea what the writing said as it did start to fade pretty quickly and plus, it looked as if it were hard to read.

What had just happened?

I instantly took to google to find out (as you do!)

I was shocked to see this happens to A LOT of people.

Their is even a forum online of everyone looking for the same answers to this question.
Some believe it is psychic intuition and recommend keeping a journal by your bed for when it happens again to try and write down what you see / read.

Others believe it’s a bad omen.

I don’t know what to think of it. All I know is that nothing like this have ever happened in my entire life before and I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again.

Have you ever had something like this? I’d love to hear from you.

James’ personal experiences.

I’ve been paranormal investigating and getting involved in a whole load of other weird sh*t for over a decade now, so I’ve got quite a few ‘unusual’ experiences.

If I listed them all this post would go on forever.

Instead I’ve summarised a few of the most poignant ones (some of which I may have mentioned in previous blogs).

The girl in the fish tank.

I’m a twin. We don’t have super powers, we don’t look alike, we don’t like the same things but we did share a bedroom as kids in the bungalow we grew up in. We had bunk beds, mine was top…

The bungalow had two bedrooms and a loft conversion, a big living room, small kitchen and long narrow hallway right down the middle. It was built in the mid 1900’s and didn’t have a colourful or interesting history, wasn’t close to anything suspicious or sinister and to my knowledge hadn’t seen the sacrifice of poultry or other small beings in the name of all things dark and deadly.

So it was a boring bungalow.

One night I’m in bed, I wake up and instantly know someone else is in the room, I could feel it. I wasn’t threatened by it, it didn’t feel all that cold – I just knew it was there. I sat up and looked towards the door and there it stood.

A girl in a white dress, as solid as a human being.

She had blurred facial features and was swirling her hand around in the large fish tank that stood by the door – her arm went right through the glass.

I got down from the top bunk and stood right in front of her, she was looking at me with her blurry, non-distinct eyes. It was at this point I started to feel slightly unnerved and therefor ran straight through her out of the room.

Hold your horses.

My Mum and Dad split when I was 10 years old. Me and my brother would spend every weekend at my Dads: Friday night until Sunday. He had his fair share of houses, at one point even living in big houses, pubs and commercial properties that had been left by the previous owner and where at risk to squatters. He wasn’t a squatter – he was paid by the council to do this…just to be clear.

You can probably image there were some pretty creepy places but one stood out, far, far out.

Like a clown at a funeral type stand out.It was fresh from the deepest depths of hell, it’s décor dripped in macabre and oozed awful energies – I bloody loved it. It was called the Coach and Horses, a large pub in a quaint country village. Upon arrival the whole place was covered with weird and wacky ornaments – the ceiling of the restaurant area was absolutely covered with old cast iron candle holders. There were old cameras everywhere and there was a snug in the middle of the room that had a really cool old clock on the fireplace.

It caught my eye and I went rushing over to get it, I got within 6 foot of the snug entrance and froze. It was as if every bad thing that has ever happened in the world was sat in that room, waiting to swallow it’s next victim in to its dark and unforgiving obis. I couldn’t see anything but the sense of dread was real.

I’ll leave the clock for now.

We went to bed later that night. Now a common issue with these buildings was a lack of or insufficient heating. We had heating here but the place just wasn’t get warm, at all. There are no beds or niceties, so we all slept on a few mattresses in an empty bedroom at the back of the living quarters (located upstairs above the bar).

It got colder and colder despite the radiator being scorching hot. Then all of a sudden was a knock at the door. The bedroom door. The bedroom door that was in the middle of the hall way of the pub, that was behind 3 locked doors and an alarm.

Well f*ck.

We sat there in partial disbelief and partial denial, then 3 more bangs, not knocks. I’m talking the door nearly came off its f*cking hinges type bangs. We shouted for whatever it was to go away and nothing more happened. There were no footsteps walking away or movements outside the door. Looking back it’s weird we didn’t open it then, but we didn’t, we must have fallen off to sleep.

The following morning we opened the door and about 5 foot from the bedroom door there was a hammer in the middle of the floor that hadn’t been there before.

The clocks still there, by the way.

Please lock the door behind you.

So this one stars my Dad again, he’d stopped looking after the weird buildings only to move in to a weird house of his own. This time a 3 bed semi in a standard urban area.

Again, no signs of witchcraft, satanic rituals, mass death or crop circles.
Boring house.
I’m going to cut this as short as possible.

He phoned me one night and said weird stuff was happening in the house, noises, objects moving and things going missing “you should bring a Ouija board”.


So I turn up with board. My brother, my Dads girlfriend at the time and I sit down at the kitchen able to start the talking.

Things get wild, really wild, really fast. The room is lit by a single candle on the table and all we can see is our own faces in front of each other. The noises started with light knocking on the walls around us, which got progressively louder and more frequent.

We’re getting every question on the board answered (motor response or otherwise) and the sounds in the room are ‘answering’. The next sound is on the ceiling, it’s like nails being scraped along rough plaster, it gets louder, faster, more aggressive – it’s real ‘exorcism of Emily Rose’ type stuff!

The board then spells out a name, ‘Elizabeth’ (I would usually eye-roll here as it seems every Ouija board story ever stars the ghost of an Elizabeth – Leave it out Lizzie).

As it does though, there’s a gasp, a short, female gasp right behind me. Everyone hears it and we started to question what the hell is actually going on. The planchette is going like a Scalextric and the ceiling is still roaring with sound. We asked the energy to calm down, stop being so aggressive, but it seemed to get worse – this time the wallpaper sounded like it was being ripped from the walls, over and over.

It was getting really weird now – the room was alive with destructive sounds and it was far too dark to actually see what was going on. I fully expected the whole kitchen would be a pile of damaged plaster, torn wallpaper and damaged walls; so I got up to turn the light on – nothing. Literally, it fell as silent as ever and there was no sign of a single ‘going on’.

That night was a little tense. Me and my brother shared a bedroom with bunkbeds when we visited my Dad, we both sat awake for most of the night as we could hear footsteps slowly climbing the stairs, then going back down, then climbing…
For a few weeks after, nothing happen. We’d almost forgotten about it and life in the house seemed to be normal.

However I was brushing my teeth one night (go with me) with my back to the bathroom door. I’d shut the door and locked it behind me, it was an integrated lock on the bathroom door handle that twists to lock. Once I’d finished cleaning my teeth I turned round and it was wide open, the door had unlocked and opened no more than 2 feet away from me (when opened) without me hearing or feeling anything!?

Weird. I told myself it must have been mistake – clearly I didn’t close or lock it.

I believed that for a short time, but then it started to happen daily, I was now making a conscious effort to shut and lock the door. I would never hear it open, one second closed, I’d take my eyes off it and then it’s open…
Circumstances changed and my dad left shortly after.

As a paranormal investigator I’ve experienced a whole heap of creepy buildings, from hospitals, asylums and prisons to ancient houses and castles and honestly, if you held a gun to my head and forced me to label one as ‘most haunted’ it’s this spooky little 3 bed semi in Nottingham.

Well, there we have it guys! A few of experiences that myself and James have had over the years!

To finish this blog, I’d like to take this time to say thank you for reading….

I’m sure many of us have had personal experiences in our lives and we all feel like sometimes we are going a little mad. I hope in some way that this has helped you.

We may sound crazy to some people but to others who have felt or seen the same things it just brings us all that little bit closer into trying to understand life after death.

I do truly believe their is something out there, though I know not what.
We will all know the truth one day.

And that’s all that can be said about it!

Until next time…
Happy Hunting.

Help! My House Is Haunted.

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to a very special installment of the Dead Central Blog where we will be talking about the newest addition to paranormal TV programming that has been grabbing our attention on Friday nights throughout the last few weeks and is taking the UK by storm!

The show features three seasoned paranormal investigators — Barri Ghai, Sandy Lakdar and renowned psychic medium Chris Fleming.

If you’re anything like me then you’ve been hooked these last few weeks tuning into the show which airs every Friday evening at 10PM on Really.

Help! My House is Haunted – Picture shows (L-R) Barri Ghai, Sandy Lakdar and Chris Fleming.

The show has been produced by none other than the ‘prince of darkness’ himself Zak Bagans — and it was no secret that thousands of his British fans were anticipating the arrival of the new UK paranormal series.

If you have yet to feast your eyes upon this host of spooky ghostly goodness I would definitely recommend that you drop everything you are doing RIGHT NOW and check out the trailer below!


The show see’s the three investigators using both traditional and modern methods as they travel the length and breadth of the UK in search of haunted homes, and in former discussions I have even heard the programme being referred to as the British version of Ghost Adventures.

So far we are just over half way through the twelve episode series which will feature in the first season and I know we are certainly hoping for a continuation. (Fingers crossed!) hint hint!

I myself have thoroughly enjoyed the series so far and I really admire the method in which they investigate. The show has an extremely professional feel from the off and unlike other paranormal programming it holds no forced gimmicks.

The flow of the show itself is very well organised and superbly done. Barri, Sandy and Chris are seen to be in their natural state and environments with nothing more than a determination and passion (which shows throughout) for investigating the paranormal and uncovering the truth.

I wanted to know more about the journey they had taken to be a part of the show and we were lucky enough to be able to catch up with Barri Ghai on the subject.

When Barri agreed to get involved with the blog, I’m sure he was certain that we’d be sending him a long list of questions. But instead, we wanted to approach things slightly differently.

Get a view from the man himself — so instead, we asked him to write us a personal statement about his time on the show.

So, here it is. Right from the horses mouth! (So to speak!)

Barri Ghai.


Working on the show was a real eye opener… I always wondered what it was like for Zak, Jason and many other great TV ghost hunters, to make a paranormal style programme for TV. Then, in the summer of 2017, I had my chance to take something I love doing and have a go at making a paranormal TV series for everyone to see.

Help! My House Is Haunted is an amazing mix of paranormal investigation, history, spiritualism and technology. Chris Fleming, Sandy Lakdar and I travelled far and wide across Britain investigating 12 very different homes that were all being plagued by spirits and, in some cases, darker and more malevolent energies. Our aim was to gather evidence of the phenomena that had been reported and help the families by relieving them of their haunted situation.

Travelling on the road for months with complete strangers and working collaboratively with them all was quite tough. We all had to learn about each other and work together as a united team to get the job done. Unbelievably, it didn’t take long at all before we three investigators and the crew became great friends and trusting team mates. I think this really comes across well on the show and it’s this bond that helped us create such a brilliant series. I don’t think we would have captured half the amazing evidence we did if we weren’t able to work so well together.

Some of the locations we visited really had an impact on me as a professional paranormal investigator and as a person. De Grey Street in Hull scared me and it’s a place I don’t wish to voluntarily go back to. I’m not easily scared, but something in that house created an emotion which affected me massively. It wasn’t necessarily fear, but more like a sadness and lack of control. The others also felt this energy and despite some people claiming 39 De Grey Street is not haunted I think we found suitable evidence to the contrary.

De Gray Street, Hull. Featured in episode 3.

One further experience has left a permanent reminder that what we do is very real and potentially dangerous. During our investigation of Fyvie Castle in Scotland, I attempted to communicate with the poor soul of Dame Lilias Drummond. She was left to die in a room upstairs, now called the ‘Murder Room’. I remember standing there calling out, raising my arms and offering my energy to her to help her come through. I had done this in the past and it seemed to help, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened to me.

All I remember was waking up to Sandy and not being able to control my body. I was shaking, cold and feeling very nauseous. Apparently I was stood there in the room for several minutes and then suddenly became unresponsive. I fell to the floor and when I regained consciousness I was physically sick and felt completely drained and almost paralysed. Chris explained to me after, that it was like a spiritual walk through. I just interpreted it as a partial spirit take over or borderline possession! I don’t know how else to explain it. It was strange, scary and completely unnerving.

Fyvie Castle, Scotland. Featured in episode 8. Airing this friday the 31st August.

The whole series is pretty extreme to be honest. We gathered some incredible evidence and genuinely helped most of the spirits to cross over and find peace. What was so special was the knowledge that we really helped people and, in most cases, made a difference to lives.

WELL there we have it folks, an in depth look into the world of what it’s REALLY like to be a part of Help! My house is haunted.

It certainly sounds like Barri had some unforgettable and frightening experiences whilst filming the show and now all of us are fortunate enough to be able to follow the team in their investigation into the unknown!

We’d like to say a huge thanks to Barri Ghai for allowing us this personal look into his experiences.

If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can still catch up on demand via the UKTV Play app or, better yet, watch it on Friday nights at 10pm on Really Channel.


Sky (UK): Channel 142
Sky (Ireland): Channel 155
BT TV: Channel 17
Virgin Media: Channel 129
Freeview: Channel 17
Freesat: Channel 160

The Help! My house is haunted team also feature in this months Haunted Magazine which is run by some very good friends of ours.
We would definitely recommend reading the articles!


You can visit the haunted magazine website by clicking here!

Until next time,
Happy Hunting!

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant with special guest Barri Ghai.

Falstaff Experience.

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The Falstaff ‘Tudor World.

Hi everyone and welcome to another instalment of our paranormal blog!

For this write up, we investigated the Falstaff in Stratford Upon Avon alongside the UK haunted team……



Not only have we teamed up with UK Haunted, but we also decided we were gonna take over the haunted magazines haunted blog!

That’s right, we ‘blognapped’ them!






Shrewsbury Prison Investigation.

Hey Guys! Welcome to the next instalment of our investigation blogs. For this investigation we travelled to Shrewsbury to investigate what is reputed to be one of the most haunted prisons in the entirety of the UK! When you learn of the death that took place here, you’ll certainly understand why that is!

In this blog we have covered The History, The Ghost Stories, The Executions and we have even included a few investigation videos of us in action on the night! I won’t keep waffling on, as a lot of awesome information lies ahead…..

Continue reading Shrewsbury Prison Investigation.

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