The Hermit Cave.

Hi everyone! Welcome to the next investigation instalment blog!

For this blog we travelled to Derbyshire to investigate the hauntingly beautiful Hermit Cave!

For those of you that don’t know, I actually wrote an article for Haunted Magazine (Issue H20) where I covered the story of the Hermit  and what it was that made him leave his life behind as a baker and decide to live a solitary life in the woods.


I definitely suggest you check it out to get the full historical story.

The issue can be read for free via the app or you can order your copy in print by visiting the Haunted Magazine website!

The Hermit Cave.


The entirety of the Hermit Cave and the woodland surrounding is deemed to be extremely sacred ground. I won’t get into the full history of the Hermit, but the story goes that he had a vision from god and was told to move to the woodland and live out a solitary life.

The hermit supposedly spent the next 80 years living inside of this cave and practicing his faith.

So why is the cave reputed to be so haunted?

Pathway to the cave.


Over the years there have been many stories which surround the cave and some of them are very dark indeed. It is said that satanic rituals have taken place here as if to once disrupt the peaceful ground and try to summon something much more evil.

I will admit…

I have investigated the cave on a few occasions and as mentioned in my article for Haunted Magazine I have always believed that there is some kind of push between good and evil.

Although it can totally depend on when you visit and what those spirits have in store for you.

Do I believe that something demonic resides there?

The answer is simple. No.

BUT I do believe that the grounds and the cave itself harbours a strange energy of good and bad spirits. The bad spirits which in my experience, like to imitate and pretend that they are worse than they actually are….

Surely if something demonic was there, I’d be in a worse state than I am now after investigating it so many times in the past!

That’s how I like to look at it logically anyway. 


The Investigation. 

Joined by my friend and fellow investigator James Pykett of Haunted Insight & HauntedLIVE we ventured to the cave for another investigation.

I say another, it was for me, but this was the first time that James had ever visited this location.




We were armed with our equipment in hand and it was around 9PM when we arrived.

We’d taken the short walk up to the cave and through the woodland and on the way it seemed that the activity had already began because the brand new batteries I’d only just put into my torch moments ago had already started to drain.

These are industrial batteries, they should last for hours (if not days) so yes, I did find that a little strange!

Also, it’s not the first time that this has happened to me whilst investigating this location. 

As we’d approached the cave, we did a quick scope of the area to make sure that no one was around and it was all clear.

We’d stepped foot inside of the cave and heard a ‘Hiss‘ like sound almost immediately.

The cave is not a massive area, in fact, it’s incredibly small. We couldn’t see an animal inside and nothing had gone past us to get out.

We had no idea where the hiss had come from and if I’m honest, it almost sounded human. 

From that moment, we went straight into investigating.

We began to call out, asking for noises and signs that someone was there with us. We did hear a few strange bangs which sounded like they were coming from above the cave, not only this, but myself and James both saw what looked like a ‘dark shadow‘ move from the right side of us.

Whatever it was looked as if it was inside of the cave with us.

Now taking out some equipment, we decided to test a new ghost box called the SONOX10 Spirit Box.

The above is a description from the creator to explain how the device works!

For the first part of the off camera session we started to receive words such as ‘Sacrifice, Alter, Demon, Demonic‘ I was even called a ‘Bitch‘ as I’d called out.

It was pretty apparent to us what kind of night this was going to be.

With such accurate responses relating to the stories of the area, we flicked on our night vision camera and hit record to try and document some of them!


Here’s the full Ghost Box session video!

We captured some AMAZING responses, please give it a watch and let us know what you think!


I think my favourite moment in the above video is capturing that ‘cackle‘ of a laugh which must have spanned over several sweeps!

To me, that’s pretty awesome! 

Not only that, but we were receiving FULL sentences!

Honestly, I’m still pretty amazed by it all.


Ghost Box Session Analysis. 


The first part of the ghost box session seemed to be making reference to ‘naughtiness‘ quite a fair bit. What makes it so intelligent is that I kept hearing a male laugh and then we receive the response ‘We’re having fun‘ so to me, that comes across as something clearly playing with us.

You will then hear a female intercept and say ‘Scratch her little butt‘ which watching back, I was a bit like WOAH… No way did it just say that, but it CLEARLY does.. I couldn’t not point that out (as stupid as it sounds)

You’ll then again hear a male come through and say ‘A bit naughty‘ and then we received that creepy cackle of a laugh from a female. Everything rolled in conjunction with one and other and it wasn’t long after this that I heard the noise next to me….

I still think the leaf randomly flying into the window is a little creepy.

Considering there was no wind. It could have been an animal, I’m not going to discount that, but it sounded closer to me like it was inside of the cave.

In my mind, I felt like it was building up to something.

( And don’t worry, I checked my ‘Little butt‘ when I got home and I hadn’t been scratched LOL )

Moving on to the next part, we switched it up and James took the ghost box to see what kind of response he would receive with him being a male.

As you’ll see in the video, His name is said pretty much from the moment it’s turned back on as you’ll hear a woman say ‘James Can help‘ and after that yet again we receive another intelligent response when he asked ‘who keeps moving?’ it responds ‘very good movement

The next part I believe we were picking up on some kind of ‘residual‘ energy as it speaks the words ‘F**cked and then says ‘I’m gonna die, and I know it‘ !!

That was one of the best and clearest sentences I’ve EVER heard through a ghost box.

It can only make you wonder what this moment is referring to and what possibly could have happened in this cave!

The only name we received all night through the ghost box was ‘Walter‘ – The ‘W’ sounds quite pronounced to me, but again it could be conceived as ‘Alter‘ as there actually is one in the cave on the opposite side.

The other name we received was ‘Donald‘ and this was given to us through the Alice Box later in the night.

James would also ask the question ‘can you come towards me and try and touch me‘ and again the spirit box would respond within seconds ‘Reach out and touch me‘ – another amazing intelligent response over several sweeps!

The sound outside was also strange, it was like a gate opening.

There is gate which you have to go through to get to the cave but it’s at least a good mile or so away. Unless the sound travelled to us, but again, who had opened it? We didn’t see anyone else whilst we were there and when we later reached the gate on the way out, it was still closed.

Not long after this we heard what sounded like footsteps outside. Again, we can’t discount that this was just an animal. Luckily the camera picked up the rustling of the leaves so you can hear it for yourselves. At the time it didn’t sound as pronounced as that to us, it actually sounded like tiny feet outside, like a child. Soon the Alice box said ‘7‘ randomly after we mentioned a kid.

You’ll see me react and say maybe its an age?

I honestly think James was spot on with his statement of saying that something was messing with us and maybe trying to imitate a child as nothing else seemed to be working. It wanted to gain our trust. 

With receiving responses such as ‘Demonic’ Scratch her, Alter‘ etc… There was no way that I believed it was a child spirit.

For the last part of the session, I’d already spoken aloud and made it pretty clear that I didn’t think it was a child, but I’d humour it all the same. 

I think this actually may have annoyed whatever spirit was there, as it began to take a dark turn once more.

I’ve honestly never heard my name being said so many times through a ghost box. I didn’t hear it whilst we were sat in the cave but watching it back I was SHOCKED.

Not only did it say my name, it also called me a bitch again.

The voices were very odd, they also sounded ‘child like‘ but they definitely had a darker tone behind them and the giggle was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard.

You’ll also clearly hear the ghost box say ‘Get out all of you, Ha ha‘ right towards the end.

I think it was a pretty eventful night and the responses we got were impressive! 



Myself and Jame’s are already planning to go back to see what else we can get now that we’ve been through the footage and know what to expect!

The light anomaly was also strange, definitely not a bug of any sort and there was no moisture or dust in the air, it was a clear night. No wind, no nothing.

Plus it seemed to fade out of noting and beam brighter before it disappeared.

Can I say that is Paranormal? No. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.




After the ghost box session we ventured out into the woods but we didn’t receive anything out of the ordinary.

The temperature began to drop and it was absolutely freezing! We’d been out for a good 3 hours or so and we decided to wrap up the investigation and head home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and the video, It’s a little different to what I normally do but I must admit I really did enjoy filming and being able to actually showcase our evidence as well as write about it in an analysis!

There will be lots more like this to come from myself and James in the coming months….


Until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Blog, photos and video edited by Vicky Grant. 



Grace Dieu Priory.

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to the next investigation installment blog!

For this blog I teamed up with James Pykett of Haunted Insight and we went off to investigate the magnificent Grace Dieu Priory in Leicestershire!



The priory itself was founded in around 1235 by a lady called Roesia de Verdon and was an Augustinian priory dedicated to the Holy Trinity and St Mary church.

Sadly all that stands in its place now are the ruins, but boy, are they atmospheric… and also reputed to be quite haunted! 

This wasn’t my first investigation at the priory… in fact, it’s an old favourite of mine. I’ve been here many times before in the past, but for James, it was his first time ever visiting.


Not only are the priory ruins itself supposedly haunted but also the massive woodland that surrounds the area… and in my personal opinion, I’ve always believed the woodland to be more active for spiritual activity.

I’ve always found the priory itself to be quite peaceful.

Even at night. I’d never really experienced much activity there before and as stated above, the majority of activity previously came from the surrounding woodland.

On the night myself and James investigated, we’d arrived at the priory at around half past eight. 

I say we ‘arrived’ at the priory…

We actually didn’t find the ruins until an hour into our investigation.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have the worst sense of direction…. EVER.

I’ve been to the ruins about eight times in the past and guess what?

I still got lost! 

James was hoping I’d be his tour guide… oh how wrong he was! 


The Woodland. 

When you arrive you have to park at the back of a pub which leads off towards the woodland trail. After a short walk you have three options on which way to go…

I remembered a bridge so we headed right and I was pretty convinced that this was the correct route…

But after twenty minutes of walking… 

it became apparent that it definitely wasn’t the right way! 

Even on our walk down into this unknown area of the woods we were hearing voices.

Human voices. To the point of where I was highly convinced that other people were around, maybe even other ghost hunters…

But we didn’t see anyone!

It was incredibly eerie to say the least. 

We’d stumbled upon a certain area, it was a little more open and less shrouded by trees.

The atmosphere here didn’t feel the same as the other areas. I’d felt fine the entire time until we’d reached this opening and what’s even stranger is that in the center of this small opening was a massive rock, around the size of a boulder.

The weird thing was, someone had clearly placed tiny little rocks around this HUGE rock, in a sort of circle.. 

My first initial thought screamed witchcraft….

Who would do something like that? and why? 

It was really odd! 

As this area felt stranger to the others, myself and James decided to officially start our investigation right out there in the woods.

We’d found a semi stable log to sit down upon and James was running the Alice Box which generates words.

Supposedly spirits can manipulate this device to say certain words from the dictionary (kinda like the ovilus) we’ve personally had some great results with this in the past. 

We were sat for a few minutes and it was eerily quiet as we called out.

We’d gotten familiar to our surroundings by now. Taking in the different sounds, able to debunk what may have been animals and natural audio.

But there was one really strange sound we couldn’t debunk.

It sounded like rope, The best way to describe it is a noise that is made when rope is tightened around wood and you’d hear that creak or swinging sound! 

Me and James sat for a while just listening.

Could it have just been the wood creaking? We’d asked this question to ourselves. But the sound moved!

Not only this, but when we started talking about it sounding like rope…

It got closer to us. At one point it sounded right above us! 

It was the most weirdest and creepiest experience ever.

James had a hunch about the spirit that could possibly be around us, we’d asked for a name and the Alice box responded right on cue…


So we greeted and asked more questions about him. Tried to get more answers, but nothing.

Jame’s changed his line of questioning…

Asking if Edward had taken his own life. Something that could possibly make sense from the strange rope sound we’d been hearing all around us.

The Alice box responded again…



Alice Box Response in the woods.


Honestly. We were gobsmacked and I’m pretty sure we high fived? (not because the poor guy was hanged, but because the response was so intelligent!)

We continued our questions but nothing more really stood out after this, although we didn’t feel alone.

At one point it sounded as if something had been thrown towards us, like a rock of some sort and it fumbled across the ground and we’d also heard footsteps.

Not something we can definitely say was paranormal activity…But we couldn’t find an actual human or animal that was causing it.


The Priory Ruins. 


Picking up our backpacks we decided to actually try and find the ruins now so we headed back the way we’d came and took the other path to the left.

It all started to look really familiar now and at last I knew we were on the right track once we came across the massive bridge!

The ruins were not far down the path now and James had stopped as he thought he saw a torch light in the distance.

Now remember, we’re in public woods and anyone could have been around so James was a little on guard.

That was when we heard distinct talking. 

People. It had to be.

I remember saying to James “Don’t worry, it’ll just be other ghost hunters..

We reached the gate and heard a woman laughing. 

I said “it’s fine, it’s just people” so we walked down a little more… Expecting to find someone at the ruins.



The place was deserted! We checked it top to bottom and the only way someone was getting out was to walk right past us!

We were both a little freaked by this point being as we were pretty convinced it was actual real people!

BUT… on an upside it was clear we had the place to ourselves.

James had brought his camera along with him and he went around snapping the photos you have seen so far… As well as these amazing ones below! 


Heading to the main part of the priory this was where we started our investigation once more.

We’d sat down and began to call out…

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I’ve always found the priory to be incredibly peaceful in the past.

But everything was about to change. 

I was sat on one of the old windows ledges and myself and James were chatting and out of the corner of my eye… I saw a figure. 

It absolutely took my breath if I’m honest. It was a black mass, hovering by what I could only assume would have been a doorway back in the day.


James jumped up… and again, we checked for people.

No one! 

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that the actual doorway must be around 6 feet tall and this figure that I saw had towered over the top of it.

SO both feeling a little on edge now…

But we pushed on. This was great. 

I’ve always found the spirit box seems to bring out activity… even if not used directly. Something about the white noise always seems to draw the energy in. This seemed like a good idea so we set it up.

But it was as quiet as a mouse. 

It wasn’t even picking up on your usual blip of a radio station. It was deathly silent.

Not long after we’d turned the device on James had also saw what looked like a figure pass by a window. It moved really quickly and then disappeared.

He described it as much smaller than what I’d seen, almost childlike.

So again we checked for people.. no one. It seemed we were going back and forth chasing whatever this was around us.

We were walking around at this point…

The spirit box had been quiet but that soon changed when it spoke in a female voice… it sounded spoken in French, but we couldn’t make it out at all.

I turned off the box and then proceeded to argue with James about the priory not being French so it made no sense for it to do that…

LATER after some research.. I found out the priory actually WAS French… and so they would have spoken French there after all!

Hence the name, Grace Dieu…

(Duhhhh Vicky!) Hey… we all have our moments. Haaa!


James was right, I was wrong. Doesn’t happen very often but on this occasion I can’t argue and we still have no idea what had been said to this day.

Around this time we also noticed the wind started to pick up and the weather was getting pretty bad to be honest.

We’d continued to walk around the outside of the ruins and we were seeing all sorts of shadowy movement out of our peripheral vision and again, James was pretty sure he’d saw a small childlike figure run across the field.

Now standing by an opening in the ruins more towards the exit. We heard the most creepiest ‘witch like’ cackle come out of the spirit box. So much so… we both just stopped in our tracks and stared at each other like ‘what the actual f**k was that?!

We’d even turned the spirit box off at one point and were hearing voices with our own ears!

And then… it went quiet again. By this point it had really started to hammer it down with rain. We took shelter in a nearby fireplace, this fireplace to be exact..


Notice all of the tiny stones? Yeah? I tried to sit on one of those and fell off into the mud. After ten minutes of James laughing… he finally helped me up. Proper gentlemen.

*eye roll* 


The weather just got worse. Rain, demonic wind. There was no way we could continue on with the investigation so sadly we had to call it a night. Now with our hoods up and equipment packed away we ventured back into the woods for our walk back to the car park.

But it wasn’t over.

Not only did we both distinctly hear something growl at us on the way back, we again heard a woman’s voice as well as footsteps following behind us.

The entire time it was a ‘don’t look back and just keep walking‘ situation! 

The energy was dark in the priory that night, Like nothing I’d ever come across before. It can only make you wonder what’s been happening there recently and quite possibly what people may have been doing… hence that weird rock circle we’d come across!

We definitely want to go back and we WILL be at some point But this time, we will be armed with a night vision camera as moving forwards myself and James have decided to film a little more of our investigations to accompany our blogs!

That will be SUPER fun and I’m excited. Who knows what might happen? or what we might capture? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog…

But, Until next time..

Happy Hunting!

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant and all photo credit goes to James Pykett of Haunted Insight. 

Tatton Old Hall.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the next investigation installment blog! 

For this blog I traveled to Knutsford in Cheshire to investigate the breathtaking Tatton Old Hall!!!


The Hall itself dates back to the 14th century and is reported to have a whole host of ghost stories which is not surprising for a location that is steeped is so much history!

The hall has also been featured in the most recent issue of Haunted Magazine (Issue 22) and I’d definitely recommend you grab your copy to read more about this magnificent building!


For this investigation I was lucky enough to be welcomed to the location by TV ghost hunter Danny Moss and his team The Haunted Hunts.

Danny and the Haunted Hunts Team.

I’d been seeing this location advertised on social media for a while and I had felt incredibly drawn to it. It really does hold it’s very own personality, that’s a certainty!

Not only is the building said to be home to it’s very own spirits and residual energy, but that is not all!

Recently Danny has been working on building his very own Haunted Collection and has slowly been introducing some very unique items into the hall!


My Night at Tatton… 

I arrived at Tatton Old Hall at around 8PM accompanied by my dad. For those of you who have read some of my previous blogs, you’ll know that he sometimes tags along. (He loves it, bless him!)

Before I get into anything, I need to tell you about the drive up to the place…

The Hall itself is set in a massive park surrounded by beautiful wildlife. Now you have to remember, this was at night and it was completely pitch black. The drive up to the actual Hall was one of the most eeriest experiences of my life… and I’m not even exaggerating.

We’d pulled up outside and Danny soon came out to meet us.

He gave us a private tour around the building and filled us in on some of the history, ghost stories and also a little more information into some of the Haunted Objects he had brought into the building.


The Haunted Chest.

I was SUPER interested to see these items. I had watched a few videos online from Danny’s social media page of the insane evidence he had captured whilst working with these objects and honestly, I was a little apprehensive!!

The first item he showed me was The Cursed Chest..


The story behind this item is that it was found in the basement by a family and roughly would date back to the early 1800’s.

Why is said to be cursed? No one truly knows… but everyone that has owned this chest has experienced extremely bad luck after they acquired it, Including Danny himself. I was told what happened to him but I won’t get into the details as it’s something highly personal to him.

The chest itself also has weird scratch like markings on the back which Danny has had several different people look into, yet still no one can explain exactly what it is?

After looking at the markings myself…

I will admit. The first thing that popped into my head was ‘witchcraft


Bob The Clown Boy. 



And now we come to Bob…

The creepy little clown doll.

The story behind Bob again dates back to the 1800’s. He was found in the attic of a home by a young boy who then went on to have an unhealthy obsession with him. The little boy would tell his mother that the dolls legs would move by themselves and the boy would be grounded for supposedly  lying about it. It wasn’t until the mother witnessed this phenomena for herself that the doll was then cast out from the family home and handed over to specialists within the paranormal field.

When Danny had taken me into this particular area to see Bob up close and personal – I remember the atmosphere inside of this room immediately changed for me.

I’d felt fine walking around all of the other areas so far, but in this room…

It had a very bad vibe. 


The Grace Doll. 


She looks so innocent right?


Grace is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a witch and Danny alongside his team have done extensive research working with this particular item with several different methods.

Whilst using the S-box – they have captured the same malicious sounding voice on several occasions which has said things like ‘Curse you, Hang them, Evil and Release me as well as making reference to ‘Ruthin‘ when asked where she had come from.

We ALL had a pretty profound experience with Grace on the night I went to investigate and Danny captured it all on camera!


As well as the above, Danny also has a Lamba tribe mask which is said to have been used in rituals in Africa, this particular item is known to give off random bursts of extremely high EMF readings, again, something that has been documented by Danny on several occasions.



The Investigation – The Main Hall. 

After my tour with Danny and getting filled in some of the strange happenings at the Hall the rest of the guests arrived at around 9PM.

For the first part of the evening we all joined together in the great hall in an attempt to build up energy for the evening ahead! 



There was around twenty of us (or so) and we’d spread out perfectly in this hall to form a kind of circle.

Danny took the lead and began to call out. Asking for any spirits of the hall to come forward and communicate with us. He also asked for one in particular…

Thomas Kingman

He is probably the most famous and well known spirit (a former gamekeeper) who is said to reside at Tatton Old Hall. He is deemed to be a very powerful poltergeist with a nasty temper who has a disliking for women.

In life he was known to be a drunk and he would also abuse his own wife and children on a regular basis.

In fact, there is a picture of him hanging in Tatton Old Hall…


A week prior to my visit, Danny was on location filming and a door had mysteriously opened in the lower corridor which was witnessed by the TV crew at the time who thought someone was trying to come inside. When they’d looked, no one was around.

Danny believes this to be that of  Thomas trying to get their attention! 

The Door which had opened a week before my visit.

During our time investigating as a group in the main hall, There were several K2 devices scattered around us which slowly began to spike without a reasonable explanation.

They seemed to be responding in regards to Danny’s taunting. He did inform me at the start of the night that he would use provocation to generate activity from certain spirits in the house due to their nature in life and the bad things they had done.

I honestly had no problem with this… and it worked really well!

We’d been in the hall for a good twenty minutes or so before the activity seemed to spike up. I remember I was stood towards the back and I began to feel really uneasy, as if someone was stood directly behind me. I’d glanced back, nothing. Everyone was still in the circle. It was then I got this unbelievable stench of what I could only describe as ‘Alcohol

It absolutely reeked.

It smelt like someone had been in the pub all day and had literally just breathed on my face and the fumes from the alcohol lingered in the air.

The only person stood close enough to me was my dad and he hadn’t been drinking. In fact, he doesn’t even drink anyway!

I’d spoken up about this, mostly because Thomas was known to be a drunk in life and I was wondering if I was picking up on him.

It wasn’t long after I said this that a few other ladies in the room on the complete opposite side of me had said they thought they had smelt it too.

Whatever it was seemed to be moving around the room and would only last a few seconds at a time.

It felt like we were being watched.

The women in-particular were the ones who seemed to be singled out.

This along with the random EMF bursts made the first part of the investigation VERY interesting indeed.


The Living Quarters.

For the second part, Danny split us down into smaller teams.

I was paired with himself and a few other guests as we’d headed upstairs to what would have been the living quarters.



I myself went into one of the rooms with a couple of guests whilst everyone else stayed just outside of the door in the corridor.

It was rather quiet in this area where activity is concerned. Danny conducted a live EVP session but nothing was captured out of the ordinary.

Another ghost story for this particular area is that of children spirits but Danny did go on to mention that he hadn’t heard anything from them for a while and he was unsure if it was because of Thomas or maybe the haunted items he had brought into the building.

As stated, I was stood in one of the bedrooms when I began to smell that awful stench of alcohol again.

It wafted right past me almost in a breeze and I was pretty sure that whatever was downstairs was now in this room with us. I also had a pretty personal experience of my own here like I had been touched upon my shoulder.

It was very prominent and certainly made me turn around quite swiftly!


The Outside Barn. 

Swapping teams around. We now ventured outside to the barn to which Danny did state was not the original but it did rest on the original land.

Unfortunately for this part of the investigation we didn’t receive any activity in our small group. Which to me, is just the way Ghost Hunting goes sometimes! Spirits are not performing monkeys at the end of the day they will communicate with you if and when they please!

regardless of the above, I did hear that another group that had ventured into the barn a little earlier in the evening had some great activity with the Ouija board as well as having touch sensitive balls light up on command!


The Victorian rooms. 


This area was REALLY interesting for me. I was teamed up with Haunted Hunts investigator Becky and we’d all gone down to the lower rooms.

Some of the guests stayed in the back room to try and conduct a ouija board session but myself and another female stayed in what could only be described as a ‘tea room’. It had a huge table in the center and was set up with cups and cake trays etc, all for decoration.

I’d sat back and heard what sounded like something shuffling on the table next to me so I’d turned my torch on to see but I couldn’t make out what the noise exactly was.

It honestly sounded as if something had moved and I wasn’t the only one to hear this!

Myself and another lady also witnessed the REM pod going off which had been placed down the corridor so we’d decided to stand a little closer as Becky tried to entice the spirit of Sir Thomas towards us.

Standing alone in this little out-cove was very uncomfortable.

Myself and the other female guest I was with both heard two very distinct bangs on wood which sounded like it came from directly in front of us. I also heard what sounded like old fashioned music, just a few notes. I later found out there is a type of music box a little further down the hallway, so I can only wonder if that’s what it was! 

We continued to call out in this area, but again, sadly, the activity seemed to come in a short burst and then go flat again.


The Master Bedroom. 


After a short break and a nice hot cup of coffee we were back and ready to take on Tatton Old Hall once more!

This time we teamed back up with Danny and went into the Master Bedroom.. which also happens to be the new home of Bob the haunted clown doll. (GREAT!)

Ha, only joking. I was proper excited. Not gonna lie.

In this area a movement sensor had been placed on the stairs and Danny began to conduct a spirit box session.

It was pretty active from the off!

To the point of my own dad even feeling like he was pushed! 

Right, so anyone who knows my dad knows that he kinda lives life in his own little bubble so for him to speak up and say he felt that, I know it definitely happened.

He was pretty shaken by it to be honest (bless him!) He had his back to the bed at the time and no one was behind him.

Danny was provoking Bob the doll with the spirit box and he’d asked a certain question…

And I SWEAR I’ve never heard a more clear response that said ‘F**K OFF* come through the spirit box. I was a little amazed by that! I also found it really funny too as this Bob clearly had some attitude. (uh-huh!)

When Danny went back at him for saying that, the spirit box AGAIN responded with the word ‘F**k‘ – so really, that only verified what we’d just heard moments ago!

As my dad had quite clearly been touched by this point, Danny decided to get my dad to call out to Bob and he received some responses himself, but when my dad asked who’d touched him… it actually said the name ‘Fred

Not going to lie… the spirit box session was insane. I REALLY enjoyed this.

Not only that but during our break prior to going into the Master Bedroom, a few guests had gone up to do an EVP session and captured what sounded like a child laughing at them ‘HA‘ – it’s very clear and you’ll be able to see all of this is the video that Danny and his team put together at the end of the blog.


The Nursery. 


For the final part of the investigation we’d headed down to the nursery area to do some work with Grace the Haunted Doll which is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a witch.

Danny admitted to me earlier on in the evening that this particular item scares the absolute shit out of him, mainly because of the evidence he’d captured when trying to communicate with it.

Just prior to us going down, Danny had taken another team inside whilst we were upstairs.. and legitimately, all I could hear were people reacting to what was clearly happening downstairs. It caused quite a ruckus.

When we swapped over the other team had told me that this same creepy ‘old woman’ kind of voice kept coming through the s-box and also they’d heard several taps on the glass box (to which sounded as if it was coming from the inside!) – In three knocks, responding to Danny.

I couldn’t wait to get in there!

Danny wanted to continue on with the session as he’d been getting great activity with Grace so we simply swapped over.

We crowded into the room and stood around whilst he began to call out to Grace using the S-box.

It had seemed to go quiet for us, but after a few more attempts a very clear (disturbing) voice came through the box… which sounded to me like ‘Shut up‘ – It was your typical old cranky lady voice! Hellaaaaaa horrible. 

That was the only time I heard a voice and Danny went on to try and get the taps on the box to happen again.

It did…

And Danny is gonna hate me for this.. but I didn’t hear it! (I’m sorry!)

EVERYONE in the room reacted to it, even my own dad heard it. But not me. I find that doubly weird! I will admit though, I was slightly zoned out in this area and I didn’t feel like myself. I’m not saying that something paranormal had attached to me, I just knew something was not right.

BUT.. Luckily for you all (and me) The whole entire thing was being filmed and it was all captured on video and you can watch it ALL below!

It was an incredibly active night and I’ve probably missed off some stuff that happened as there were different teams etc. But I’ve highlighted all of my own personal experiences! I had a lot!


I absolutely loved my night at Tatton old hall and it’ll be one investigation I am not likely to forget very soon, that’s for sure.

Massive thanks to Danny Moss and The Haunted Hunts team for having me along!

But.. until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant. 



National Justice Museum.

Hi Everyone!

On the 31st January, myself alongside James Pykett and Jason Wall of HauntedLIVE attended a Ghost Hunting charity event at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham which had been organised by Barrie John.

This was also my first time working with James (who runs as an ‘official team‘ since we decided to link our blogs together.

It’ll probably be the last time I work with him as well.



Event Poster.


For those of you that are unaware of HUG, It’s an amazing charity that supports anyone who needs help following the loss of a baby at any gestation.

They really do some amazing work so it was a pleasure to attend the event and get involved with something like this!


Outside of the museum – Photo Credit – James Pykett.


The National Justice Museum (formally known as The Galleries Of Justice and historically as the Shire Hall and County Gaol) Is a 14th Century Jail which has been used for many purposes over it’s long lifespan including a police station and courts. The Museum itself is still home to the original cells, dungeons, two courtrooms and even some medieval caves.

In the earlier years this is where prisoners would find themselves being tried, convicted and sentenced all in the same place. Their were also MANY executions that took place upon the very steps just outside of the building!

This gives you a general idea of the gruesome history and I suppose a reason why the Museum is reputed to be so Haunted!

If you’d like more information on the vast history of this amazing location Click Here.


Ghost Stories! 


BOO! There is an absolutely staggering amount of ghost stories at the Museum and various sightings from both Paranormal Investigators as well as the general public!

Full apparitions have been spotted roaming the corridors, typically described as wearing old fashioned Victorian clothing. The sightings include those of men, women and children and can range from prison guards to prisoners themselves! (Pretty creepy, right?)

The Court’s themselves are supposedly one of the most active area’s in the building and are believed to hold a high amount of residual energy. People have reported seeing black shadows standing on the balconies as well as reports of hearing disembodied voices and even the sound of the judges gavel as it hit the table in a final decision!

Below in the actual cells, there are reports of keys jingling and also hearing sounds of crying and moaning in the distance. Although not every story is just shadows and sound phenomena! Interestingly cell doors have also been reported to slam by themselves and people have spoken of feeling a heavy dark presence.

So with this plethora of ghost stories, what happened on the night we went to investigate?

The Investigation.


I arrived at the Museum at around 7PM and met James outside.

Honestly, I was feeling a little nervous of the place, I have investigated it once before but something about the building and it’s chilling history gives me the creeps!

Just knowing it once held murderers and other kinds of ‘delightful‘ people is enough to put anyone on edge…. although, I was excited at the same time to see if we could uncover anything ourselves on the night.

After a catch up and a quick ‘hello‘ to Barrie, I went off with James as he took some photographs inside of the building, this also gave me a chance to get my ‘bearings’ a little bit as the place is HUGE. It didn’t particularly help though as I still had no idea where we were going half the night. (True Story!)

Whilst the guests began to arrive at around half past 7, Barrie was actually fine with us 3 going off by ourselves whilst everyone settled in and he gave a quick tour of the building to everyone else.

The evening was a ‘do your own ghost hunt‘ night type of thing, meaning, you could wander off in your own little groups and pretty much do your own thing!

The Caves. 

We started in the Caves (which seemed like forever to get back down too!) I’m not actually sure how far down they go, but it seemed like a really long way to me.

It was deathly quiet in there for the first twenty-minutes or so but myself and Jason had feelings like we were not on our own and funnily enough, we had both saw what looked like a glowing white light floating between the pillars of the room.

I know it sounds weird, but after doing this for so long I kind of get a sense when something is around, it’s almost like a ‘walked over your grave‘ sensation and I’d felt that a few times whilst sitting down there and calling out.

We had a few strange bangs and noises coming out from in the corridor and at this point we knew for certain that no one else was down there with us.

One sound we managed to debunk as it was water dripping onto a piece of wood (James also jumped at this noise and ran back into the room.)

It was me, The brave one (who am I kidding?) that went to check this out. He’d also said he’d seen a shadow hovering by the cave entrance.

The other noises though were much more louder and harder to explain!

We also had the Alice box running at this time and we did an EVP session.

During the EVP session it seemed that the Alice box was answering the questions we were asking.

For a name it said ‘Mark‘ and an age it also said ‘Six‘ – which was strange as I’d began to feel an unbelievable cold spot directly to the right side of my knee which would have been around a child’s height.

Jason also felt this as he was sat next me.

The whole entire experience down there was pretty strange to be honest. We didn’t get a lot… but we knew we wasn’t alone.


The Victorian Prison & Cells.


For the second part of the investigation we actually went into the Victorian prison next door, I’d never been into this part before because the last time I went it was closed off.

The cells are little more modern than the ones in the museum itself.

To be honest, we were not particularly investigating at this time, more so just walking around and getting a feel for the building.

Myself and Jason had headed down the corridor when we heard what sounded like something metal being hit rather loudly, it kinda rang through the corridor and made us stop in our tracks for a moment. Our first initial response after this was to find out if anyone else was in here with us and also to see if we could find a logical explanation for the noise.

We couldn’t.

No one else was in there and we couldn’t figure out where the noise had came from.

We then moved to the cells back in the main part of the museum and we’d found a row of three or so…..

It was rather hilarious as poor James went to close all of the cell doors so we could have absolute quiet, so whilst he was doing this myself and Jason just stood back laughing as we realised there was no point..  the middle door didn’t actually close properly anyway (LOL) wasted effort, but did we stop him? nope! Bless. 

Nothing out of the ordinary happened inside, but on the walk down there it felt like someone had grabbed my side. It was pretty well lit in this area due to the ‘fire exit‘ signs and I’d turned and Jason was stood a fair few feet away from me.

That’s something I can’t explain. It was as if a hand grasped my side, almost to stop me from moving on to where we were going.

We also did a brief investigation in the ‘death cell‘ and again I had a strange experience inside. I was sat on a small wooden stool and something knocked by boot. It actually caused my foot to sway a little bit. The only thing I can say it reminded me of is when a dog (or some kind of animal) would bolt past you pretty quickly.

The Courtroom.

For the final part of the investigation we happened to stumble across a courtroom that was free so we decided to go inside and see if we could get any activity.

I had the Ovilus device running and it was throwing out some strange words but one in-particular stood out the most to us.


And after looking into this a bit more, the actual meaning is

‘The ability to judge well.’

Pretty accurate right? considering we were sat in a courtroom! I honestly have never heard the Ovilus say that word, I was pretty impressed with that.

After the activity seemed to quieten once more, I had gone out of the room for a few moments and when I came back Jason and James said the activity had spiked up again.

They’d been hearing all sorts in the room, Like shuffling footsteps, movement and even had bangs on command. My first initial thought was ‘Is it me? am I the reason we wasn’t getting anything in here before?‘ – with me being a female. Maybe this particular spirit just didn’t want to interact whist I was in the room?

I stayed, never the less.

We were almost ready to finish when all three of us were startled by a really loud rattling sound. It literally caused the entire room to shake a little bit.

Myself and James both stepped back (I was stood in the courtroom box at this time and almost fell out of it and onto a table as it startled me that much) All three of us looked up to the balcony at the door where the noise had come from. It was as if someone was trying to get inside.

We headed up and then realized you can’t actually get to the door from our side of the courtroom properly.

James had actually climbed over and checked it, it was locked.

Heading back out of the courtroom, there was a staff member sat on reception, we asked her if anyone had been down this way and where the door actually led too. After she pointed us in the right direction we found the other-side of the door and James took the handle..

It opened!

The door was not locked…

So why it wouldn’t open when we tried it the first time, we didn’t understand!

The member of Staff also verified that no one else had been down that way.

SO… that was a pretty cool experience to end the night with!

All in all it was a quiet night for activity at the museum but we had a great investigation and equal fun between us… lots of jokes and innuendos throughout as I’m sure you can imagine with those two! IT NEVER STOPS.  😉

The event was held for a magnificent cause and it really was a privilege to be a part of it!

Massive thanks to Barrie John for organizing it!


James now has a gallery up of photos he took from the night we visited….

THEY ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING and definitely worth checking out!

This little beauty he took is my favorite.. (because it’s creepy and I helped, kinda, sorta!)




We have lots more investigations planned between us for this year so watch this space.

One might be sooner than you think! (If the rain holds off, aye?)

BUT… Until next time

Happy Hunting.

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant and all Photographs credited to James Pykett.

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Bradgate Park & Ruins.

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the VERY FIRST blog installment of 2019!! (on that note, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!)

I’m gonna kick off the new year by writing about one of my favourite historical locations that I love to visit in my hometown of Leicestershire.


Bradgate Park!


Me by the ruins at Bradgate Park.


I bet you’re wondering how this park could be historical, but believe me, it is!

Actually, there is so much history at this location that when I was beginning to do my research I discovered I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in without writing a book, so I’ve covered some of my favourite areas as well as the plethora of ghost stories… of course!

This place was like a second home for me growing up, in fact, I spent most of my summers here with my dad and my older brother.


We’d have picnics, long walks and explore.


Part of the park is actually an extinct volcano and at certain points if you bang your feet on the ground you can feel the hollow grounds beneath you. I remember as a kid I was always scared and wondering if it was going to erupt and wipe everyone out! (Obviously I know that’d never happen now!) but I guess for me it always had a kind of magical atmosphere about it.

Now as an adult, I find myself visiting the park for my own peace of mind.

It’s great for long walks, clearing your head and the scenic views and atmospheric ruins are amazing for the soul.

Here’s some pictures I took from my latest visit!


The land itself spans a MASSIVE 850 acres and no joke! during my lifetime I have properly explored every inch of it.

To this day I still get lost. One of the most memorable times for me was being around the age of 8 and watching my brother showing off on some nearby rocks, he slipped and twisted up his ankle pretty bad and we were a VERY long way from the parked car.

In fact, we were lost. It almost turned into an episode of Bear Grylls survival in the forest as my dad had to carry him a good way before the park rangers found us and gave us a lift back in their truck. GOOD TIMES! (Lol!)

There is also a particular tree which is completely hollowed out, again this has been there for as long as I can remember. In fact, we were going to find it on the day I went recently but as it was so cold we didn’t brave it to that particular area.


I just really wanted to sit inside of a tree and have my picture taken to be honest. 😉


Hollow Tree at Bradgate Park Picture from google.

Maybe next time!

As I’d mentioned above, the park is steeped in history and as this is a paranormal blog, I’m going to write about the old ruins and the story behind Lady Jane Grey who once lived on this magnificent property.

Known as the nine day queen…

Lady Jane Grey was an English noblewoman who reigned as the queen of England and Ireland from the 10th of July until the 19th of July 1553. She was also the great granddaughter of Henry VII through his younger daughter Mary.

Interestingly she is from direct Leicestershire roots as she was actually born and raised on Bradgate Park in October 1537 before moving to live in London at the age of 10.

The actual ruins date back to 1520 and the Grey family would then go on to live inside of it’s walls for the next 220 years.


The ruins can still be seen and visited to this very day!


So why was her reign as queen so short?

She’d actually only inherited the title of queen due to a political crisis following the death of King Edward VI and when she did take the throne she was only sixteen years of age!

When Edward VI took it upon himself to name Jane as his successor, he ignored the fact that he indeed had two other half-sisters who should also hold some right to the throne. Their names were Mary and Elizabeth. He wrote in his will for Jane to take the title due to certain religious beliefs. Jane was a Protestant and would support the reformed Church of England.

Due to the choices made and controversial statements at this time, just a mere nine days later Jane was removed from the throne and imprisoned in the tower of London whilst her sister Mary was then pronounced the new queen of England.

At just the tender age of sixteen, Lady Jane Grey was convicted of high treason and sentenced to death at the tower of London. She was publicly executed by being beheaded on the 23 February 1554.

Illustration of the execution.

The statement she made before she died is spine chilling!

‘Good people, I am come hither to die, and by a law I am condemned to the same. The fact, indeed, against the Queen’s highness was unlawful, and the consenting thereunto by me: but touching the procurement and desire thereof by me or on my behalf, I do wash my hands thereof in innocency, before God, and the face of you, good Christian people, this day.’

She would also ask the executioner for forgiveness ‘Have mercy upon me, O God‘ and the very last words she ever spoke were ‘Lord, into thy hands I commend my spirit.’


Now, let’s be honest. Aristocracy back in the day in England was totally ruthless. It’s utterly heartbreaking that a young girl of sixteen could be subjected to such harsh consequences.


After her death, there is a pretty well known legend in regards to Bradgate Park, apparently townsfolk would visit the grounds and chop off the top of the oak tree’s as some sort of commemoration for her.


Though how much truth there is to this story, it’s not fully known.


Online you’ll be able to find the FULL historical details of this young queen with a more in depth approach. I’m just filling you in the gruesome basic details.


Because that’s how I roll.


For the full history I recommend Wikipedia and you can find it here.

So after hearing all of this…


Would you believe Bradgate Park to be Haunted?


In my own personal opinion, I’d have to say,  yes.

This place was indeed her childhood home, maybe the only place in her entire life she’d ever felt safe before being thrust into a completely new world in London. So as an un-rested spirit (if it were me) I’d return to the place that I’d once felt the most comfortable in this world.


On that note, let’s talk about some of the ghost stories!


One of the most popular claims is that apparently on New Years eve, a ghostly coach leaves the ruins of her former home and travels to the nearby All Saints Church.

Lady Jane is then seen to be exiting the coach before she herself and everything else vanishes.

This is quite a popular and well known story and clearly shows signs of being a residual energy.

In fact, most of the ghostly sightings at Bradgate Park are thought to be residual.

Meaning she may not be an intelligent spirit that is able to interact, more like a moment in time that re-plays itself over and over again, like the stone tape theory.

I myself have unfortunately never witnessed anything out of the ordinary at the park when I have visited, but I have had certain feelings about different area’s, especially around the ruins which are very atmospheric, you feel a certain sadness in the air which in hindsight I am unable to explain.

The typical story of Jane is that of ‘The Grey Lady‘.

Spotted on numerous occasions in a long flowing dress and seen to be wandering the ruins and the grounds of the park as if she were lost and somehow seeking peace.

This location will forever fascinate me and remain one of my favourites.

Not only is there numerous sightings of Lady Jane Grey who has been seen by visitors and staff  but also those of soldiers, shadow figures, children and even horses!

Other reports include hearing the sound of drums in the distance and even disembodied voices. The amount of sightings and sound phenomena that has been documented at the park is staggering!

It’s definitely a place I’d love to investigate one day! (With granted permission of course!)

The park itself is surrounded by wildlife such as deer who are free to roam at their own free will which is why it would be highly recommended not to visit the park at night and without permission.

ALTHOUGH late last year I did see a few advertisements for ‘ghost walks’ which are organised by the park officially. I will definitely be keeping a keen eye out for those in the future as it’s something I’d love to attend.

Not only this but I’m going to be making another visit to the park in February (weather permitting!) accompanied by James Pykett. For those of you who don’t know, James runs a fantastic website called HauntedInsight ( ) and recently we have decided to team up with our blogs and become sister sites!


Keep a look out for his posts and I’m sure he’ll have some pretty amazing photos of the park on his site soon!

I see some great projects to come from us both this year and its really exciting!


BUT Until next time,
Happy Hunting!

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant.

Former Hatton Court Hotel.

Hi everyone! Welcome to the next investigation installment blog. For this blog we traveled to Hanslope in Milton Keynes to investigate the former Hatton Court Hotel.

This was a completely new location for us and I was really excited to check it out!


We joined on a paranormal event with Barri Ghai (Help! my house is haunted) and the GPS Ghostfinders team.


Hatton Court Hotel. 


Currently being refurbished by the owner, The Former Hatton Court Hotel is said to house a multitude of different spirits. I was lucky enough to be able to speak to the owner on the night we investigated and she told me a little about the house and activity which seems to have heightened since they have began the refurbishment. It has a staggering amount of sightings  from full apparitions, shadow figures as well as disembodied voices being heard, loud footsteps and doors opening and closing on their own accord.

Not only this, but whilst they were renovating the cellar, Human bones were discovered in the concrete. Not a full skeleton, just partial remains! (Creepy right?!)

The location was Formerly known as ‘Hanslope Lodge’ and after speaking to owner, she went on to explain that she had been struggling to find actual historical facts in regards to the building itself. (And I can see why! I have spent hours researching this place online and there is little to no knowledge of when the place was actually built!)

It is suggested that it was constructed in 1861 and for many years served as a home before being converted into the Hatton Court Hotel. At times the location was simply known as ‘The Lodge’ and The earliest information about the site is from a map of 1779 which shows an earlier building owned by Stephen Hoddle who owned considerable property in Hanslope parish.

After endlessly browsing through various google searches and books, I decided to have a glance at the old newspaper archives, though again, not a lot of information was gathered here, but I did mange to find one documented death inside of the property.

Newspaper: Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press

Published: Saturday 04 March 1899



Reginald and Caroline Walpole are said to have moved into the property in 1861.

In 1939, Hanslope Lodge seems to have been requisitioned by the Government and in about 1988 the buildings were refurbished as Hatton Court Hotel.

The entire history for this place certainly left me scratching my head, but as you can see it’s steeped in mystery which only makes it all the more intriguing, for we know not what fully went on behind it’s walls and with a discovery of those human bones in the cellar, one can only wonder!


The Investigation. 

We arrived at the location at around 8.30PM on Saturday the 24th of November. This place is eerily hard to find and the route itself takes you along some very strange and creepy isolated country roads. I couldn’t believe how big the location was as we’d pulled up into the parking area just outside of the home. With the stain glass windows on the outside it almost had a reminiscence to a church.

Upon entering the building we were met by Barri and his team, as well as all of the other guests that had arrived for the event. For the first part of the evening Barri gave a short talk about the building and also showed us some evidence that he had captured previously at the hall.

He had some pretty amazing EVP’s to share with everyone which made it a great start to evening! What was also great about this was I actually saw a dark shadow in my own peripheral vision as Barri was hosting. Everyone was accounted for and we were stood in the main room but myself and another person both saw something flick by the door quickly, blocking out the light.

We were split down into two separate teams but for the first part of the night we all joined up together and headed into one of the main back rooms. I can only assume this was used as a ‘ball room‘ of some sort as it was quite big inside. With the help of Andy Bavington from Team Spiritz who led a seance, everyone joined hands around the room in hopes of trying to build the energy up for the night ahead.

I was stood at the back of the room and it wasn’t long before I began to get a very uncomfortable feeling as if someone or ‘something’ was stood right behind me. As I found out later, it is known that in this particular area of the house there is a spirit by the name of ‘Rob’ who is particularly fond of the ladies.

I distinctly remember it felt as if someone was stood right behind me and it gave me a really uncomfortable feeling. Not only did I feel this but a little later into the seance my vision had been completely blacked out for a few seconds. I could see the light from the devices on the table which was in the center of the room but at one point it had gone fully black as if someone had stepped in front of me for a few seconds. I also saw what looked like a tall figure walking around the inside of the circle, which was when I asked if anyone had broken the circle and was inside. It actually turned out that no one had and we were all still holding hands on the outside.

That was really cool to witness something like that.

Going back to the uncomfortable feeling of someone being around me, A couple of footsteps were also heard behind me at this time which was also witnessed from the people who were stood around me (including Barri)

It almost sounded like someone shuffling past us, But again, no one had moved.

After the seance Andy led a glass divination session and I joined on. We asked a multitude of questions but unfortunately we were unable to get the glass to move this time.

All in all, the group session gave some interesting experiences for myself. Another lady in the room (Gina) who was also stood on our side said she’d felt as if someone had touched her back and her hair.


The Cellar. 

Now we had split down into two groups, Our team had taken the cellar whilst the other team went up to the third floor of the building (to avoid any noise contamination.) We were all pretty far away from each other at this point.

Taking ourselves down the stairs and into one of the main parts of the cellar, it was pitch black down there and had a really old musky smell (it sounds weird but I actually LOVE that! It really gave off the essence of the building and it’s history!)

Splitting up, a few of us stayed in one area whilst the others took the short walk down to the other end.

Barri had set a R.EM Pod up in our area and he was also rolling on the EVP device.

We began calling out asking if any spirits would like to come forward and the R.E.M Pod started to flick to the green light. Now, you have to be pretty close to the device to get it to set off and we were all stood a fair way back from it.

Barri had asked if the spirit was male, but received no response. He then asked if the spirit was female but still nothing, but when he asked if the spirit was inhuman, the light flicked again as if it was answering his question.

The activity in the cellar came in small bursts and there was a particular corner which had a small wood panel built into it, so it was slightly off the ground.

Barri had asked if anyone wanted to stand there so I put myself forward and went alone to the corner. He never said what had happened previously in the area, but I was now stood on this board, still engaged in the investigation. I must have been there for a good ten minutes of so when it suddenly felt as if someone had kicked the wood from underneath me. It made quite a loud noise and I don’t think I have jumped off something so fast in my life (lol!)

Everyone heard the wood bang from under me and Barri thought it was pretty funny and interesting as it’d happened to people before when they have been stood there!

Intrigued, I took out my torch and looked underneath it. There was nothing except the ground and a small tiny gap, there was no way anyone could have gotten under it. It was also explained that recently, during the renovation of the home, Human bones were found in this area. Not a full skeleton, just partial remains!

Which is my mind is really odd! Firstly, what happened to the rest of the bones? and secondly, why would they be randomly buried in the concrete of the cellar!

Later that same evening, Both Barri and Carl stood in the same place and they both received the same response. A banging from underneath the wood. Which only made it much more compelling.

Also in this area Carl had the Ovilus device running. And it did come out with a few interesting details which would relate to witchcraft.

Every single one of us also heard whistling. It was a full tune! We checked with the other team as well to be sure and no one there had whistled. It was seriously the most eerie thing I had ever heard. This particular location was a hot spot for disembodied voices on the night. Not only did we hear the whistling, but also what sounded like a woman groaning and then faintly singing.

We all agreed that we didn’t believe the spirit in this area to be inhuman. It felt as if what it was, was messing around with us and trying to scare us.

The Third Floor. 


Now swapping area’s with the other team we ventured up onto the third floor.

This was a twenty eight bedroom hotel at one point in history and Barri had already warned us that he’d be separating people and placing them into different rooms to see what they may experience. Which honestly, was a good idea.

We started out in one of the larger back bedrooms and Barri was running an EVP session. I think the majority of us had felt a presence of some sort, like we were being watched and upon playing back the EVP you could very clearly hear a woman’s voice being picked up, although none of us at the time had heard a thing with our own ears.

When we split up, I was with another guest called Gina and my dad. We were placed in one of the rooms down the far end of the corridor and Barri had placed a few devices along the corridor. An EMF meter and the R.E.M pod.

Once inside of the room, I was sat on the floor and Gina and my dad was stood up. At this point, everyone was in a room and no one was out in the corridor. We’d been in the rooms for a while whilst Barri and Carl did some calling out and we received some bangs in response to asking for the spirit to do so.

As I was sat on the floor, I’d turned and for a split second, I saw this insanely massive shadow move out from the bathroom and stand right behind my dad. I remember I jumped up and was totally freaking out as it basically came out of nowhere. Gina also thought she’d saw something around that area too.

Barri came into our room to check it out. The whole time we were inside of this room I couldn’t stop feeling really drawn to the bathroom. I just felt like something was inside of it, watching us. It’s really hard to explain when you get a certain feeling about something. I’m no psychic, Just call it intuition! 

The four of joined hands and did a small seance, Barri called the spirits forward.

I really wanted us to go into that bathroom. So I asked if we could.

This was exactly how the conversation went down.


Me: “Can we go into the bathroom?”

Barri: “Go on then..”

Me: “Not on my own!” (total wimp, for reals man, are you mad?! LOL)

So my lovely dad was like “I’ll go in there with you.

So he walks me to the door and goes inside and then turns back around and leaves me there on my own. I swear there was some sort of conspiracy going on!

So I’m stood in there, on my one. The area I have just seen a MASSIVE shadow come out of, the area I’d been attracted too since we first stepped foot into the room.

I had my torch on…

A few seconds later I hear Barri…

“Vicky, turn your torch off.”


I swear I eye rolled at him so hard through the wall, it’s cool though he didn’t see me.


So yes, I turned off my torch and stood there for a few minutes and I swear it was the most uncomfortable I’d ever felt in my entire life. It was absolutely freezing in this room compared to everywhere else. I think Gina a fellow guest felt a little sorry for me in the end so she came in to keep me company, telling me I had ‘balls of steel‘ and I’m like ‘Oh yeah I know!‘ and in my head I’m thinking I really have not, I was absolutely shitting a brick haaaa!

A few seconds after Gina walked into the room, the R.EM pod which was right outside of our main door was triggered along with the EMF meter a little further down. It was as if we’d pushed something out of the bathroom and into the hallway and it triggered the devices along the corridor.

This was pretty much when everything started to kick off activity wise upstairs.

A few moments later we heard a couple more guests from along the corridor start to scream so Barri went to check it out.

They had a double room like we did. They actually thought it was two separate rooms and that a guest was sat in the room next to them as they saw something peek it’s head around the door and look at them. (It would have been about a child’s height) but they figured it was another guest sat on the floor.

When they realized that it wasn’t two separate rooms, but one joint room and no other guests were inside there with them, that’s when they both realized they’d just saw an apparition.

Barri came up to get us and we now all stood in this room where the apparition was seen. A K2 was placed in the little side room and unknowing to everyone Gina had a sweet in her pocket and she’d taken it out and was offering it to the child.

The Ovilus which Carl was holding outside actually said the word ‘sweet’ which when Gina told us what she had been doing.

She went and put the sweet into the room next to the K2 device and told the spirit they could take it. We then received the name ‘Tom’ – so we’d established a name for this boy as well as it stating he was twelve years old.

I think the spirit had taken a liking to Gina as the device had also said ‘Mummy’ not long after she spoke, so maybe she reminded him of her? who knows.

The K2 also flashed in this room where the sweet had been placed and on the way out, Gina felt someone touch her hair. This was her first ever investigation and she absolutely loved it!

We had so many experiences on the upper floors I feel like I could literally sit here and write a book!

These are just some of the highlights!

Downstairs Hall. 

For the final part of the investigation we spent in the the hall downstairs and this is rather large we decided to join both teams together again like we had the very beginning of the night in hopes of building up the energy once more.

There was various devices scattered around.

A R.E.M pod on both sides of the room which was detecting considerable temperature changes and a EMF trigger object bear had also been placed on a chair in the middle of the room which did spike a few times when asked if the spirit could move towards it.

As well as this, Carl Hutchinson was asking questions on the Paranormal Puck.

The most memorable part for me though was when he had absolute silence and the most toe curling growl was heard in the room which sounded as if it was coming from just outside of the door.

I was pretty certain every single person in the room heard this at the time and we were all hyped up by this!

The Hatton Court hotel is an amazing location and I feel absolutely privileged that I got to investigate such a magnificent and mysterious location!

I will definitely be looking out for events there in the future!


Now, as this is the LAST write up for this year! (I’m actually quite emotional!)

It’s been an absolutely AMAZING year as far as the blog goes and I have loved each and every second of it!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has showed us support this year and continued to read our posts.

You guys mean the world to us.

I have met so many wonderful people who work within the paranormal field this year and I can’t wait to meet many of you next year!

We have also been fortunate to visit some amazing locations and next year is looking very promising indeed with locations already booked in place such as 30 east drive, The Ram Inn, Moira Furnace, Tatton Old Hall and a return to Haunted Antiques!

This is just a few to mention, we are still in talks with many more teams and locations and we can’t wait for the new year!

It’s been a hell of a journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes us in the future!


Until next year…

Happy Hunting!


Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant. 




Fort Horsted.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the next investigation installment blog. 

Myself with the Breaking Paranormal UK team & Guests.

For this blog we traveled to Chatham in Kent to investigate the amazing Fort Horsted.

Breaking Paranormal UK were holding an event here and we attended as guests.

I have investigated the Fort before, but it was around four years ago. My memory on previous experiences here is not so good, but I DO remember we had a lot of unexplained voices and noises at that time. (I just can not remember what they were specifically!)

Me in the main tunnel at Fort Horsted.

Unlike many locations in the UK, Fort Horsted is not packed with paranormal teams investigating it every weekend. In fact, they only allow very few paranormal teams in per year. I’m unsure if this may be the reason why we experienced so much activity on the evening we went, but it seems like a valid theory.

On the night we went which was December the 1st, I had one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had whilst investigating. This blog was originally supposed to be posted in January but I moved the date forward as I felt I needed to share with you what we experienced and captured!

Before we get fully into the explanation of the activity.

Let’s find out a little more about Fort Horsted!


Now for this part, I was going to do a MASSIVE write up about the history but then I actually started looking into it AND THERE IS SO MUCH! It’s really unbelievable. 

It was built in 1880 using convict labor from Borstal prison. So you can imagine how much historical fact is behind it’s walls!

I decided to take the easy route on this and instead of me just repeating myself over and over again, The official Fort Horsted website has a very detailed and knowledgeable history write up, and who better to explain it than themselves, right?

So here is the link; Fort Horsted History.


Newspaper Clippings. 

I did do some research of my own though after reading the history!

I’ve always been a sucker for looking into the old newspaper archives as honestly, you never know what you are going to find!

As mentioned above, the Fort was constructed by Convicts. It is a well known fact that one of these convicts were buried alive whilst it was being built and I actually came across the original article from Bromyard News which was published on Thursday 14 March 1889



Not only this but I also found another article in relation to an accident at the Fort. One that might not be as well known as the other stories. It seems a man accidentally shot himself in the head which resulted in him loosing half of his nose!

It doesn’t state if the man survived or not.

This was published in the Aberdeen Evening Express on Friday 02 April 1886


(Pretty gruesome, right?!) 

So along with the vast history of Fort Horsted, we could only wonder what energy would still be lurking and if we would receive any activity on the night of our investigation. As everyone know’s, when on a ‘ghost hunt‘ you can never guarantee that anything will happen!

It’s just the way of the paranormal, BUT on this occasion, I am thrilled to say that it did not fail to amaze us all!

The Investigation. 

We arrived at the Fort at around 6PM and was greeted by Paul, he overlooks the place and takes charge of the general day to day business.

He started with a safety talk and then went on to explain some of the activity that has already happened at the Fort.

I’m not sure if you are aware but Fort Horsted actually featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures many years ago. Season 6, Episode 9.

So as well as the activity that was reported in this episode, since then, many more experiences have come to the surface.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone at the event was extremely excited to investigate this magnificent place. Paul was kind enough to give us a walk around and during this walk around, one of the areas which is usually closed off to paranormal teams was shown to us.

There is a part of the Fort where you must descend down 90 steps…

Yes that’s right 90!

Now, walking down them was a doddle, it was getting back up them which takes your breath away! (I was knackered! lol)

But it was totally worth it as down these stairs and through a few more tunnels at the very top is a locked off room. In this room it has Old War Graffiti painted by soldiers. The graffiti is so old that if you were to brush against the wall it could easily be destroyed, but Paul was kind enough to let us get up close and see this.

He took us in small groups (3-4 people) at a time and allowed us to witness this!

Here is the photos I took! 

If you look close enough, you can see the signatures written on the wall in pencil. 


After our walk-around, we started the investigation.

As the Fort is such a HUGE location, we split down into 3 small teams of 5-6 people in each group. We knew we’d have no trouble with noise interference, as honestly, when you are in one area, another team would either be VERY far away or DEEP underground.

The walls of the Fort are also very thick,  which cancels out the possibility of too much noise traveling.

In my group, there was Myself, Kim & Luke (The owners of Breaking paranormal UK) Tammy (A team member) and also my Dad and Kim’s mum.

Nice small friendly group! 

We started in the main tunnels whilst the others ventured underground and to opposite sides of the location.

In this area, we stayed on the left side and walked down to the very bottom. At the start of the night Paul told us about a man who actually lives in the tunnels (This is a real person by the way!) His name is Tim. He has an apartment underground. Though why he is there, we really have no idea. At the end of this long tunnel it’s locked off as that would then lead into where this man lives. There is no way of this person getting into the tunnels we were investigating, as it’s locked off from our side.

This is where we decided to start our investigation. 


We were about midway down this tunnel when we heard what sounded like a loud mental creaking noise. We instantly all ran back down to see what it was, only to find that the wind outside had picked up and it was hitting a gate making this noise we all heard. There is an opening at the end of the tunnel, so we debunked it.

With the noise getting louder from the wind, we headed to a quieter area in the back.

There is a small room with some seats laid out and we all sat down, kind of in a semi circle. We’d been calling out for a while and feeling as if we were not alone.

I can’t even begin to explain the amount of disembodied voices we heard with our own ears and the majority of them seemed to be coming from a female.

It was like a distant moan, singing and even what sounded like a hiss.

We actually picked up a lot of this on the camera’s audio as Luke was filming for the entire night.

A lot of us also saw shadows in this area. I guess what’s so amazing is that we didn’t even need to use equipment here, we were able to pick up on everything with our own ears and senses.

This can be a really rare occurrence on investigations, so I was pretty impressed!

I had a particular experience here after we’d moved from the back room and ventured up this flight of stairs into one of the ‘loft‘ areas. Paul had previously told us that in this particular area, whatever spirit was up here seemed to gravitate towards women.

We’d only been up there for less than a few minutes when I heard someone whisper my name…..


I instantly said that I heard it and thank god Luke was filming as he captured it! You’ll be able to see that in my video at the end of the write up.

In this Area Kim also heard something whisper into her ear.

Still in the same area, we decided to use the K2.

We actually had two of them, Kim was holding one and my Dad was holding the other, only a few inches away from each other.

We began to receive intelligent responses.

The K2 would light up for ‘Yes‘ when we asked questions.

But want to hear the really compelling part?

It was only Kim’s K2 that would respond. The other one that was just a few inches away did not even flicker! So IF this was a plane flying overhead or some random burst of energy, then why did it not light them both up? Surely it would.

I’d love someone to explain this to me, as honestly, I was baffled. 

During this session, we managed to find out the spirit was male and that he was a part of the army and his rank was lieutenant. We also established he was with a female spirit.

We played some old time war music for them and asked if they were dancing to which he responded yes. I was also using the Ovilus at this time and when asking who the lady was, it said the name ‘Mandy‘ (I got pretty excited over that intelligent response!)

Again, all of the above was captured on film and it’s available in Breaking Paranormal’s video.



For the second part of the investigation, we ventured down the 90 steps (again lol)

This area is deep underground and at the bottom of the steps is a tunnel.

You then walk up more steps to get to an area where the soldiers in the Fort would use as a firing point, this is where the room to the graffiti leads off.


We actually started investigating just outside of the room with the graffiti.

In this first area again, we began to hear disembodied voices, both male and female.

There was a REM pod on the ground as well a ball which lights up when touched.

We’d kinda all moved into the middle of the room holding hands to build the energy and we were calling out when the ball behind us suddenly lit up.

Honestly, we were not expecting it. It was just a flash of light out of nowhere and we all kinda huddled together hugging whilst Kim (one of a kind) clapped her hands thinking it was amazing!

(It’s actually really funny in the video as I launch as Kim’s mum and jump hug her! I’m sure she was thinking, what the hell? sorrrrrry) 

After we’d composed ourselves we continued to call out again.

This time venturing out into the main area where the stairs are. In this area we persuaded Tammy (as she had a loud voice) to do some roleplay techniques to see if we could get activity. She began to yell out pretending she was a Sargent and that everyone needed to get to their posts as the ‘Gerry’s‘ were coming.

This probably sounds ridiculous.. BUT IT WORKS. 

You wouldn’t believe how much we had happen after this! Which is why I’m so glad that Luke was filming and it was picked up on video. The voices, the loud bangs.

It really seemed to rattle something, that’s for sure.


My amazing experience.


A lot of you may have seen on social media that I stated I had the most terrifying and amazing experience at Fort Horsted.


We’d actually decided to investigate the small tunnel at the bottom of those 90 steps.


Now, I can’t even begin to put into words what I saw, so I thought it best to try and explain face to face in a video. It’s just easier for me that way.

In this video, you will see the explanation of the experience in question, as well as a few clips of evidence from above that was previously captured.

(My name being whispered, The ball getting triggered and also a strange voice we captured right before I had my personal experience.)




So what did I see exactly?

A man. He was young, looked in his twenties, he had thick black hair and it was swept to the side. No facial hair. I looked into his eyes.. they were dark, but I could see the whites of them. He didn’t have an expression and for that split second I saw him, he was looking directly at me.

I did contemplate trying to draw a picture of him, but I’m terrible (It’d look like a stick man) All I can say is, he had a thin face. He didn’t look evil or anything like that, he just looked like a normal person.

And then he was gone in the blink of an eye. 

After hearing the voice in the footage which sounded like ‘Ich‘ in German (to me) I can only wonder if the man that spoke a few seconds before was the man that I saw….

As I mention in my Video Log above..

Yes, this had changed my opinion on the paranormal, people can call me mad, but I KNOW what I saw and I will NEVER forget it.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life….


so far! 


Kim from Breaking Paranormal UK also put together a FULL investigation video of the night, they captured some awesome stuff.

As the video it’s now available on YouTube I have posted it here & you can watch this below!

Kim also wrote on their own blog about their experiences of the night. You can find the post link below and it’s really interesting to read what happened from Team to Team. There is also some EVP’s that a guest (Ashley) captured.



I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all. These experiences will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Fort Horsted is a place I will never forget.




I’m going to finish this blog on a fun note.

For those of you that have watched the new all female Ghostbusters…

The reaction from 41 seconds onwards is pretty much me right now.



Until next time,

Happy Hunting.


Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant. 








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