Get Involved

Hi everyone, 

Here YOU can get involved with the Dead Central Blog! You can email us directly in regards to……

  • Locations for us to check out / investigate (preferably UK – Although we will research and write about locations from all over the world!)
  • A particular ghost story you want us to cover on the blog / do research into
  • Topic ideas
  • Your own personal experiences (you could feature on the blog!)
  • Publicity reasons
  • Teaming up! (Are you an investigator or part of a team? Maybe you’d like to work together on a project?)
  • Private investigations (again this would apply to the UK only) 

Private investigations is something we now offer – FREE OF CHARGE (of course!) – Cases will be determined after extensive conversations and research.

So, if you believe you’ve been experiencing paranormal activity, the people here at dead central would be happy to investigate the claims for you and try to find out what’s going on, as well as try to offer help moving forwards. We take a scientific approach on all of our investigations and we will be looking into a few private investigations per year.

If you want to get it touch about ANY of the above, or maybe something else you’d just generally like to ask? …..

Feel free to contact us below!

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