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Vicky Grant – Editor 

Hi everyone!

My names Vicky Grant, I am 29 years old and I have been a paranormal investigator and researcher for the last six years.

I’ve held an interest in the paranormal field from a very young age (around 8 years old) – this was when I had my first experience and it’s what sparked my fascination.

My first experience was one I remember very well, almost as if it happened yesterday. My grandad passed away when I was young and not long after his death, he visited me. I can vividly remember seeing his figure in my room, though I wasn’t scared of him and I distinctly remember he was almost see-through and glowing a pale white colour. He had a smile on his face as he looked at me. He didn’t speak, he just waved before vanishing into nothing right before my very eyes.

I realise I was young at the time and this quite easily could be dismissed as a dream, but it felt so very real to me and to this day I am convinced that I had come into contact with the afterlife.

I have spent half my life being intrigued by the paranormal, I love anything dark and mysterious. I also enjoy history and learning about locations, some might say I’m a little obsessed with finding out facts!

I started out in the paranormal field officially in 2012 where I joined a team and did public events. I really enjoyed my time traveling across the UK and I have investigated many amazing locations and met some wonderful people who turned out to now be awesome friends.

After leaving the team I have decided now to pursue my own adventure and follow my own path which is why I started this blog. I love to write and I figured why not share my paranormal experiences with all of you?!

I intend to keep this blog updated on a monthly basis, it will involve my research into locations, investigations and will also include any evidence I may capture!

I hope you decide to stick around and follow my blog, I promise to keep it as interesting as possible!

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James Bosley – Co-editor 

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I’ve been studying and researching the paranormal for over a decade now. I’ve been an ad-hoc paranormal investigator since then but made it official about 3 – 4 years ago. I’m naturally a bit of a geek, so I ‘specialised’ in the tech side of investigation. I’ve always been fascinated with developing new methods to quantify evidence. Even over the past few years the paranormal landscape has change dramatically. New technology has been rife and we’ve seen a strong portfolio of ‘all-in-one’ comprehensive investigation devices from both new and established players in paranormal tech.

I’ve also seen phenomenal growth in public interest when it comes to paranormal investigation. The unknown will always pique curiosity, but more and more people are getting actively involved and becoming increasingly open minded about the possibilities of ghosts and spirits. The opportunity to get involved has also increased; there is a wealth of events companies offering unique experiences, which providing they operate as ethical and responsible organisations, I see as a positive thing.

Whether we are sceptics in the field, believers or fence-sitters we’re all after the same thing – documented evidence of life after death. I love to engage with difference people in the industry and welcome anyone to share and discuss ideas or experiences. I’ve met some incredible people through doing this, all with vast knowledge and experience (and made some great friends!).

When it comes to investigating, I like all kinds of locations; tunnels, hospitals, schools, mansions, graveyards, woodland etc. but anyone who knows me will tell you I have a soft for anything derelict. There’s something about a forgotten building that always has me enthralled. I also love a haunted item, I’ve collected many over the years and have experimented with several during investigations – I’d love to hear from you if you have something you believe to be haunted!

I’m really excited to be part of a paranormal blog; I hope to be covering a range of topics, from locations, investigation methods, tech, experiences and anything else creepy or strange.

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