Abbey Park Ruins.


Abbey Park Ruins

A bridge over water may stem it’s flow, but the joining of two sides is how we discover and grow.

James Pykett

Growing up in Leicester meant that I always had Abbey Park practically sitting on my doorstep. It’s a place I would visit frequently as a child with my family and I have many fond memories within this beautiful park.

As a youngster I can remember thinking what a magical place it was. Set in acres of land for you to explore. Walking along the bridge in search of my next adventure. It really was a place for your imagination to run wild!

The park was originally opened to the general public in 1882 but what lies inside had been their long before that. As you’ve probably guessed by now from the name ‘Abbey park’ there once was an Augustinian religious house known as ‘Leicester Abbey’ which was originally built in the 12th century, though sadly, now all that remains are the wall ruins.

Not only this but you will also be able to see the remains of the 17th century Cavendish House named after it’s maker ‘William Cavendish’ who was the first earl of Devonshire.

This particular house was used by Charles the I after the English civil war in 1645.

As I stand here gazing at this beautiful site, some see a darkness but to me it’s just the light.

James Pykett

It’s apparent that this park is linked to a plethora of history although one of it’s most famous is it’s link to that of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey who died in Leicester whilst on route from York to London in 1530. For those of you who are unaware of Cardinal Wolsey, he was one Henry the VIII almoner’s and he would later become an extremely controlling figure in British religious History.

It is believed he was buried at Leicester Abbey and although no official ‘body’ or ‘tomb’ was ever discovered a memorial tomb was erected in his honor regardless as well as a statue which now stands by the parks cafe.

For any history buff, It’s worth a visit just to see that!


Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

This location has such a deep historical background it’s no coincidence that it has drummed up many ghostly sightings over the years! It’s most famous of course being that of Cardinal Thomas Wolsey who has apparently been spotted on numerous occasions wandering aimlessly around the ruins of the park. Many believe his spirit is not at rest because he died whilst on his journey to London. Thus, Leicester Abbey was not what he would of envisioned his final resting place to be!

Another Famous story is that of an ‘Elizabethan Lady’ – she is known as this because the attire she has been seen in would depict that era. She has been spotted on several occasions wandering around the ruins of Cavendish House. No one know who she is, or why her energy is still at the park. She is only described as appearing to seem ‘lost’ and or ‘searching’ for something or someone…


Synchronicity; a phenomenon where an event in the outside world coincides meaningfully with a psychological state of mind.

On the day that myself and Jame’s visited the park it was the first time I had been back since my Nan had passed away in 2017. I’d only recently shared my story with James about visiting here with her and now I will share it with you.

As she was extremely poorly one of her final wishes was to be able to go out one last time before she passed away. She was given a short amount of time to live, so, as you could imagine, she was very weak so it would have been difficult to transport her anywhere far.

Abbey Park is not far from where I live so it was suggested we take her there for a day out. The weather was sunny and honestly, it became the perfect last day.

As me and Jame’s walked along the park we’d reached a certain opening which leads to the cafe. It’s a huge open circular space, the center being grass and around the outside were benches scattered along a pathway.

James had turned to me and said ‘I want you to sit on that Bench so that I can take your picture‘ and he’d pointed over to the bench in question.

To my shock, out of the fifteen of so benches that were placed around this circle he had pointed to the exact bench that I had last sat on with my Nan whilst she was still alive.

This was the last place we had visited together, the place we had spent our final moments outdoors eating an ice cream on that summers day.

The moment James had spoken of the Bench, in my mind I was thinking the exact same thing. That it would be nice to have a photo taken there.

Even now as I write this I can feel the goosebumps.

I think sometimes that certain moments in life just happen for a reason. Maybe it was another sign, maybe it wasn’t. But I always believe things happen for a reason and now the photo above that James had taken has become extremely special to me.

I may look alone, but I know deep down, I was not.

We build our structures from the stones they throw, but the beauty of nature will capture then grow.

James Pykett

Again I’d like to thank you all for reading this blog. I hope you’ve found it interesting. Myself and James would like to bring you a lot more posts similar to this one in the future.

Sometimes we don’t always get the chance to conduct a full ‘paranormal’ investigation at a location, but it will never stop us from visiting these beautiful historical sites and sharing our thoughts, feelings and photographs with you all.

We enjoy bringing you on our journey with us, and who knows, maybe you have even discovered something you never even knew had existed!

Until next time
Happy Hunting!

The Haunted Tourists;
Blog written by Vicky Grant and photography provided by James Pykett.

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