A Personal Encounter.

It’s taken me a good few months in deciding if I were going to write this blog or not as this experience is something extremely personal to me.

For those of you who that have read my previous blog on my personal experiences you’ll see that I talked openly about my Nan passing in 2017.

Myself and my family felt as if she was giving us ‘signs’ for the last few months in our family home. We’d been receiving ‘subtle’ hints and you can read about those in my former blog My Personal Experiences.

For a while her house had been empty. 

My family had taken the heartbreaking task of sorting through her belongings and all that was left now was an empty shell.

I’d spoken to James on several occasions stating that I would like to investigate her former home. Of course to see if she would try to communicate with us, but not only that to also see if there were any other spirits in her home.

My Nan has always told me stories about strange occurrences whilst she lived there and one in particular always stuck in my mind. 

She’s said that one night whilst she was sat on the sofa in her living room watching TV that the door which led to the stairs had opened by itself and soon after, a cloud of white smoke had filled the doorway.


Representation – Photo from Pixpay


She said it scared her. But she had no idea what it could of been. 

Not only this but she’d speak of ‘strange’ dreams she would have and she’d wake to see people stood around her or she’d have faces coming to her when she closed her eyes.

I’d always been under the impression that her house had held spirits of its own.

Two known deaths occurred in the house and the story goes that years ago before she had moved in that it was used as a type of ‘brothel’ for men to meet other men. Young boys would work in there and the previous owner was a known cross dresser.

Quite the colourful history and one can only wonder what really went on inside of its walls.

My Nan had told me she’d always felt a presence there…

Obviously you didn’t know my Nan, so I’ll try and describe her the best that I can.

She was a very down to earth woman and outspoken. If she had something to say then she would say it without hesitation. She was also extremely kind and funny, the type where there would certainly be no BS. If she thought something was happening then she would tell you about it. In saying that, she was not typically a massive believer herself all of her life, so when this started happening all those years ago, I think it may of even been a shock for her to experience it.

With the house empty I’d spoken to my mum about the possibility of doing an investigation, although I would find it extremely hard and of course personal to be back there, it’s something I felt I needed to do.

She’d given me the key and I’d informed James.

Her house is just your typical home on a normal street in Leicester. It’s semi detached and I can’t think of any outstanding characteristics to describe it other than Normal.

James arrived at my house and as the home was completely empty now (meaning no working utilities) we’d packed a flask and some food before setting off to investigate.

It was strange going back into the house as you can imagine. It didn’t feel like my Nan’s home anymore as it was completely empty. The only thing that still lingered in the air was her distinct smell.

The place was hollow. You would talk and almost hear an echo from the walls. 

After placing a few items in the kitchen we’d taken out some equipment. James had brought his Alice Box and placed it on the ground in the living room.

We were stood silent for a few moments. 

I’d originally asked James to start calling out as I was finding this situation a little difficult but he’d told me that I was the one who needed to speak because if my Nan was going to communicate with anyone then it would have been me.

We were extremely close in life, she was what I would call, my partner in crime.

I’d mustered up enough energy and spoken out, asking if anyone in the home would like to communicate with us.

It was quiet for a few seconds but soon the Alice Box responded the word


A smile drew upon my lips as I’d looked at James and without hesitation we both now moved to sit upon the carpet in this empty room.

“We are sitting now” I said, waiting to see if the spirit had anything more to say. A few moments later, it responded again. The word…


I can’t describe how I felt in that moment other than a flush of happiness over my body.

Alice box saying the word ‘Tea’

I knew this was my Nan. 

My Nans home was open to everyone, she’d always welcome people no matter who they were and on a regular basis when visiting her, her first words to me would always be

‘Sit down, do you want a cup of tea?’ 

And it was like a ritual thing. So for the Alice Box to greet me in the same way as she always would, you can imagine, it made me feel quite emotional.

I found it hard to speak for the next few minutes but I soon explained to James what had made me feel the way I had. He too found the whole experience amazing. Not only that, but we didn’t feel on our own. Although this house was now just an empty shell, I somehow felt the warmth that she’d once brought to it surrounding my body. I felt safe again, as if she was sat right with us in the room welcoming me into her home.

In some strange way, I knew she was ok and that everything would be ok. 

We hadn’t spoke now for several minutes and myself and James were still sat on the floor in silence. The Alice box hadn’t said anything more after the word ‘Tea’ so I’d said that it would be nice to have that drink.

It was a few moments later that we both heard shuffling around in the kitchen. It actually startled James as he was beside the kitchen door.

I know the sounds of my Nans house as of course I’d spent a lot of my life there and it sounded as if she was trying to make tea. You have to remember that the house was empty, so there was no kettle or utilities, but the sounds we heard were as if there were.

I always wonder if this was some kind of residual energy, but the responses through the Alice box seemed intelligent. I guess we will never know… but I know in my heart that it was her. 

As mentioned above, she’d had experiences in the house with other ‘spirits’ and as it seemed to go quiet we began to call out once more trying to connect with anyone else that would wish to communicate.

We started to receive some more responses through the Alice Box. A man’s name ‘Thomas’ as well as several knocking and bangs which sounded as if they were coming from upstairs on the floorboards.

James had been lying down on his stomach on the carpet facing the window in the living room and he’d felt something touch his foot. Almost as if something ran past and knocked his shoe. I actually heard it.

I’d taken out the SLS camera and was scoping the front room. Soon, by the curtains in the window, three figures had shown up. A very tall one in the middle and what looked like two children beside it. Now with Charlie, our EMF trigger object bear we tried to make communication with whoever was here.

Figures mapped in the living room via SLS

We’d established through the Alice box that they were not ‘resident’ spirits of the house and that they were just passing through in visitation.

My Nan lived in an extremely old street dating right back to the Victorian era, so the area is filled with a plethora of history.

After getting the figures to raise their hands on command, they just disappeared and again, the home fell quiet.

I didn’t feel like my Nan was there anymore, but it brought me comfort in knowing she’d made some kind of contact in the most obvious way she could. I like to think that she’s at peace and visits from time to time to let me know she is ok. 



After about an hour and a half and a nice hot drink we took to the upstairs.

There are three rooms in the house.

My Nan and uncles former bedroom as well as a spare room.

As my Nan had stated she’d had some previous experiences in her bedroom when she was alive, we’d gone into this room first. 

We’d started calling out and both myself and James had felt a change in the atmosphere. It didn’t feel like it did downstairs, it almost felt as if something more powerful was here.

Setting the SB7 spirit box up we did a quick session and received a man’s voice which sounded deep, although we were unable to make out what he was saying.

We also got a woman laughing. It sounded like a ‘witch’ cackle. She seemed to be more responsive and we’d managed to confirm with her that she lived in the house at one point and possibly worked there too. Meaning, she could have been a ‘prostitute’ back when it was used as such.

Again, the communication fell quiet and we moved to my uncles room.

This was also something I found extremely hard to do. My uncle passed away when he was 27 years old and my Nan had kept his room exactly the same all of those years until recently when it had been cleared out.

She’d told me stories of how after he’d passed away, she’d still hear the ‘click’ from his door and footsteps down the landing to the bathroom.

Again this is something I believe to be residual. 

I didn’t feel like my uncle was around. Again, I think he’s at peace and just shows signs to us when he visits.

His room had a darker feeling to it. This was also the room of the former resident ‘Cyril’ who was the cross dresser. He’s the gentleman who would have young boys in the house and operate it as some kind of ‘brothel’.

Both myself and James didn’t like this room at all. It felt dark, the energy wasn’t welcoming.

Again we conducted a spirit box session and the same deep male voice came through on several occasions. Mainly grunting or making sounds. Not very pleasant at all.

I was also touched in this room. Something poked me in the back and it had started me so much I’d almost jumped on James.

We felt very uncomfortable in there. 

This was a strange experience for me as you can imagine as all my life I’d felt welcome in my Nans home without realising what was lurking in the shadows.

Do you believe that death is really the end? (Credit, pixbay)



It had been emotionally draining. I was extremely tired. 

After this was when we’d decided to bring the investigation to an end.

At the very start of the evening when it had told us to ‘sit’ and had said the word ‘tea’ I felt reassurance as I knew I’d already gotten what I had came for. The validation of having that peace of mind. Knowing it was all okay.

I went through a mountain of emotions that night and strangely so did James. He’d told me he felt so honoured to share this experience with me and that I’d allowed him to do so.

I want to say a massive thanks to James for always having my back and going on this journey with me.

Over our time we’ve racked up our fair amount of experiences and sometimes, it’s not all about the ‘biggest’ or ‘scariest’ location. It’s places like this which will forever form a personal attachment to us. Something so small, but powerful.

My Nans home has now been resold and a new family are living within its walls. It’d be interesting one day to see if they have have ever had any experiences. So who knows, maybe a few years from now I’ll knock on their door.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog. It’s one that I found difficult to write but I wanted to share my experience with all of you.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Until next time

Happy hunting.

Blog written by Vicky Grant

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  1. Awww Vicky, this is so obviously very personal to you and I appreciate that you’ve shared this amazing experience with us. It is so nice to think that your nan came to you and you had some amazing words come up on the Alice, which referred exactly to your nan. Your a very brave lady to do such a personal investigation. I’m sure your nan would be extremely proud and pleased with you with what you do and your visit to her former home. Xx.


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