Halloween at Haunted Antiques.


For this blog I collaborated with James and we decided to write it together…





James: As many of you know, earlier this year me and Vicky joined forces to create Dead Insight. It seemed a natural thing to do, with the highly successful Dead Central blog that Vicky had, combined with my Haunted Insight website, we had a perfect combination of writing and photography. We’ve worked extremely hard this year, been on countless adventures, pushed ourselves to the limit in locations that I’d previously avoided.

At times, the energy and results have been fantastic, but at others, I feel we’ve both suffered the ill effects of pursuing our passion. So, for Halloween this year, we decided to play it safe, to go to a location that we both know, an amazing location that many of you will also be aware of…

The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre in Hinckley!


Vicky: Haunted antiques is one of my favourite locations to investigate. Each time is different and I always find myself leaving with an experience. Neil has such amazing and unusual items on offer for you to interact and investigate and he’s constantly adding to his collection. Myself and James have investigated this place many times in the past, but this was our first time with it being just the two of us.




James: Although the location has had a huge amount of exposure recently, I’ll try to explain the idea behind owner and curator Neil Packer’s vision.

Neil acquired a building with a view to filling it with antiques. Now, there is no theme, he wanted to put as much of a diverse collection together that he could, I’d have no chance of telling you of each and every item in there, but just to give you a small insight, he has amassed a collection from dolls to human remains, and pretty much everything in between. What I love about Neil, and something I give him huge credit for, is that he never claims that the items he buys in are haunted.

It may be that after an investigation we could document evidence that they may be, but that there is the beauty and simplicity in his thinking.


He allows teams, individual investigators and even event teams to find out those answers for themselves, giving you freedom to touch the items, to pick them up and not have your thought process clouded by an intrusive owner. It truly is a unique place!

Vicky: I’ve always been sceptical of ‘haunted’ items myself but after working for about a year with Haunted Antiques on several investigations it’s certainly opened my eyes a lot more and I now do definitely believe that certain items can hold an energy as it’s something I’ve witnessed myself on a few occasions.

The centre itself is comprised of three main rooms and each has a different feel which is hard to describe unless you were walking in our footsteps and feeling that energy for yourself!




James: After much deliberation and thought, we decided that we would not only go and film at HAPRC, but we’d conduct various live streams and experiments throughout. After contacting Neil, a date was set, a schedule was drawn up and released, and we were more ready than ever. Now, if you’ve experienced the paranormal field, you’ll more than likely be of the same thinking of me and Vicky, in that, very rarely does it go to plan.

In fact, on this occasion, that was an understatement.


The first part of our investigation appeared to be going well, with responses on the voice box, firstly telling us that it didn’t want Vicky there, to responding to questions that I was putting forward. We finished up thinking that we would have enough footage to move onto the next area, but as soon as we left that room it all went wrong. I won’t go into too much detail, but Vicky became seriously ill, none of our other live streams were carried out, and we left thinking that it was a disappointing and wasted trip..

We couldn’t have been more wrong!


Vicky: That was the first time we’d attempted to investigate Haunted Antiques by ourselves. I was actually not feeling too good before we got there so it’s safe to say I definitely do not believe my Illness was brought on by spirits or anything like that, I genuinely was just not well. Although that evening there was certainly something unnerving about the centre. As James stated above, I was countlessly targeted and told that whatever it was did NOT want me there. It seems to be an ongoing theme when we investigate this location…

James: The next day myself and Vicky spoke in length about the night before, putting our heads together as to why it happened. Neither of us are blaming the spirits or the paranormal, but sometimes you are left to wonder.

After we spoke, she mustered the energy to have a look through what footage we had, and to her amazement she believed that we may have caught the best piece of evidence we’d had to date.


She sent me a small clip from the séance room, where it looked as though a shadow had appeared in a mirror opposite to myself. Now we couldn’t be sure what had caused it, but it sure as hell didn’t look like one of us in the way in which it moved. We were the only ones in the building, and that was the last thing that I’d have expected to of seen.



Vicky: On our second visit, we actually started out trying to debunk the shadow we had previously caught and you can see that in the video below.

Unfortunately we were unable to debunk so we are left wondering, did we really capture a shadow figure in the mirror? I’m pretty amazed by it if I’m honest. We tried to get all of the lighting and angles in the same positions and were using the exact same camera / IR set up as before.


We filmed in this area for a further 20 minutes after we tried to debunk and the only time a shadow showed up in the mirror that looked similar to the one we previously captured was when I’d stood up a little further to my right (the chair next to me) but as you can see in the video, we were both seated. I find it really odd. But I’ll let you make up your own mind!




James: We arrived for our second visit with far more energy and excitement than the first. It was tangible, I could feel it on the drive there and I couldn’t wait to arrive. After speaking with Neil and Jane, we again started to set up our equipment and place it strategically around the items. Vicky used her Ovilus device in an attempt to get spirit communication. We’d set up under the table….




Vicky: For a while we’d been feeling like there was ‘something’ underneath the table. We heard tapping on the top of the table from underneath as well as what sounded like a child’s voice. I suggested that we take our equipment and try to get closer to what we felt was there by going under the table…

Not long after we did, the Ovilus device began to speak…


James: We were told to ‘Stand’. The word ‘Ledge’ then appeared before the word ‘Metal’ and we believed it could of been an item on display in the room.

Naturally, we looked around the room on the tables and shelves to see if we could find something metal. We eventually found a small cross. We took it back to the table and sat down. It had an engraving on the rear that read..

‘I’m a Catholic please call a Priest’


I personally had never seen this before, but as Vicky read it out, she was startled by a loud hiss type sound in her ear. It was clear that it shook her up, but she continued asking if the cross belonged to the spirit of a boy we believe we’d came in to contact with.

As she pushed forward holding the cross pendant in her hand, the word ‘Pray’ appeared on the Ovilus. We were blown away from the relevant responses that we’d received in that area.


Vicky: After doing a little research into the object I actually found out what it was.

It’s actually called a ‘four way medal‘ ….

Photo of the medal we were led to.


The back of the four way medal is often inscribed with the phrase, “I am a Catholic, please call a priest.” This is a way to tell others to call upon a priest in the event a wearer is involved in an emergency and were typically used by soldiers during the war.

It makes a lot of sense now with certain words coming from the ovilus after we discovered this item… such as ‘Hide’ ‘Attack’ and ‘Bomb


Was someone trying to tell us what happened to them in the war? Was this their item that they were now attached too?

One can only wonder. 



James: Now moving to what is known as the main room. This is the first room that you enter upon walking through the location. It has an array of items from war memorabilia to one of the Centre’s biggest attractions; it’s doll collection.

We’d set up the Alice Box and an EMF Meter.


We kept the camera rolling throughout whilst hearing taps and small bangs around the room. This was a completely different energy. It was circling us, forcing us from one room to another, and on one occasion causing Vicky to scream out loud!

That is a rarity… It’s normally me that does that!!


Vicky: The energy really felt different in this room that night. Normally I have no issue with being inside this particular area as it’s the seance and occult rooms that bother me the most, but, it definitely felt as if something was toying with us.

As James said above I absolutely jumped out of my skin at one point as the door which leads to the corridor unexpectedly banged causing me to jolt back. I did have to take several deep breathes and I remember I got quite angry because it had made me jump… so I kinda gave it what for!

We’d been nothing but respectful all night and quite frankly, it felt like this ‘spirit’ was just trying to scare us.




James: We’d explored the main room for around 20 minutes, feeling cold spots in between the taps, moving around and in all fairness being scared senseless, so we decided to call a break to proceedings due to the intensity of the activity. We broke off, got some fresh air outside before moving back into the warmth of the Centre, even if it did lack the comfort that night.

Now if you’ve ever been to the HAPRC, you’ll know that the stairs can become a focal point of the investigation. Stairs always intrigue me; they are passageways taking people from one place to another. Many old stone and wooden steps are worn from the foot flow that they’ve endured, with people’s journeys marked and imprinted forever.


The stairs at HAPRC are no different, they hold an air of unease, slightly winding down to a locked door. The walls encasing them are filled with images from visitors to the centre, images drawn from experiences, sightings and visions from mediums. Many of the faces are harsh, and by that, I mean that they look angry, disgruntled and sometimes upset.




Vicky: I was actually stood at the top of the stairs. Earlier in the evening we left a slinky at the top of them and a locked off camera. Unaware to us at this time, we’d actually captured some unknown sounds of ‘footsteps’ and also what sounded like a man laughing quite close to the microphone as well as a bang. Myself and James were outside at the time so it’s hard to say where this had come from.



It was of course pitch black so I’d turned my torch on and began to look at the pictures that had been drawn of spirits seen in the building. My torch was fine until I’d placed it over a certain males photo and it began to flicker.

Thinking it was a total fluke I lifted it back up and and around the others, nothing. Then moved it back to the males picture and it flickered again!!! Was this a sign?

James: Now ok, the torch is battery operated, and as we know, batteries drain and run out! But, we had used this method once before at Grace Dieu Priory, where we had laid down the torch and asked spirit to manipulate it and even turn it off.

That was the only experience using that method that I’d ever had, but something at HAPRC decided that it wanted to communicate that way too.


We placed the torch at the top of the stairs facing the wall and we began asking questions. The light regularly flickered and dulled when certain questions were asked. It was at this point that I asked Vicky if she’d replaced the batteries recently, to which she confirmed they were new.

Vicky: During this time of interaction with the torch we began to ask it to make it flicker more and more, which it did. (All of this and more can be seen in the video at the end of this blog) We’d also had the name ‘Bill’ come through on the Alice Box as well as ‘Help’ and we believe this is the spirit we were communicating with.




James: We were still buzzing from the stair area so much so, that we made our way straight to the Occult Room.

Many visitors to HAPRC don’t like this area as it is filled with various Dybbuk Boxes, religious artefacts and even Nkondi figures from Africa. It really is a strange and dark mix of items, one that I envy and wish I owned myself!

Now I know that Vicky doesn’t particularly like a select few items within that room and with good reason, so we decided to do what we do best… Ramp up the energy with the spirit box!

I know, sometimes we just bring it on ourselves.


Vicky: There had been quite an intense energy in the Occult Room (as always!) and once we turned the spirit box on we began to receive incredible responses, some, we didn’t even spot until I’d later gone through the footage!

At one point I held the spirit box over a Dybbuk box and asked what the item was and you’ll clearly hear it respond ‘Dybbuk’ as well as a creepy statement from when I held it over a doll and it said the words ‘destroy everything’ which you may have seen on our social media sites.


I’d also asked at one point ‘Knock Knock’ as we were hearing banging and it responded quite clearly ‘who’s there’

Again, this is ALL in our video below!! 


And I’d just like to point out regarding the torch, after we’d moved from the stairs it continued to work PERFECTLY fine.




James: I have investigated many locations in my time, and I don’t even have a patch on how many Vicky has been to. A lot of the time you arrive at a location and are blown away, only to leave in a huff of disappointment.

Many of them I don’t return to, not for any particular reason, more because I’m always looking for new experiences and to test my own boundaries. Yet, with all that said, I find myself returning to HAPRC again and again. Not once have I left disappointed, in fact, I normally leave and instantly look back to my return.

Maybe that’s why we ended up choosing to spend our first Dead Insight Halloween there, and I mean this when I say it, I couldn’t think of a better place for it!


Vicky: I absolutely agree with everything James has said above. HAPRC is such a unique location and always leaves me with different experiences each and every time. It’s as if you never come across the same spirit twice and there is always something new to interact with. I’ve never had a quiet night there yet!!

I’d just like to say a massive thanks to Neil for having us and also trusting us enough to leave us in his location by ourselves. We absolutely love it there and I’m sure our paths will cross again sometime in the future!!



Dead Central has been nominated for this years ‘Best Paranormal Blog’ and voting is now OPEN! I’d really appreciate your vote if you enjoy this blog. You can vote HERE

Thank you…

Until next time

Happy hunting!!

Blog written by Vicky Grant and James Pykett
All photographs by James Pykett
Video edited by Vicky Grant 

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