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Moira Furnace is one of my favourite locations to investigate and it’s situated right on the banks of the beautiful Ashby-de-la-Zouch Canal. I’d first investigated this location a few years ago and it’s a place that has continued to draw my attention back to it each and every time.

For those of you that don’t know, I featured this location in an article for Haunted Magazine (Issue 23) and below I’ve included a short snippet of my writing to explain the historical background of this extraordinary hidden gem!

Moira was built in 1804 and is one of the most well preserved furnaces in Europe (if not the world!) considering the fact it was only used as such from 1806 until 1811. The foundry remained in use until 1844 but iron was brought in from elsewhere due to remarks being made at the time which suggested a bad design.

Now a museum, Moira has been used for many purposes over the years, including living accommodation for multiple families.




Photo by James Pykett (Haunted Insight)


In my previous investigation which took place in January of this year we had a really eventful yet frightful evening of activity….

That was the first time I’d ever witnessed active poltergeist activity!

We’d had a heavy fire door slam on us and it did it on COMMAND of us asking it to happen. I was joined that evening by a fellow paranormal investigator as well as the Operations Supervisor of the Furnace, Tom Phillips.

Tom was also present during the entire investigation so we made the return no different to the last and teamed up with him again. I must admit it’s a pleasure to work alongside Tom.

When I first met him he explained to me he was a ‘sceptical’ person but after our prior investigations I take great pride in saying we had managed to give him a new found insight.

With Tom being at the Furnace on a daily basis, he says he now feels comfortable in the presence of what could be around him and he regularly says good morning to ‘Norman’ the resident poltergeist.

Up until our last investigation we’d never learned ‘Normans’ real name. It was simply just a nickname I had given him because he liked to slam doors and cause a bit of ‘trouble’

Hence it being Norman the doorman 😉

If you’d like to know about previous experiences from myself and other teams, we actually did this VLOG a little differently. Before the investigation I did a walk around with Tom and we discussed what had happened before as well as what has happened since our last visit and it’s all available in the video.

It’s amazing to find that other paranormal teams had also had similar experiences to our own!




Arriving early in evening just as the sun was setting, myself and James Pykett (Haunted Insight) had met Tom outside of the Furnace afte!!!r we’d taken some brief shots of the location for our intro video.

As I’ve mentioned above, I have a really special relationship with this place, something that’s hard for me to explain. All I can say is that I feel drawn to it and I have for a very long time.

We did a quick walk around with Tom (FYI Sorry for chewing gum in the video) Haha Tom actually said it made me look ‘edgy‘ and ‘cool’ something that’s NEVER been used to describe me in my entire life, so hey, I’ll take that!! (lol)

Talking about previous experiences always gets me excited for an investigation and I love to hear what other people have also experienced.

As soon as we’d stepped foot into the building I just knew that it was going to be an active night for us. The tingling of your skin when that first burst of energy hits you and all three of us were very much aware we were not alone.

It wasn’t long before we’d flipped our camera into night mode and we were off to start the investigation!


Photo by James Pykett (Haunted Insight)



We started in the Attic as it’s become like some kind of ‘ritual’ to do so. We’d usually work our way down the building. Covering what we believe to be the most active areas.

We’d spent a good twenty minutes or so beforehand trying to reach out to the spirits in the building but we were getting little results.

I suggested trying the SB7 spirit box. I always think something about the white noise helps to create an atmosphere for communication.

After a few attempts we began to receive some responses, the majority being a male which we now believe was ‘Norman’ — we’d also asked him his real name to which he then responded quite clearly ‘Thomas’ — as we already had a ‘Tom’ with us we asked him to confirm if he meant his own name and he replied ‘It’s my name

Again these responses are very clear and were answering our questions directly. I also tried to get a surname out of him but was told ‘I don’t know you’ therefore nothing was given to us.

During this session the room again felt charged and there is one particular part that always makes me laugh in the video,  you will see the moment the energy hits Tom and he almost slumps down in his seat as he felt a presence around him.

Considering he doesn’t attend many investigations, it was amazing to see him experience something like that.

We also had a faint female voice that came through a few times though we couldn’t quite make it out as well as a few inaudible sentences from a male which we couldn’t understand.

Have a close listen and see if you can understand it? We would love to know your thoughts!!

As the activity seemed to ease we headed into the room next door which is now used as storage space. Again this would have been a bedroom of some sort back when the Furnace was used as a Victorian home.

Again Tom had felt that same energy which was what had drawn us into the room as well as the sounds we’d been hearing.

We used the Alice box and had the name ‘Lisa’ come through as well as a low ‘whistle’ like sound captured on the cameras audio and some movement behind me as I held the camera.

I think James was correct in thinking what we were experiencing in this room could have been some kind of residual energy.



Photo by James Pykett (Haunted Insight)

As we cut the camera from filming for different areas we were leaving the room to begin our investigation of the stairs when we heard an extremely loud bang come from downstairs. It honestly hit us all and we panicked.

In that moment the camera was off but after James told me repeatedly to start filming, I did.

You’ll see from the footage that we are practically running down the stairs to see where the sound had come from. Tom was worried in case the front door hadn’t been locked and someone had got inside but James was convinced that the basement door had just slammed by itself.

Which was something that had happened to me on our previous investigation.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs it was clear it was the basement door that had made the sound and startled us all as it was now shut. Tom checked the front door and it was locked, no one else was in the building apart from the three of us.

During the walk around at the very beginning of the video you will actually see me kick the doorstop into place several times to hold the door (and with some force) but yet again, it slammed shut.

Tom confirmed that the door NEVER closes by itself and the only time it ever has is when I’ve been in the building. He’s convinced that Thomas has a fondness for me which is why it happened again. Although I wouldn’t call it a ‘fondness’ — I was actually really disappointed that we didn’t capture the initial bang on the footage.

I felt like he was playing games. It was approximately ten seconds or less that I had cut recording that the door had then slammed…

It was such an amazing experience for me last time to witness something like that on command and yet again, I was unable to fully capture it.

After a little composure (okay, a lot!) we headed straight to the basement. But again we felt like this had distracted us from the stairs. For those of you that read my article in Haunted Magazine this was exactly what had happened last time.

It felt like whatever spirits were there were desperately trying to keep us away from the stairs.

We we’re not having it!

We did a brief investigation in the basement which ended after a few minutes before we returned to the steps.

We were about halfway up between the floors. We had the Alice Box running but aside from this we just called out. Myself and Tom heard what sounded like whispering coming from downstairs as well as some movement.

Soon the Alice box began to respond to our questions about our theory of why the spirits didn’t like us on the stairs. When asked what happened it responded ‘Poison’ so we continued to ask if this person was poisoned or if they were the ones who did it. It then responded ‘kill’ which gave us the impression we were communicating with a more malevolent entity.

The entire time it felt like we were once again constantly running around trying to chase whatever was in there. One particular area would grasp our attention and then a few moments later we’d hear noises from somewhere else.




After a quick break we headed back to the basement where previously the door had slammed earlier in the evening.

We started out using the SONO X10 spirit box which is an APP device myself and James have had very intelligent communication with in the past AND this night was no different!!!

Some of the responses we got were absolutely amazing and you’ll be able to see them all in the video.

For a while we’d been picking up on a female and when asking a name it clearly said ‘Elizabeth’ so we asked how she died and it responded ‘She was pushed

I seem to think that what we’d previously picked up on the stairs about someone being ‘killed’ and ‘poison’ had a connection to Elizabeth.

Other responses included when asking where ‘Norman’ (Thomas) was it responded ‘he’s outside’ in one voice and another repeated ‘outside

As mentioned, Norman in my opinion is an extremely playful poltergeist who likes games and he definitely enjoys catching you off guard which you’ll see in the video as the door behind James banged from the other side!!

We all jumped out of our skin!!

Not only did the door bang but before this happened it very clearly said on the spirit box ‘let’s play

Creepy right?!!! But totally AMAZING!!!

None of us heard this at the time it was only when I watched the footage back that I registered the cheeky remark.

You’ll clearly see James doesn’t move as the door bangs and not only this, just a few seconds after another loud audible bang is heard on the other side of the room which was picked up loud and clear on the camera’s audio.

You’ll also see us react and I’m pretty sure I almost hyperventilated.

It’s not often I see James on edge, but he was shaken pretty bad after this so I took the camera from him. He was also getting the feeling of being touched and followed in this room. 

Finding myself now a rose between two thorns (lol) Literally, I was in the middle of Tom and James. Two big tough men… *cough*


Once again the atmosphere felt charged in the room. I knew we had to push on, there was no way we were stopping now with such amazing responses coming through!!!

We’d asked who’d banged the door and it responded ‘us’ — James then asked if it was Norman who’d done it and it said ‘Of course I did

IT WAS SO CLEAR!!!!! I was really excited about hearing this as you’ll see from the video.

We’d tried to get it to happen again, but a female voice had responded a few times telling us ‘We’ve done it

My name also came through a couple of times. My favourite was when it told me to wait and addressed me personally!

Very unforgettable moment right there.



As you’ll see from the video I am unsure about the first one we captured as it could be considered as ‘dust‘ I just find it weird that we were filming in that room for a long time and this was the only time that something showed up on the camera. It also seems to make it’s way down the basement steps and turn into the room. I didn’t see this at the time, it was just something I picked up when I was going through the footage.

The second Anomaly I actually SAW with my own eyes as a small ball of light. It happened just a few seconds after the first one.

It actually freaked me out a little bit as it floated on the floor towards me and again I didn’t know we had picked it up on the camera.

The second light I’m pretty convinced was some kind of ‘energy’ because I had seen it with my own eyes and it was quite clearly glowing.

BUT HEY feel free to make up your own minds about it.



Moira Furnace and the spirits inside of its walls have proved to us what they can do.

I always feel extremely charged after an investigation here and it makes me want to go back time and time again.

I honestly think we have only just begun to scratch the surfaces and there’s a lot more secrets to be told!

Photo by James Pykett (Haunted Insight)

If you are an investigator or are part of a team they are open to both public and private events. I would definitely recommend getting in touch and you can do so by visiting their website.

Not only this but they also offer wonderful (non paranormal) activity days as well as a boat trip down the canal….

AND if you do go, make sure you tell Norman I said hi….

Click to visit the Moira Furnace website!

Thank you once again Moira for being so delightfully unpredictable.

To check out the full gallery head over to Haunted Insight

MORE MOIRA NEWS? Keep a look out for an article in fate and fortune Magazine coming out in February. It talks about our experiences!


Before I finish….

I had a recent update on Dead Central and I have decided to open an Etsy shop.

It’s still very NEW at the moment but is stocked with a few items and you can check them out HERE!

I’d also like to talk about our next investigation which will be on the 6th of October as we will be doing a 12 hour investigation (7PM – 7AM) at Haunted Antiques which will be our next blog update to be released on Halloween!!

On the 6th of October please check out our Twitter accounts as we will be running LIVE FEEDS of the investigation throughout the night.

Sounds fun right? We want YOU to get involved with us! 

Follow us on twitter for updates @vickyparanormal AND @JamesPykett


Until next time,
Happy hunting!!

Blog written and video edited by Vicky Grant
Photography by James Pykett

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