Paranormal Problems.

He said! She said! It’s not about the dead?


Hi everyone!

So I’ve decided to write a blog about my experiences whilst working within the paranormal field.

For those of you that don’t know me, My name is Vicky and I run this blog. I have been actively involved in the paranormal now for around the last 7 years starting out in 2012.

I got interested in the paranormal due to some personal experiences and it was then I went on my first ever organised ghost hunt. Not long after that was when I joined a team.

I won’t be naming any names in this blog. This is just about my view of it all. 

I remember feeling that buzz for every investigation at the start and not only that, I’ve always been one of these people who find it hard to make friends, mainly because of my interest in such a subject, people often think ‘I’m off my head‘ so when I joined a team, It finally felt like I had friends around me and that we all understood each other and wanted to work towards the same goal of finding evidence of the afterlife.

Now for any paranormal investigators reading this, I’m sure there will be points in this blog that you can relate too and others not so much. As stated, this is about my experience of it all, but seeing what I see on social media each day… I’m pretty sure a lot of you are going to be able to relate to this.

And for those of you not involved in the paranormal field, maybe you’ve been on a few ghost hunts and enjoy watching the shows on TV. I can honestly tell you it’s nothing like that when you are involved in it. Not everyone is your friend and it’s not all smiles and working together in one big unity.

I had some of the happiest times of my life whilst I was in a team. I got to travel the length and breadth of the UK and investigate some awesome locations whilst working with the general public which also opened me up to meeting new people and making new friends. Although myself and this team did not end on the best of terms, I would never go back and change anything about it, it was just a shame in the end that you realise that people are not really your friends.

Being talked about behind my back was the entire reason I left.

I am no angel in this and I openly admit I said some things too afterwards. When you are so close to people and living inside each others pockets day in and day out, I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I even know since I left that things are ‘apparently’ still being said about me, maybe even to this day? (Or so I’m told?)

But that’s the funny thing about this entire situation. I still have people running to me two years later to say ‘so and so said this’ and ‘so and so said that’ and at the end of the day I’m just sat here thinking… why? Why bother even telling me?’ It’s been two years and there are those out there who are still on a vendetta to ruin people’s lives.

I am not saying this team is out to ruin mine (I doubt they are lol) but I do know of teams who bicker and back stab each and every day!

The paranormal field is filled with so much drama it’s unbelievable.

After I left the team it was a few months later that I decided to set up my blog. After my experience I just wanted to set something up on my own, where I wouldn’t have to answer to anybody about anything. I could my own thing.

The hard thing about being in a team is that the majority of teams like to keep to themselves (which I completely understand) They won’t work with other people because it can cause controversy.

It sounds daft right? But I can see where they are coming from. Being friends with everyone can cause a lot of drama, simply because there’s always going to be one person who doesn’t like another and then guess what?

YOU have to listen to them complain about it.

Sure, go ahead, team up, but at the end of the day people’s ego’s in this field can be so big that eventually that person you thought was your friend will turn their back on you if they think for the slightest moment that you are doing just a little bit better than them. (It could be that you have a better social media presence, you get more likes on something, ridiculous stupid reasons)

I know this because I’ve been through it and I’m going through it now.

I hate to say this but most people get involved in this field because they believe it is a sure and easy way to hit fame.

I see this happening day in and day out.


Just recently I have had two teams fall out with me over practically nothing, One I was not so close to and one I was very close too.

I decided to speak my mind on my FB page about how I can’t do everything for everyone. My status was aimed at a team who got mad at me because I refused to attend one of their events and blog about it (For anyone that doesn’t know, that’s something I am not doing now moving forwards) so I’d politely said ‘no’ and then I received a huge backlash of abuse from them for it. In the meantime, this other team I was close too took it as a dig at them and they all deleted me.

I could honestly see it coming and I could have for a while. Simply because I noticed things started to change once I began to do a little better with my blog.

Jealousy and the green-eyed monster play a HUGE part within the paranormal field.

Wether people care to admit it or not there will always be someone wanting and waiting for you to fail and if you end up doing well but don’t take them along for the ride, that’s when they turn on you.

Not many people know but I have been offered 7 different TV appearances on shows this year alone, from the UK to America and guess what? I turned them all down.

WHY? Because I could tell in that instance that they simply were not right for me.

I do have goals in life and if TV ever does come into it then so be it. My main outlook is to become a published author.

Does that make me a bad person for wanting to do that? and does it make anyone else a bad person for wanting to be on TV? No it does not.

It just means you have goals and I have nothing against anyone who is on TV, I wish them all well for their future.

So what’s my experience of this so-called Happy paranormal world?

It’s really not happy at all. You make friends but evidently no one is really your friend, They may start out like that but at the end of the day they are only out to get what they can from you before they push you aside.

People within the field will support you for a while, but as mentioned before, start doing well for yourself and watch all of your so-called friends turn their backs on you and try to copy / imitate what you doing hoping that it will work out well for them too.. AND 9/10 it doesn’t work out and you just end up looking like a copycat.

That’s just the way of it and in my experience, it’s been this way for the entire time I have been involved in the field.

I have a very SMALL handful of people who I actually trust.

In fact, I can count them on my fingers.

Mainstream Problems.


You have people (friends of friends) running to people’s defence on a subject when these people running have no idea what’s gone on in the first place! Mind boggling isn’t it? (And Yes, that is a real word!)

And then we have the…

People getting blocked by association… that happens too. Because you speak to someone in the paranormal field and if someone else doesn’t happen to like them… they block you LOL (I’ve never met you, what’s the problem?


People moaning about other people’s evidence or calling them fake publicly. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Whatever you do or say will not change anything, trust me. I know people who are fake in this field because I’ve caught them doing it myself (some of them are now on TV) but have I ever publicly outed them? No. 

Why? Because it’s my word against them and it just brings more of the pointless drama. 


You have people making fake Facebook / Twitter accounts as they haven’t got the balls to say anything to your face so they make a fake account and start commenting typical keyboard warrior things off of that. (Ohhhh it happens, believe me!


You have teams who will call a location and cancel another teams event (sometimes on the day) just to be spiteful… OR when a team falls out (as they usually do at some point) the persons separated can not just drop the vendetta against each other and then hence ALL OF THE ABOVE HAPPENING. 

School playground? It’s worse, trust me. 

Y’all need some CLOSURE people !! 

My advice — see a councillor. 


So, due to all of my experiences lately, I will only be working with James moving forward and we will continue to do our blog.

It’s been evident since day one that some people have a problem with us working together and again, why they have this problem, I don’t understand.

It’s not going to change anything, we are still going to go on enjoying investigating without all of the drama.

I will keep myself to myself which is a shame to have do something so drastic, but this is my way of walking away from the drama and all of the childishness.

I admit that I too have said and done things in the past I am not proud of but at least I have the balls to admit that, Unlike some people who like to act innocent in every situation.

You want to support me? Great. I’ll support you too.

You want to hate me? Great. I don’t care.

Just don’t be including me in your playground politics.

If you don’t like the way someone is doing something, ignore them and separate yourself from it, concentrate on your own shit.

This is YOUR journey, not anyone else’s so you don’t need to be calling people names constantly behind their backs, surely you have better things to do with you time? Or at least I’d hope so. If not, then it’s an extremely sad life you must be leading.

Moving forwards I will not hesitate to start cutting people out of my life who cause drama, because at the end of the day


Maybe you should too?

Thanks for reading!

Vicky xo


One thought on “Paranormal Problems.”

  1. Love your writing Vicky,
    🤣 I’ve never investigated, personally but, have had experience’s esp with Voices & I actually been woke up & my life saved by a male voice saving me from a fire)
    So, keep doing what your good at) please yourself & God will please you
    🖤👻📸 Dead Insight


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