The Hermit Cave.

Hi everyone! Welcome to the next investigation instalment blog!

For this blog we travelled to Derbyshire to investigate the hauntingly beautiful Hermit Cave!

For those of you that don’t know, I actually wrote an article for Haunted Magazine (Issue H20) where I covered the story of the Hermit  and what it was that made him leave his life behind as a baker and decide to live a solitary life in the woods.


I definitely suggest you check it out to get the full historical story.

The issue can be read for free via the app or you can order your copy in print by visiting the Haunted Magazine website!

The Hermit Cave.


The entirety of the Hermit Cave and the woodland surrounding is deemed to be extremely sacred ground. I won’t get into the full history of the Hermit, but the story goes that he had a vision from god and was told to move to the woodland and live out a solitary life.

The hermit supposedly spent the next 80 years living inside of this cave and practicing his faith.

So why is the cave reputed to be so haunted?

Pathway to the cave.


Over the years there have been many stories which surround the cave and some of them are very dark indeed. It is said that satanic rituals have taken place here as if to once disrupt the peaceful ground and try to summon something much more evil.

I will admit…

I have investigated the cave on a few occasions and as mentioned in my article for Haunted Magazine I have always believed that there is some kind of push between good and evil.

Although it can totally depend on when you visit and what those spirits have in store for you.

Do I believe that something demonic resides there?

The answer is simple. No.

BUT I do believe that the grounds and the cave itself harbours a strange energy of good and bad spirits. The bad spirits which in my experience, like to imitate and pretend that they are worse than they actually are….

Surely if something demonic was there, I’d be in a worse state than I am now after investigating it so many times in the past!

That’s how I like to look at it logically anyway. 


The Investigation. 

Joined by my friend and fellow investigator James Pykett of Haunted Insight & HauntedLIVE we ventured to the cave for another investigation.

I say another, it was for me, but this was the first time that James had ever visited this location.




We were armed with our equipment in hand and it was around 9PM when we arrived.

We’d taken the short walk up to the cave and through the woodland and on the way it seemed that the activity had already began because the brand new batteries I’d only just put into my torch moments ago had already started to drain.

These are industrial batteries, they should last for hours (if not days) so yes, I did find that a little strange!

Also, it’s not the first time that this has happened to me whilst investigating this location. 

As we’d approached the cave, we did a quick scope of the area to make sure that no one was around and it was all clear.

We’d stepped foot inside of the cave and heard a ‘Hiss‘ like sound almost immediately.

The cave is not a massive area, in fact, it’s incredibly small. We couldn’t see an animal inside and nothing had gone past us to get out.

We had no idea where the hiss had come from and if I’m honest, it almost sounded human. 

From that moment, we went straight into investigating.

We began to call out, asking for noises and signs that someone was there with us. We did hear a few strange bangs which sounded like they were coming from above the cave, not only this, but myself and James both saw what looked like a ‘dark shadow‘ move from the right side of us.

Whatever it was looked as if it was inside of the cave with us.

Now taking out some equipment, we decided to test a new ghost box called the SONOX10 Spirit Box.

The above is a description from the creator to explain how the device works!

For the first part of the off camera session we started to receive words such as ‘Sacrifice, Alter, Demon, Demonic‘ I was even called a ‘Bitch‘ as I’d called out.

It was pretty apparent to us what kind of night this was going to be.

With such accurate responses relating to the stories of the area, we flicked on our night vision camera and hit record to try and document some of them!


Here’s the full Ghost Box session video!

We captured some AMAZING responses, please give it a watch and let us know what you think!


I think my favourite moment in the above video is capturing that ‘cackle‘ of a laugh which must have spanned over several sweeps!

To me, that’s pretty awesome! 

Not only that, but we were receiving FULL sentences!

Honestly, I’m still pretty amazed by it all.


Ghost Box Session Analysis. 


The first part of the ghost box session seemed to be making reference to ‘naughtiness‘ quite a fair bit. What makes it so intelligent is that I kept hearing a male laugh and then we receive the response ‘We’re having fun‘ so to me, that comes across as something clearly playing with us.

You will then hear a female intercept and say ‘Scratch her little butt‘ which watching back, I was a bit like WOAH… No way did it just say that, but it CLEARLY does.. I couldn’t not point that out (as stupid as it sounds)

You’ll then again hear a male come through and say ‘A bit naughty‘ and then we received that creepy cackle of a laugh from a female. Everything rolled in conjunction with one and other and it wasn’t long after this that I heard the noise next to me….

I still think the leaf randomly flying into the window is a little creepy.

Considering there was no wind. It could have been an animal, I’m not going to discount that, but it sounded closer to me like it was inside of the cave.

In my mind, I felt like it was building up to something.

( And don’t worry, I checked my ‘Little butt‘ when I got home and I hadn’t been scratched LOL )

Moving on to the next part, we switched it up and James took the ghost box to see what kind of response he would receive with him being a male.

As you’ll see in the video, His name is said pretty much from the moment it’s turned back on as you’ll hear a woman say ‘James Can help‘ and after that yet again we receive another intelligent response when he asked ‘who keeps moving?’ it responds ‘very good movement

The next part I believe we were picking up on some kind of ‘residual‘ energy as it speaks the words ‘F**cked and then says ‘I’m gonna die, and I know it‘ !!

That was one of the best and clearest sentences I’ve EVER heard through a ghost box.

It can only make you wonder what this moment is referring to and what possibly could have happened in this cave!

The only name we received all night through the ghost box was ‘Walter‘ – The ‘W’ sounds quite pronounced to me, but again it could be conceived as ‘Alter‘ as there actually is one in the cave on the opposite side.

The other name we received was ‘Donald‘ and this was given to us through the Alice Box later in the night.

James would also ask the question ‘can you come towards me and try and touch me‘ and again the spirit box would respond within seconds ‘Reach out and touch me‘ – another amazing intelligent response over several sweeps!

The sound outside was also strange, it was like a gate opening.

There is gate which you have to go through to get to the cave but it’s at least a good mile or so away. Unless the sound travelled to us, but again, who had opened it? We didn’t see anyone else whilst we were there and when we later reached the gate on the way out, it was still closed.

Not long after this we heard what sounded like footsteps outside. Again, we can’t discount that this was just an animal. Luckily the camera picked up the rustling of the leaves so you can hear it for yourselves. At the time it didn’t sound as pronounced as that to us, it actually sounded like tiny feet outside, like a child. Soon the Alice box said ‘7‘ randomly after we mentioned a kid.

You’ll see me react and say maybe its an age?

I honestly think James was spot on with his statement of saying that something was messing with us and maybe trying to imitate a child as nothing else seemed to be working. It wanted to gain our trust. 

With receiving responses such as ‘Demonic’ Scratch her, Alter‘ etc… There was no way that I believed it was a child spirit.

For the last part of the session, I’d already spoken aloud and made it pretty clear that I didn’t think it was a child, but I’d humour it all the same. 

I think this actually may have annoyed whatever spirit was there, as it began to take a dark turn once more.

I’ve honestly never heard my name being said so many times through a ghost box. I didn’t hear it whilst we were sat in the cave but watching it back I was SHOCKED.

Not only did it say my name, it also called me a bitch again.

The voices were very odd, they also sounded ‘child like‘ but they definitely had a darker tone behind them and the giggle was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard.

You’ll also clearly hear the ghost box say ‘Get out all of you, Ha ha‘ right towards the end.

I think it was a pretty eventful night and the responses we got were impressive! 



Myself and Jame’s are already planning to go back to see what else we can get now that we’ve been through the footage and know what to expect!

The light anomaly was also strange, definitely not a bug of any sort and there was no moisture or dust in the air, it was a clear night. No wind, no nothing.

Plus it seemed to fade out of noting and beam brighter before it disappeared.

Can I say that is Paranormal? No. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.




After the ghost box session we ventured out into the woods but we didn’t receive anything out of the ordinary.

The temperature began to drop and it was absolutely freezing! We’d been out for a good 3 hours or so and we decided to wrap up the investigation and head home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and the video, It’s a little different to what I normally do but I must admit I really did enjoy filming and being able to actually showcase our evidence as well as write about it in an analysis!

There will be lots more like this to come from myself and James in the coming months….


Until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Blog, photos and video edited by Vicky Grant. 



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