Tatton Old Hall.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the next investigation installment blog! 

For this blog I traveled to Knutsford in Cheshire to investigate the breathtaking Tatton Old Hall!!!


The Hall itself dates back to the 14th century and is reported to have a whole host of ghost stories which is not surprising for a location that is steeped is so much history!

The hall has also been featured in the most recent issue of Haunted Magazine (Issue 22) and I’d definitely recommend you grab your copy to read more about this magnificent building!


For this investigation I was lucky enough to be welcomed to the location by TV ghost hunter Danny Moss and his team The Haunted Hunts.

Danny and the Haunted Hunts Team.

I’d been seeing this location advertised on social media for a while and I had felt incredibly drawn to it. It really does hold it’s very own personality, that’s a certainty!

Not only is the building said to be home to it’s very own spirits and residual energy, but that is not all!

Recently Danny has been working on building his very own Haunted Collection and has slowly been introducing some very unique items into the hall!


My Night at Tatton… 

I arrived at Tatton Old Hall at around 8PM accompanied by my dad. For those of you who have read some of my previous blogs, you’ll know that he sometimes tags along. (He loves it, bless him!)

Before I get into anything, I need to tell you about the drive up to the place…

The Hall itself is set in a massive park surrounded by beautiful wildlife. Now you have to remember, this was at night and it was completely pitch black. The drive up to the actual Hall was one of the most eeriest experiences of my life… and I’m not even exaggerating.

We’d pulled up outside and Danny soon came out to meet us.

He gave us a private tour around the building and filled us in on some of the history, ghost stories and also a little more information into some of the Haunted Objects he had brought into the building.


The Haunted Chest.

I was SUPER interested to see these items. I had watched a few videos online from Danny’s social media page of the insane evidence he had captured whilst working with these objects and honestly, I was a little apprehensive!!

The first item he showed me was The Cursed Chest..


The story behind this item is that it was found in the basement by a family and roughly would date back to the early 1800’s.

Why is said to be cursed? No one truly knows… but everyone that has owned this chest has experienced extremely bad luck after they acquired it, Including Danny himself. I was told what happened to him but I won’t get into the details as it’s something highly personal to him.

The chest itself also has weird scratch like markings on the back which Danny has had several different people look into, yet still no one can explain exactly what it is?

After looking at the markings myself…

I will admit. The first thing that popped into my head was ‘witchcraft


Bob The Clown Boy. 



And now we come to Bob…

The creepy little clown doll.

The story behind Bob again dates back to the 1800’s. He was found in the attic of a home by a young boy who then went on to have an unhealthy obsession with him. The little boy would tell his mother that the dolls legs would move by themselves and the boy would be grounded for supposedly  lying about it. It wasn’t until the mother witnessed this phenomena for herself that the doll was then cast out from the family home and handed over to specialists within the paranormal field.

When Danny had taken me into this particular area to see Bob up close and personal – I remember the atmosphere inside of this room immediately changed for me.

I’d felt fine walking around all of the other areas so far, but in this room…

It had a very bad vibe. 


The Grace Doll. 


She looks so innocent right?


Grace is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a witch and Danny alongside his team have done extensive research working with this particular item with several different methods.

Whilst using the S-box – they have captured the same malicious sounding voice on several occasions which has said things like ‘Curse you, Hang them, Evil and Release me as well as making reference to ‘Ruthin‘ when asked where she had come from.

We ALL had a pretty profound experience with Grace on the night I went to investigate and Danny captured it all on camera!


As well as the above, Danny also has a Lamba tribe mask which is said to have been used in rituals in Africa, this particular item is known to give off random bursts of extremely high EMF readings, again, something that has been documented by Danny on several occasions.



The Investigation – The Main Hall. 

After my tour with Danny and getting filled in some of the strange happenings at the Hall the rest of the guests arrived at around 9PM.

For the first part of the evening we all joined together in the great hall in an attempt to build up energy for the evening ahead! 



There was around twenty of us (or so) and we’d spread out perfectly in this hall to form a kind of circle.

Danny took the lead and began to call out. Asking for any spirits of the hall to come forward and communicate with us. He also asked for one in particular…

Thomas Kingman

He is probably the most famous and well known spirit (a former gamekeeper) who is said to reside at Tatton Old Hall. He is deemed to be a very powerful poltergeist with a nasty temper who has a disliking for women.

In life he was known to be a drunk and he would also abuse his own wife and children on a regular basis.

In fact, there is a picture of him hanging in Tatton Old Hall…


A week prior to my visit, Danny was on location filming and a door had mysteriously opened in the lower corridor which was witnessed by the TV crew at the time who thought someone was trying to come inside. When they’d looked, no one was around.

Danny believes this to be that of  Thomas trying to get their attention! 

The Door which had opened a week before my visit.

During our time investigating as a group in the main hall, There were several K2 devices scattered around us which slowly began to spike without a reasonable explanation.

They seemed to be responding in regards to Danny’s taunting. He did inform me at the start of the night that he would use provocation to generate activity from certain spirits in the house due to their nature in life and the bad things they had done.

I honestly had no problem with this… and it worked really well!

We’d been in the hall for a good twenty minutes or so before the activity seemed to spike up. I remember I was stood towards the back and I began to feel really uneasy, as if someone was stood directly behind me. I’d glanced back, nothing. Everyone was still in the circle. It was then I got this unbelievable stench of what I could only describe as ‘Alcohol

It absolutely reeked.

It smelt like someone had been in the pub all day and had literally just breathed on my face and the fumes from the alcohol lingered in the air.

The only person stood close enough to me was my dad and he hadn’t been drinking. In fact, he doesn’t even drink anyway!

I’d spoken up about this, mostly because Thomas was known to be a drunk in life and I was wondering if I was picking up on him.

It wasn’t long after I said this that a few other ladies in the room on the complete opposite side of me had said they thought they had smelt it too.

Whatever it was seemed to be moving around the room and would only last a few seconds at a time.

It felt like we were being watched.

The women in-particular were the ones who seemed to be singled out.

This along with the random EMF bursts made the first part of the investigation VERY interesting indeed.


The Living Quarters.

For the second part, Danny split us down into smaller teams.

I was paired with himself and a few other guests as we’d headed upstairs to what would have been the living quarters.



I myself went into one of the rooms with a couple of guests whilst everyone else stayed just outside of the door in the corridor.

It was rather quiet in this area where activity is concerned. Danny conducted a live EVP session but nothing was captured out of the ordinary.

Another ghost story for this particular area is that of children spirits but Danny did go on to mention that he hadn’t heard anything from them for a while and he was unsure if it was because of Thomas or maybe the haunted items he had brought into the building.

As stated, I was stood in one of the bedrooms when I began to smell that awful stench of alcohol again.

It wafted right past me almost in a breeze and I was pretty sure that whatever was downstairs was now in this room with us. I also had a pretty personal experience of my own here like I had been touched upon my shoulder.

It was very prominent and certainly made me turn around quite swiftly!


The Outside Barn. 

Swapping teams around. We now ventured outside to the barn to which Danny did state was not the original but it did rest on the original land.

Unfortunately for this part of the investigation we didn’t receive any activity in our small group. Which to me, is just the way Ghost Hunting goes sometimes! Spirits are not performing monkeys at the end of the day they will communicate with you if and when they please!

regardless of the above, I did hear that another group that had ventured into the barn a little earlier in the evening had some great activity with the Ouija board as well as having touch sensitive balls light up on command!


The Victorian rooms. 


This area was REALLY interesting for me. I was teamed up with Haunted Hunts investigator Becky and we’d all gone down to the lower rooms.

Some of the guests stayed in the back room to try and conduct a ouija board session but myself and another female stayed in what could only be described as a ‘tea room’. It had a huge table in the center and was set up with cups and cake trays etc, all for decoration.

I’d sat back and heard what sounded like something shuffling on the table next to me so I’d turned my torch on to see but I couldn’t make out what the noise exactly was.

It honestly sounded as if something had moved and I wasn’t the only one to hear this!

Myself and another lady also witnessed the REM pod going off which had been placed down the corridor so we’d decided to stand a little closer as Becky tried to entice the spirit of Sir Thomas towards us.

Standing alone in this little out-cove was very uncomfortable.

Myself and the other female guest I was with both heard two very distinct bangs on wood which sounded like it came from directly in front of us. I also heard what sounded like old fashioned music, just a few notes. I later found out there is a type of music box a little further down the hallway, so I can only wonder if that’s what it was! 

We continued to call out in this area, but again, sadly, the activity seemed to come in a short burst and then go flat again.


The Master Bedroom. 


After a short break and a nice hot cup of coffee we were back and ready to take on Tatton Old Hall once more!

This time we teamed back up with Danny and went into the Master Bedroom.. which also happens to be the new home of Bob the haunted clown doll. (GREAT!)

Ha, only joking. I was proper excited. Not gonna lie.

In this area a movement sensor had been placed on the stairs and Danny began to conduct a spirit box session.

It was pretty active from the off!

To the point of my own dad even feeling like he was pushed! 

Right, so anyone who knows my dad knows that he kinda lives life in his own little bubble so for him to speak up and say he felt that, I know it definitely happened.

He was pretty shaken by it to be honest (bless him!) He had his back to the bed at the time and no one was behind him.

Danny was provoking Bob the doll with the spirit box and he’d asked a certain question…

And I SWEAR I’ve never heard a more clear response that said ‘F**K OFF* come through the spirit box. I was a little amazed by that! I also found it really funny too as this Bob clearly had some attitude. (uh-huh!)

When Danny went back at him for saying that, the spirit box AGAIN responded with the word ‘F**k‘ – so really, that only verified what we’d just heard moments ago!

As my dad had quite clearly been touched by this point, Danny decided to get my dad to call out to Bob and he received some responses himself, but when my dad asked who’d touched him… it actually said the name ‘Fred

Not going to lie… the spirit box session was insane. I REALLY enjoyed this.

Not only that but during our break prior to going into the Master Bedroom, a few guests had gone up to do an EVP session and captured what sounded like a child laughing at them ‘HA‘ – it’s very clear and you’ll be able to see all of this is the video that Danny and his team put together at the end of the blog.


The Nursery. 


For the final part of the investigation we’d headed down to the nursery area to do some work with Grace the Haunted Doll which is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a witch.

Danny admitted to me earlier on in the evening that this particular item scares the absolute shit out of him, mainly because of the evidence he’d captured when trying to communicate with it.

Just prior to us going down, Danny had taken another team inside whilst we were upstairs.. and legitimately, all I could hear were people reacting to what was clearly happening downstairs. It caused quite a ruckus.

When we swapped over the other team had told me that this same creepy ‘old woman’ kind of voice kept coming through the s-box and also they’d heard several taps on the glass box (to which sounded as if it was coming from the inside!) – In three knocks, responding to Danny.

I couldn’t wait to get in there!

Danny wanted to continue on with the session as he’d been getting great activity with Grace so we simply swapped over.

We crowded into the room and stood around whilst he began to call out to Grace using the S-box.

It had seemed to go quiet for us, but after a few more attempts a very clear (disturbing) voice came through the box… which sounded to me like ‘Shut up‘ – It was your typical old cranky lady voice! Hellaaaaaa horrible. 

That was the only time I heard a voice and Danny went on to try and get the taps on the box to happen again.

It did…

And Danny is gonna hate me for this.. but I didn’t hear it! (I’m sorry!)

EVERYONE in the room reacted to it, even my own dad heard it. But not me. I find that doubly weird! I will admit though, I was slightly zoned out in this area and I didn’t feel like myself. I’m not saying that something paranormal had attached to me, I just knew something was not right.

BUT.. Luckily for you all (and me) The whole entire thing was being filmed and it was all captured on video and you can watch it ALL below!

It was an incredibly active night and I’ve probably missed off some stuff that happened as there were different teams etc. But I’ve highlighted all of my own personal experiences! I had a lot!


I absolutely loved my night at Tatton old hall and it’ll be one investigation I am not likely to forget very soon, that’s for sure.

Massive thanks to Danny Moss and The Haunted Hunts team for having me along!

But.. until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant. 




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