National Justice Museum.

Hi Everyone!

On the 31st January, myself alongside James Pykett and Jason Wall of HauntedLIVE attended a Ghost Hunting charity event at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham which had been organised by Barrie John.

This was also my first time working with James (who runs as an ‘official team‘ since we decided to link our blogs together.

It’ll probably be the last time I work with him as well.



Event Poster.


For those of you that are unaware of HUG, It’s an amazing charity that supports anyone who needs help following the loss of a baby at any gestation.

They really do some amazing work so it was a pleasure to attend the event and get involved with something like this!


Outside of the museum – Photo Credit – James Pykett.


The National Justice Museum (formally known as The Galleries Of Justice and historically as the Shire Hall and County Gaol) Is a 14th Century Jail which has been used for many purposes over it’s long lifespan including a police station and courts. The Museum itself is still home to the original cells, dungeons, two courtrooms and even some medieval caves.

In the earlier years this is where prisoners would find themselves being tried, convicted and sentenced all in the same place. Their were also MANY executions that took place upon the very steps just outside of the building!

This gives you a general idea of the gruesome history and I suppose a reason why the Museum is reputed to be so Haunted!

If you’d like more information on the vast history of this amazing location Click Here.


Ghost Stories! 


BOO! There is an absolutely staggering amount of ghost stories at the Museum and various sightings from both Paranormal Investigators as well as the general public!

Full apparitions have been spotted roaming the corridors, typically described as wearing old fashioned Victorian clothing. The sightings include those of men, women and children and can range from prison guards to prisoners themselves! (Pretty creepy, right?)

The Court’s themselves are supposedly one of the most active area’s in the building and are believed to hold a high amount of residual energy. People have reported seeing black shadows standing on the balconies as well as reports of hearing disembodied voices and even the sound of the judges gavel as it hit the table in a final decision!

Below in the actual cells, there are reports of keys jingling and also hearing sounds of crying and moaning in the distance. Although not every story is just shadows and sound phenomena! Interestingly cell doors have also been reported to slam by themselves and people have spoken of feeling a heavy dark presence.

So with this plethora of ghost stories, what happened on the night we went to investigate?

The Investigation.


I arrived at the Museum at around 7PM and met James outside.

Honestly, I was feeling a little nervous of the place, I have investigated it once before but something about the building and it’s chilling history gives me the creeps!

Just knowing it once held murderers and other kinds of ‘delightful‘ people is enough to put anyone on edge…. although, I was excited at the same time to see if we could uncover anything ourselves on the night.

After a catch up and a quick ‘hello‘ to Barrie, I went off with James as he took some photographs inside of the building, this also gave me a chance to get my ‘bearings’ a little bit as the place is HUGE. It didn’t particularly help though as I still had no idea where we were going half the night. (True Story!)

Whilst the guests began to arrive at around half past 7, Barrie was actually fine with us 3 going off by ourselves whilst everyone settled in and he gave a quick tour of the building to everyone else.

The evening was a ‘do your own ghost hunt‘ night type of thing, meaning, you could wander off in your own little groups and pretty much do your own thing!

The Caves. 

We started in the Caves (which seemed like forever to get back down too!) I’m not actually sure how far down they go, but it seemed like a really long way to me.

It was deathly quiet in there for the first twenty-minutes or so but myself and Jason had feelings like we were not on our own and funnily enough, we had both saw what looked like a glowing white light floating between the pillars of the room.

I know it sounds weird, but after doing this for so long I kind of get a sense when something is around, it’s almost like a ‘walked over your grave‘ sensation and I’d felt that a few times whilst sitting down there and calling out.

We had a few strange bangs and noises coming out from in the corridor and at this point we knew for certain that no one else was down there with us.

One sound we managed to debunk as it was water dripping onto a piece of wood (James also jumped at this noise and ran back into the room.)

It was me, The brave one (who am I kidding?) that went to check this out. He’d also said he’d seen a shadow hovering by the cave entrance.

The other noises though were much more louder and harder to explain!

We also had the Alice box running at this time and we did an EVP session.

During the EVP session it seemed that the Alice box was answering the questions we were asking.

For a name it said ‘Mark‘ and an age it also said ‘Six‘ – which was strange as I’d began to feel an unbelievable cold spot directly to the right side of my knee which would have been around a child’s height.

Jason also felt this as he was sat next me.

The whole entire experience down there was pretty strange to be honest. We didn’t get a lot… but we knew we wasn’t alone.


The Victorian Prison & Cells.


For the second part of the investigation we actually went into the Victorian prison next door, I’d never been into this part before because the last time I went it was closed off.

The cells are little more modern than the ones in the museum itself.

To be honest, we were not particularly investigating at this time, more so just walking around and getting a feel for the building.

Myself and Jason had headed down the corridor when we heard what sounded like something metal being hit rather loudly, it kinda rang through the corridor and made us stop in our tracks for a moment. Our first initial response after this was to find out if anyone else was in here with us and also to see if we could find a logical explanation for the noise.

We couldn’t.

No one else was in there and we couldn’t figure out where the noise had came from.

We then moved to the cells back in the main part of the museum and we’d found a row of three or so…..

It was rather hilarious as poor James went to close all of the cell doors so we could have absolute quiet, so whilst he was doing this myself and Jason just stood back laughing as we realised there was no point..  the middle door didn’t actually close properly anyway (LOL) wasted effort, but did we stop him? nope! Bless. 

Nothing out of the ordinary happened inside, but on the walk down there it felt like someone had grabbed my side. It was pretty well lit in this area due to the ‘fire exit‘ signs and I’d turned and Jason was stood a fair few feet away from me.

That’s something I can’t explain. It was as if a hand grasped my side, almost to stop me from moving on to where we were going.

We also did a brief investigation in the ‘death cell‘ and again I had a strange experience inside. I was sat on a small wooden stool and something knocked by boot. It actually caused my foot to sway a little bit. The only thing I can say it reminded me of is when a dog (or some kind of animal) would bolt past you pretty quickly.

The Courtroom.

For the final part of the investigation we happened to stumble across a courtroom that was free so we decided to go inside and see if we could get any activity.

I had the Ovilus device running and it was throwing out some strange words but one in-particular stood out the most to us.


And after looking into this a bit more, the actual meaning is

‘The ability to judge well.’

Pretty accurate right? considering we were sat in a courtroom! I honestly have never heard the Ovilus say that word, I was pretty impressed with that.

After the activity seemed to quieten once more, I had gone out of the room for a few moments and when I came back Jason and James said the activity had spiked up again.

They’d been hearing all sorts in the room, Like shuffling footsteps, movement and even had bangs on command. My first initial thought was ‘Is it me? am I the reason we wasn’t getting anything in here before?‘ – with me being a female. Maybe this particular spirit just didn’t want to interact whist I was in the room?

I stayed, never the less.

We were almost ready to finish when all three of us were startled by a really loud rattling sound. It literally caused the entire room to shake a little bit.

Myself and James both stepped back (I was stood in the courtroom box at this time and almost fell out of it and onto a table as it startled me that much) All three of us looked up to the balcony at the door where the noise had come from. It was as if someone was trying to get inside.

We headed up and then realized you can’t actually get to the door from our side of the courtroom properly.

James had actually climbed over and checked it, it was locked.

Heading back out of the courtroom, there was a staff member sat on reception, we asked her if anyone had been down this way and where the door actually led too. After she pointed us in the right direction we found the other-side of the door and James took the handle..

It opened!

The door was not locked…

So why it wouldn’t open when we tried it the first time, we didn’t understand!

The member of Staff also verified that no one else had been down that way.

SO… that was a pretty cool experience to end the night with!

All in all it was a quiet night for activity at the museum but we had a great investigation and equal fun between us… lots of jokes and innuendos throughout as I’m sure you can imagine with those two! IT NEVER STOPS.  😉

The event was held for a magnificent cause and it really was a privilege to be a part of it!

Massive thanks to Barrie John for organizing it!


James now has a gallery up of photos he took from the night we visited….

THEY ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING and definitely worth checking out!

This little beauty he took is my favorite.. (because it’s creepy and I helped, kinda, sorta!)




We have lots more investigations planned between us for this year so watch this space.

One might be sooner than you think! (If the rain holds off, aye?)

BUT… Until next time

Happy Hunting.

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant and all Photographs credited to James Pykett.

#DeadxCentral #HauntedInsight












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