Former Hatton Court Hotel.

Hi everyone! Welcome to the next investigation installment blog. For this blog we traveled to Hanslope in Milton Keynes to investigate the former Hatton Court Hotel.

This was a completely new location for us and I was really excited to check it out!


We joined on a paranormal event with Barri Ghai (Help! my house is haunted) and the GPS Ghostfinders team.


Hatton Court Hotel. 


Currently being refurbished by the owner, The Former Hatton Court Hotel is said to house a multitude of different spirits. I was lucky enough to be able to speak to the owner on the night we investigated and she told me a little about the house and activity which seems to have heightened since they have began the refurbishment. It has a staggering amount of sightings  from full apparitions, shadow figures as well as disembodied voices being heard, loud footsteps and doors opening and closing on their own accord.

Not only this, but whilst they were renovating the cellar, Human bones were discovered in the concrete. Not a full skeleton, just partial remains! (Creepy right?!)

The location was Formerly known as ‘Hanslope Lodge’ and after speaking to owner, she went on to explain that she had been struggling to find actual historical facts in regards to the building itself. (And I can see why! I have spent hours researching this place online and there is little to no knowledge of when the place was actually built!)

It is suggested that it was constructed in 1861 and for many years served as a home before being converted into the Hatton Court Hotel. At times the location was simply known as ‘The Lodge’ and The earliest information about the site is from a map of 1779 which shows an earlier building owned by Stephen Hoddle who owned considerable property in Hanslope parish.

After endlessly browsing through various google searches and books, I decided to have a glance at the old newspaper archives, though again, not a lot of information was gathered here, but I did mange to find one documented death inside of the property.

Newspaper: Buckingham Advertiser and Free Press

Published: Saturday 04 March 1899



Reginald and Caroline Walpole are said to have moved into the property in 1861.

In 1939, Hanslope Lodge seems to have been requisitioned by the Government and in about 1988 the buildings were refurbished as Hatton Court Hotel.

The entire history for this place certainly left me scratching my head, but as you can see it’s steeped in mystery which only makes it all the more intriguing, for we know not what fully went on behind it’s walls and with a discovery of those human bones in the cellar, one can only wonder!


The Investigation. 

We arrived at the location at around 8.30PM on Saturday the 24th of November. This place is eerily hard to find and the route itself takes you along some very strange and creepy isolated country roads. I couldn’t believe how big the location was as we’d pulled up into the parking area just outside of the home. With the stain glass windows on the outside it almost had a reminiscence to a church.

Upon entering the building we were met by Barri and his team, as well as all of the other guests that had arrived for the event. For the first part of the evening Barri gave a short talk about the building and also showed us some evidence that he had captured previously at the hall.

He had some pretty amazing EVP’s to share with everyone which made it a great start to evening! What was also great about this was I actually saw a dark shadow in my own peripheral vision as Barri was hosting. Everyone was accounted for and we were stood in the main room but myself and another person both saw something flick by the door quickly, blocking out the light.

We were split down into two separate teams but for the first part of the night we all joined up together and headed into one of the main back rooms. I can only assume this was used as a ‘ball room‘ of some sort as it was quite big inside. With the help of Andy Bavington from Team Spiritz who led a seance, everyone joined hands around the room in hopes of trying to build the energy up for the night ahead.

I was stood at the back of the room and it wasn’t long before I began to get a very uncomfortable feeling as if someone or ‘something’ was stood right behind me. As I found out later, it is known that in this particular area of the house there is a spirit by the name of ‘Rob’ who is particularly fond of the ladies.

I distinctly remember it felt as if someone was stood right behind me and it gave me a really uncomfortable feeling. Not only did I feel this but a little later into the seance my vision had been completely blacked out for a few seconds. I could see the light from the devices on the table which was in the center of the room but at one point it had gone fully black as if someone had stepped in front of me for a few seconds. I also saw what looked like a tall figure walking around the inside of the circle, which was when I asked if anyone had broken the circle and was inside. It actually turned out that no one had and we were all still holding hands on the outside.

That was really cool to witness something like that.

Going back to the uncomfortable feeling of someone being around me, A couple of footsteps were also heard behind me at this time which was also witnessed from the people who were stood around me (including Barri)

It almost sounded like someone shuffling past us, But again, no one had moved.

After the seance Andy led a glass divination session and I joined on. We asked a multitude of questions but unfortunately we were unable to get the glass to move this time.

All in all, the group session gave some interesting experiences for myself. Another lady in the room (Gina) who was also stood on our side said she’d felt as if someone had touched her back and her hair.


The Cellar. 

Now we had split down into two groups, Our team had taken the cellar whilst the other team went up to the third floor of the building (to avoid any noise contamination.) We were all pretty far away from each other at this point.

Taking ourselves down the stairs and into one of the main parts of the cellar, it was pitch black down there and had a really old musky smell (it sounds weird but I actually LOVE that! It really gave off the essence of the building and it’s history!)

Splitting up, a few of us stayed in one area whilst the others took the short walk down to the other end.

Barri had set a R.EM Pod up in our area and he was also rolling on the EVP device.

We began calling out asking if any spirits would like to come forward and the R.E.M Pod started to flick to the green light. Now, you have to be pretty close to the device to get it to set off and we were all stood a fair way back from it.

Barri had asked if the spirit was male, but received no response. He then asked if the spirit was female but still nothing, but when he asked if the spirit was inhuman, the light flicked again as if it was answering his question.

The activity in the cellar came in small bursts and there was a particular corner which had a small wood panel built into it, so it was slightly off the ground.

Barri had asked if anyone wanted to stand there so I put myself forward and went alone to the corner. He never said what had happened previously in the area, but I was now stood on this board, still engaged in the investigation. I must have been there for a good ten minutes of so when it suddenly felt as if someone had kicked the wood from underneath me. It made quite a loud noise and I don’t think I have jumped off something so fast in my life (lol!)

Everyone heard the wood bang from under me and Barri thought it was pretty funny and interesting as it’d happened to people before when they have been stood there!

Intrigued, I took out my torch and looked underneath it. There was nothing except the ground and a small tiny gap, there was no way anyone could have gotten under it. It was also explained that recently, during the renovation of the home, Human bones were found in this area. Not a full skeleton, just partial remains!

Which is my mind is really odd! Firstly, what happened to the rest of the bones? and secondly, why would they be randomly buried in the concrete of the cellar!

Later that same evening, Both Barri and Carl stood in the same place and they both received the same response. A banging from underneath the wood. Which only made it much more compelling.

Also in this area Carl had the Ovilus device running. And it did come out with a few interesting details which would relate to witchcraft.

Every single one of us also heard whistling. It was a full tune! We checked with the other team as well to be sure and no one there had whistled. It was seriously the most eerie thing I had ever heard. This particular location was a hot spot for disembodied voices on the night. Not only did we hear the whistling, but also what sounded like a woman groaning and then faintly singing.

We all agreed that we didn’t believe the spirit in this area to be inhuman. It felt as if what it was, was messing around with us and trying to scare us.

The Third Floor. 


Now swapping area’s with the other team we ventured up onto the third floor.

This was a twenty eight bedroom hotel at one point in history and Barri had already warned us that he’d be separating people and placing them into different rooms to see what they may experience. Which honestly, was a good idea.

We started out in one of the larger back bedrooms and Barri was running an EVP session. I think the majority of us had felt a presence of some sort, like we were being watched and upon playing back the EVP you could very clearly hear a woman’s voice being picked up, although none of us at the time had heard a thing with our own ears.

When we split up, I was with another guest called Gina and my dad. We were placed in one of the rooms down the far end of the corridor and Barri had placed a few devices along the corridor. An EMF meter and the R.E.M pod.

Once inside of the room, I was sat on the floor and Gina and my dad was stood up. At this point, everyone was in a room and no one was out in the corridor. We’d been in the rooms for a while whilst Barri and Carl did some calling out and we received some bangs in response to asking for the spirit to do so.

As I was sat on the floor, I’d turned and for a split second, I saw this insanely massive shadow move out from the bathroom and stand right behind my dad. I remember I jumped up and was totally freaking out as it basically came out of nowhere. Gina also thought she’d saw something around that area too.

Barri came into our room to check it out. The whole time we were inside of this room I couldn’t stop feeling really drawn to the bathroom. I just felt like something was inside of it, watching us. It’s really hard to explain when you get a certain feeling about something. I’m no psychic, Just call it intuition! 

The four of joined hands and did a small seance, Barri called the spirits forward.

I really wanted us to go into that bathroom. So I asked if we could.

This was exactly how the conversation went down.


Me: “Can we go into the bathroom?”

Barri: “Go on then..”

Me: “Not on my own!” (total wimp, for reals man, are you mad?! LOL)

So my lovely dad was like “I’ll go in there with you.

So he walks me to the door and goes inside and then turns back around and leaves me there on my own. I swear there was some sort of conspiracy going on!

So I’m stood in there, on my one. The area I have just seen a MASSIVE shadow come out of, the area I’d been attracted too since we first stepped foot into the room.

I had my torch on…

A few seconds later I hear Barri…

“Vicky, turn your torch off.”


I swear I eye rolled at him so hard through the wall, it’s cool though he didn’t see me.


So yes, I turned off my torch and stood there for a few minutes and I swear it was the most uncomfortable I’d ever felt in my entire life. It was absolutely freezing in this room compared to everywhere else. I think Gina a fellow guest felt a little sorry for me in the end so she came in to keep me company, telling me I had ‘balls of steel‘ and I’m like ‘Oh yeah I know!‘ and in my head I’m thinking I really have not, I was absolutely shitting a brick haaaa!

A few seconds after Gina walked into the room, the R.EM pod which was right outside of our main door was triggered along with the EMF meter a little further down. It was as if we’d pushed something out of the bathroom and into the hallway and it triggered the devices along the corridor.

This was pretty much when everything started to kick off activity wise upstairs.

A few moments later we heard a couple more guests from along the corridor start to scream so Barri went to check it out.

They had a double room like we did. They actually thought it was two separate rooms and that a guest was sat in the room next to them as they saw something peek it’s head around the door and look at them. (It would have been about a child’s height) but they figured it was another guest sat on the floor.

When they realized that it wasn’t two separate rooms, but one joint room and no other guests were inside there with them, that’s when they both realized they’d just saw an apparition.

Barri came up to get us and we now all stood in this room where the apparition was seen. A K2 was placed in the little side room and unknowing to everyone Gina had a sweet in her pocket and she’d taken it out and was offering it to the child.

The Ovilus which Carl was holding outside actually said the word ‘sweet’ which when Gina told us what she had been doing.

She went and put the sweet into the room next to the K2 device and told the spirit they could take it. We then received the name ‘Tom’ – so we’d established a name for this boy as well as it stating he was twelve years old.

I think the spirit had taken a liking to Gina as the device had also said ‘Mummy’ not long after she spoke, so maybe she reminded him of her? who knows.

The K2 also flashed in this room where the sweet had been placed and on the way out, Gina felt someone touch her hair. This was her first ever investigation and she absolutely loved it!

We had so many experiences on the upper floors I feel like I could literally sit here and write a book!

These are just some of the highlights!

Downstairs Hall. 

For the final part of the investigation we spent in the the hall downstairs and this is rather large we decided to join both teams together again like we had the very beginning of the night in hopes of building up the energy once more.

There was various devices scattered around.

A R.E.M pod on both sides of the room which was detecting considerable temperature changes and a EMF trigger object bear had also been placed on a chair in the middle of the room which did spike a few times when asked if the spirit could move towards it.

As well as this, Carl Hutchinson was asking questions on the Paranormal Puck.

The most memorable part for me though was when he had absolute silence and the most toe curling growl was heard in the room which sounded as if it was coming from just outside of the door.

I was pretty certain every single person in the room heard this at the time and we were all hyped up by this!

The Hatton Court hotel is an amazing location and I feel absolutely privileged that I got to investigate such a magnificent and mysterious location!

I will definitely be looking out for events there in the future!


Now, as this is the LAST write up for this year! (I’m actually quite emotional!)

It’s been an absolutely AMAZING year as far as the blog goes and I have loved each and every second of it!

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has showed us support this year and continued to read our posts.

You guys mean the world to us.

I have met so many wonderful people who work within the paranormal field this year and I can’t wait to meet many of you next year!

We have also been fortunate to visit some amazing locations and next year is looking very promising indeed with locations already booked in place such as 30 east drive, The Ram Inn, Moira Furnace, Tatton Old Hall and a return to Haunted Antiques!

This is just a few to mention, we are still in talks with many more teams and locations and we can’t wait for the new year!

It’s been a hell of a journey and I can’t wait to see where it takes us in the future!


Until next year…

Happy Hunting!


Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant. 





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