Fort Horsted.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the next investigation installment blog. 

Myself with the Breaking Paranormal UK team & Guests.

For this blog we traveled to Chatham in Kent to investigate the amazing Fort Horsted.

Breaking Paranormal UK were holding an event here and we attended as guests.

I have investigated the Fort before, but it was around four years ago. My memory on previous experiences here is not so good, but I DO remember we had a lot of unexplained voices and noises at that time. (I just can not remember what they were specifically!)

Me in the main tunnel at Fort Horsted.

Unlike many locations in the UK, Fort Horsted is not packed with paranormal teams investigating it every weekend. In fact, they only allow very few paranormal teams in per year. I’m unsure if this may be the reason why we experienced so much activity on the evening we went, but it seems like a valid theory.

On the night we went which was December the 1st, I had one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had whilst investigating. This blog was originally supposed to be posted in January but I moved the date forward as I felt I needed to share with you what we experienced and captured!

Before we get fully into the explanation of the activity.

Let’s find out a little more about Fort Horsted!


Now for this part, I was going to do a MASSIVE write up about the history but then I actually started looking into it AND THERE IS SO MUCH! It’s really unbelievable. 

It was built in 1880 using convict labor from Borstal prison. So you can imagine how much historical fact is behind it’s walls!

I decided to take the easy route on this and instead of me just repeating myself over and over again, The official Fort Horsted website has a very detailed and knowledgeable history write up, and who better to explain it than themselves, right?

So here is the link; Fort Horsted History.


Newspaper Clippings. 

I did do some research of my own though after reading the history!

I’ve always been a sucker for looking into the old newspaper archives as honestly, you never know what you are going to find!

As mentioned above, the Fort was constructed by Convicts. It is a well known fact that one of these convicts were buried alive whilst it was being built and I actually came across the original article from Bromyard News which was published on Thursday 14 March 1889



Not only this but I also found another article in relation to an accident at the Fort. One that might not be as well known as the other stories. It seems a man accidentally shot himself in the head which resulted in him loosing half of his nose!

It doesn’t state if the man survived or not.

This was published in the Aberdeen Evening Express on Friday 02 April 1886


(Pretty gruesome, right?!) 

So along with the vast history of Fort Horsted, we could only wonder what energy would still be lurking and if we would receive any activity on the night of our investigation. As everyone know’s, when on a ‘ghost hunt‘ you can never guarantee that anything will happen!

It’s just the way of the paranormal, BUT on this occasion, I am thrilled to say that it did not fail to amaze us all!

The Investigation. 

We arrived at the Fort at around 6PM and was greeted by Paul, he overlooks the place and takes charge of the general day to day business.

He started with a safety talk and then went on to explain some of the activity that has already happened at the Fort.

I’m not sure if you are aware but Fort Horsted actually featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures many years ago. Season 6, Episode 9.

So as well as the activity that was reported in this episode, since then, many more experiences have come to the surface.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone at the event was extremely excited to investigate this magnificent place. Paul was kind enough to give us a walk around and during this walk around, one of the areas which is usually closed off to paranormal teams was shown to us.

There is a part of the Fort where you must descend down 90 steps…

Yes that’s right 90!

Now, walking down them was a doddle, it was getting back up them which takes your breath away! (I was knackered! lol)

But it was totally worth it as down these stairs and through a few more tunnels at the very top is a locked off room. In this room it has Old War Graffiti painted by soldiers. The graffiti is so old that if you were to brush against the wall it could easily be destroyed, but Paul was kind enough to let us get up close and see this.

He took us in small groups (3-4 people) at a time and allowed us to witness this!

Here is the photos I took! 

If you look close enough, you can see the signatures written on the wall in pencil. 


After our walk-around, we started the investigation.

As the Fort is such a HUGE location, we split down into 3 small teams of 5-6 people in each group. We knew we’d have no trouble with noise interference, as honestly, when you are in one area, another team would either be VERY far away or DEEP underground.

The walls of the Fort are also very thick,  which cancels out the possibility of too much noise traveling.

In my group, there was Myself, Kim & Luke (The owners of Breaking paranormal UK) Tammy (A team member) and also my Dad and Kim’s mum.

Nice small friendly group! 

We started in the main tunnels whilst the others ventured underground and to opposite sides of the location.

In this area, we stayed on the left side and walked down to the very bottom. At the start of the night Paul told us about a man who actually lives in the tunnels (This is a real person by the way!) His name is Tim. He has an apartment underground. Though why he is there, we really have no idea. At the end of this long tunnel it’s locked off as that would then lead into where this man lives. There is no way of this person getting into the tunnels we were investigating, as it’s locked off from our side.

This is where we decided to start our investigation. 


We were about midway down this tunnel when we heard what sounded like a loud mental creaking noise. We instantly all ran back down to see what it was, only to find that the wind outside had picked up and it was hitting a gate making this noise we all heard. There is an opening at the end of the tunnel, so we debunked it.

With the noise getting louder from the wind, we headed to a quieter area in the back.

There is a small room with some seats laid out and we all sat down, kind of in a semi circle. We’d been calling out for a while and feeling as if we were not alone.

I can’t even begin to explain the amount of disembodied voices we heard with our own ears and the majority of them seemed to be coming from a female.

It was like a distant moan, singing and even what sounded like a hiss.

We actually picked up a lot of this on the camera’s audio as Luke was filming for the entire night.

A lot of us also saw shadows in this area. I guess what’s so amazing is that we didn’t even need to use equipment here, we were able to pick up on everything with our own ears and senses.

This can be a really rare occurrence on investigations, so I was pretty impressed!

I had a particular experience here after we’d moved from the back room and ventured up this flight of stairs into one of the ‘loft‘ areas. Paul had previously told us that in this particular area, whatever spirit was up here seemed to gravitate towards women.

We’d only been up there for less than a few minutes when I heard someone whisper my name…..


I instantly said that I heard it and thank god Luke was filming as he captured it! You’ll be able to see that in my video at the end of the write up.

In this Area Kim also heard something whisper into her ear.

Still in the same area, we decided to use the K2.

We actually had two of them, Kim was holding one and my Dad was holding the other, only a few inches away from each other.

We began to receive intelligent responses.

The K2 would light up for ‘Yes‘ when we asked questions.

But want to hear the really compelling part?

It was only Kim’s K2 that would respond. The other one that was just a few inches away did not even flicker! So IF this was a plane flying overhead or some random burst of energy, then why did it not light them both up? Surely it would.

I’d love someone to explain this to me, as honestly, I was baffled. 

During this session, we managed to find out the spirit was male and that he was a part of the army and his rank was lieutenant. We also established he was with a female spirit.

We played some old time war music for them and asked if they were dancing to which he responded yes. I was also using the Ovilus at this time and when asking who the lady was, it said the name ‘Mandy‘ (I got pretty excited over that intelligent response!)

Again, all of the above was captured on film and it’s available in Breaking Paranormal’s video.



For the second part of the investigation, we ventured down the 90 steps (again lol)

This area is deep underground and at the bottom of the steps is a tunnel.

You then walk up more steps to get to an area where the soldiers in the Fort would use as a firing point, this is where the room to the graffiti leads off.


We actually started investigating just outside of the room with the graffiti.

In this first area again, we began to hear disembodied voices, both male and female.

There was a REM pod on the ground as well a ball which lights up when touched.

We’d kinda all moved into the middle of the room holding hands to build the energy and we were calling out when the ball behind us suddenly lit up.

Honestly, we were not expecting it. It was just a flash of light out of nowhere and we all kinda huddled together hugging whilst Kim (one of a kind) clapped her hands thinking it was amazing!

(It’s actually really funny in the video as I launch as Kim’s mum and jump hug her! I’m sure she was thinking, what the hell? sorrrrrry) 

After we’d composed ourselves we continued to call out again.

This time venturing out into the main area where the stairs are. In this area we persuaded Tammy (as she had a loud voice) to do some roleplay techniques to see if we could get activity. She began to yell out pretending she was a Sargent and that everyone needed to get to their posts as the ‘Gerry’s‘ were coming.

This probably sounds ridiculous.. BUT IT WORKS. 

You wouldn’t believe how much we had happen after this! Which is why I’m so glad that Luke was filming and it was picked up on video. The voices, the loud bangs.

It really seemed to rattle something, that’s for sure.


My amazing experience.


A lot of you may have seen on social media that I stated I had the most terrifying and amazing experience at Fort Horsted.


We’d actually decided to investigate the small tunnel at the bottom of those 90 steps.


Now, I can’t even begin to put into words what I saw, so I thought it best to try and explain face to face in a video. It’s just easier for me that way.

In this video, you will see the explanation of the experience in question, as well as a few clips of evidence from above that was previously captured.

(My name being whispered, The ball getting triggered and also a strange voice we captured right before I had my personal experience.)




So what did I see exactly?

A man. He was young, looked in his twenties, he had thick black hair and it was swept to the side. No facial hair. I looked into his eyes.. they were dark, but I could see the whites of them. He didn’t have an expression and for that split second I saw him, he was looking directly at me.

I did contemplate trying to draw a picture of him, but I’m terrible (It’d look like a stick man) All I can say is, he had a thin face. He didn’t look evil or anything like that, he just looked like a normal person.

And then he was gone in the blink of an eye. 

After hearing the voice in the footage which sounded like ‘Ich‘ in German (to me) I can only wonder if the man that spoke a few seconds before was the man that I saw….

As I mention in my Video Log above..

Yes, this had changed my opinion on the paranormal, people can call me mad, but I KNOW what I saw and I will NEVER forget it.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life….


so far! 


Kim from Breaking Paranormal UK also put together a FULL investigation video of the night, they captured some awesome stuff.

As the video it’s now available on YouTube I have posted it here & you can watch this below!

Kim also wrote on their own blog about their experiences of the night. You can find the post link below and it’s really interesting to read what happened from Team to Team. There is also some EVP’s that a guest (Ashley) captured.



I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as I have enjoyed sharing my experiences with you all. These experiences will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Fort Horsted is a place I will never forget.




I’m going to finish this blog on a fun note.

For those of you that have watched the new all female Ghostbusters…

The reaction from 41 seconds onwards is pretty much me right now.



Until next time,

Happy Hunting.


Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant. 








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