50 Shades Of Spectre.

Hi everyone!

So before you continue to read this post I feel like I have to include some kind of disclaimer here for what is about to follow on this blog. This is intended in all good fun and for adults only. So if you’re underage or easily offended turn back now! 


So I guess the question is, Have you ever had a ghost give you the willies? Well, I think I can honestly say that after this investigation, we certainly have!

Last night (22/11/2018) Myself and a few friends (Nick Stoppani, Miki York, Gaynor Cassie Issitt and Alyson Cheshire) decided we would all meet up and go investigate The Grace Dieu Priory in Leicestershire!

L-R Alyson, Nick, Gaynor, Myself and Miki.

Now, I didn’t actually intend to write a blog on this originally, but due to a certain photo that was captured on the evening, I decided to go ahead and post that along with a few of the other pictures and an explanation of how it all happened.

You may have seen a few statuses floating around on social media saying it looked as if we captured a ‘ghost penis

THIS IS NO JOKE! (well it is! because it’s funny, but honestly, it’s really what it looks like and you will see what I mean below)


Here is all of the other pictures I took on the night with my full spectrum camera.


SO! As you can see from the photos above there is not ONE strange mist in any of the pictures I took throughout the night. There was a total of 21 pictures all together. 

Then we have the actual picture in question….

The Spectral Schlong, The Phantom Phallus, Ectogasm, Haunted Horn, Spooky Sausage, Bewitched Wang, Boogeyman’s boner and last but not least Pareidickolia!

(Thanks to my dirty minded friends for the titles! always appreciated!)


I know you can see it already.. BUT LET’S ZOOM IN ANYWAY!




I noticed this as soon as the photo was taken as it flashed up on my screen! My instant thought was ‘omg, it’s a ghost dick pic‘ and upon showing it to Miki, it received the exact same reaction! 

So after we all had a good laugh of what it actually can be assumed to be, we decided to try and debunk the mist in the photo in case it was my breath that had caused it all in the first place. (BTW I was alone when I took the photo as I’d wandered off, so if it was going to be anyone that caused it, it would have been me.) and yes, I know that sounds completely in the gutter again… but you got this far, so why stop now? 

I went back to stand where I originally took the pic and breathed out and snapped a photo. (Miki can also vouch for this as he was stood right next to me when I did it!)

This was the photo of my breath..


Absolutely nothing! Maybe a tiny bit of mist but nothing compared to the other one!

I also had a before picture too. So you can now see the EXACT order of which I took them.

First Photo.
Second Photo.
Third photo (Whilst breathing out to try and debunk)



There you have it guys! I hope the actual picture brought a smile to your face as I know we all found it extremely funny on the night!

Is the mist actually paranormal? No idea! After trying to debunk it I guess it makes it a little stranger! I think this capture is going to be something memorable for the rest of my life. They say there is a first time for everything….

And for those cleaner minds out there, it’s also been referred to as a ‘hoof‘ and maybe ‘an arm with a mitten on the endBUT SERIOUSLY GUYS .. We all know what it REALLY looks like don’t we?

It was even suggested to me that it looks as if a hand is somehow grasping it….

But I’ll leave you with that thought and you can make of it as you will!

All in all, it was an absolutely brilliant night and great to investigate and catch up with everyone.

Miki was actually doing a lot of filming and apart from the giggles we had, In all seriousness we captured some amazing responses and evidence.

I’m sure he will probably put a video together so I won’t say anything about it for now! 

Just keep your eyes peeled for that one soon!

Until next time

Happy Hunting…


Blog written and photos taken by Vicky Grant.

One comment

  1. Very interesting capture. In the age of dic pics, perhaps the ghost was getting in on it. What man has not gone outside and relieved himself? I guess ghosts do as well.


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