Bosworth Hall.

Hi everyone! Welcome to the next investigation installment blog.

For this blog we traveled to Market Bosworth to Investigate the magnificent Bosworth Hall Hotel where we attended an event on Halloween night being run by Haunted Live.

This was my second investigation here in 2018 and I had such a great experience the first time around I knew I had to go back and investigate it again when given the chance on Halloween night!

As this was an event we were split down into three small teams..

So to get a more accurate idea of what activity was received on the night from team to team I got into contact with the HauntedLive lads and they agreed to write up there own personal experiences of the night and they will be guest featuring on this blog.

We also have Sam Littlejohns from The ParaAngels who was a guest on the evening and she was also kind enough to get involved.


Before we begin, let’s hear a little more about the history and the ghost stories of Bosworth Hall!


The main house which is known as Bosworth Hall was built in 1682 after the land was inherited by the Dixie Family. The Dixie family have records which date right back to the 12th century so there is quite a lot of history that has passed through this building.

Unfortunately for them, they lost their fortune in the early 1880’s due to gambling debts and they were forced to sell their estate.

Although the Dixies did maintain close connections to Bosworth Hall as they served as governors for it’s grammar school.

In 1885 the estate was purchased by Charles Tollemache Scott and he made many changes to building. The cellar gates were replaced with cell doors from the Newgate Prison in London. The gate is still there, situated at the entrance to the Newgate bar.

Scott’s daughter went on to sell the estate in 1913 where it changed hands several times before becoming a part of the leicestershire county council where it was converted into a hospital and it would stay as this right up until the 1980’s.

Many soldiers have passed through it’s doors and some did not make it out alive. This is just one of the reason’s why Boswroth Hall is reputed to be so haunted.

After the closure of the Hospital in the 1980’s it was then that it was converted into the hotel that it is today. The present hotel has 210 bedrooms, a health and leisure club, restaurants and a bar. It also has conference and banqueting facilities.

With such a vast amount of history, it’s unsurprising that the Hall is reputed to be extremely haunted!

But what are some of the ghost stories?

Many guests who have checked in to the hotel have reported paranormal activity. Anything from shadows being witnessed in their rooms to objects being moved or thrown with no reasonable explanation.

The most famous of ghost stories is that of the Ann Dixie, Known as ‘The Grey Lady’.

The story goes that she fell in love with the gardeners son and her father did not approve. It is said that her father had set ‘man-traps’ on the grounds of the estate to stop the two from meeting in secret, but one night, Ann herself stumbled into one of the traps.

It is said that she suffered horrific injuries but somehow managed to drag herself from the gardens and back to her room where she evidently bled to death. The sighting of this ‘gray lady‘ has been seen on multiple occasions at the hall and upon its grounds. Some believe she is a restless spirit looking for her lost love, or even to exact  revenge upon her father.



My Experiences at Bosworth Hall.


L-R Simon, Paul, Andy, Myself, Jason & James.


Halloween 2018 was my second visit and investigation at the magnificent Bosworth Hall, the first was at a summer solstice event I attended in June.

Before I move on to talking about my experiences on the Halloween event, I wanted to briefly fill you in on some of the activity we had received in June.

On this event I was in a small group with Team leader Jason Wall of HauntedLive. 

We started out in one of the upstairs conference rooms and we had some amazing activity with the REM pod. I remember this particularly well because I have been using the REM Pod myself for many years and honestly, for me, It’s really rare to see it go off!

It has an antenna on the top which is activated by touch and it has an EMF field. We had set this down in the middle of the room and everyone was stood back asking questions. It didn’t do anything for the first ten minutes or so, that was until my dad (yes, that’s right my dad! who loves ghost hunting) started to ask questions and it began to respond.

We’d established that the spirit was male through this form of communication. Lighting up for when the answer was yes and staying off for when it was no. After multiple questions, we found out the spirit was around fifty years of age and he was also once a soldier who was brought to the hospital.
I was thinking at the time, Hospital? what? Myself wondering if there was one around here as Jason had asked the question. I had gone into this investigation completely blind and had not looked up the history at this point, which is something I will do from time to time.

Jason then went on to explain that it was used as a hospital at one point and that we were standing in what use to be one of the wards!

It kind of shocked me a little bit as when we had first walked into this room, I remember thinking it smelt like a hospital. It only lasted for a few seconds and it was just a feeling I got and that sense soon passed. It’s not often I pick up on things so for me this was a really profound experience and one I remember very well.

During the evening of the summer solstice we had a lot of activity throughout the different areas which is the entire reason I wanted to go back. As soon I saw HauntedLive were doing an event there again, we were booked on and ready for round two!



For the Halloween event we were split down into small teams and this time I was teamed up with Paul Stevenson and James Pykett.

We’d started out in a downstairs conference room.

Their was some chairs scattered around the room and we’d all sat in a kind of a ‘half circle‘. Some of the guests in our team had EMF meter devices which were placed onto the ground and I also had an EMF trigger object bear. The devices had been sat on the ground for a really long time with nothing happening and on this evening there was a choir practicing in the room next door (as it’s an active working hotel) and we could faintly hear them singing. (talk about eerie!)

What’s strange to me is that as soon as they started to sing, the activity in the room would flare up. The devices on the ground would start to pick up on a high EMF frequency which wasn’t there before, some of them even going all the way up to red.

We had one device on the left side, so I took out my own EMF meter and placed it on the right.

We asked whoever we were interacting with to move between the two and it did. We had them lighting up from left to right on command as well as using the EMF trigger object bear being as a lady in our team at the time was picking up on a small child. We also had a few names comes through, Harry and Gina being the main two that I remember fairly well.

After all of the activity with the EMF devices we then swapped our area and we headed down into what I would call ‘the judges room‘. It’s a very small official room downstairs with a large table in the middle and chairs, which we all sat around.

From the moment we’d stepped into this room I didn’t like it. It just had this darker feel to the rest of the hotel. Again, just something I personally sensed.

Paul and James had the Alice Box device running (which is similar to the ovilus and gives out phonetic words) and it started to say some disturbing phrases like ‘Hell, Demon, Hung, poltergeist‘ which was completely different to the words we’d received in the other room only moments ago.

I was sat on the far back of the room towards the wall and it felt as if someone had taken their hand and ran it along a whisp of my hair across my forehead. I could feel the static electricity from this and it caused me to turn and look around. No one was there as we were all seated. I actually ignored it the first time and carried on. Then it happened again, but this time it felt like someone had actually touched the top of my head. I could even feel the fingers!

This was when I said something, letting everyone know I had just been touched as it was so prominent for me. A few seconds after me saying this, the lady who was sat in front of me said she thought she’d saw a very tall shadow lurking around my chair and then the Alice box said ‘Victoria‘ !! Which is my full first name!

This was amazing to me, that I’d felt something touch my head, someone saw a shadow around me and then the Alice Box said my name.

We all then tried to see if the spirit was connected to me, or maybe they had taken a liking to me, but nothing along those lines made sense. A lot of people in this room reported feeling uncomfortable and particularly a few also said they saw shadows around the room which seemed to be moving between us. We were also using these ‘light up trigger balls‘ (lol) which had been placed on the ground. You literally have to touch them for the sensor to go off which makes them flash and they had triggered a few times in this room whilst we were calling out.

After a short break and a Flapjack (YES I finally got a flapjack this time and hot chocolate, it was great!) We went upstairs to investigate the bridal suite. This was a new area for me because the last time we were at the hotel the room was booked out so we didn’t get a chance to investigate it.

Firstly, the room is absolutely stunning but it’s also known to be one of the most haunted rooms in the hotel and also it’s reported to be the room that Ann Dixie died in.

Inside it’s two separate rooms, one which is ‘kind of‘ a living area as well as the actual bedroom. We started in the living area and didn’t receive much activity so we moved to the bedroom and scattered ourselves out. Again we had the Alice box running and it actually came out with the word ‘bride‘ and ‘Anne‘ A few people in the room were sensing that their was something in the bathroom so we split up.

A couple of the guests went into the bathroom with James and we were sat outside still calling out. I actually heard the bathroom door handle move, so I thought they were coming out.

It was a few seconds after this that James came out to ask who was coming in….

All of us were sat down, but somehow the door handle had managed to ‘creek‘ on its own. That was really odd considering i’d also heard this myself with only being a few feet away from the door.

For the final parts of the investigation, we decided to go back down to the ‘judges room‘ again. We’d had quite a few experiences in here earlier. This time I sat on the opposite side of the table to where I was previously and what’s interesting is, the lady who was sat where I was before reported feeling touched on the head!

Not only this, but James also experienced the same thing. My dad was sat on the desk behind us, and it’s not very often he speaks up and says anything as he’s a kind of an ‘open minded sceptic‘ but he said it felt like the table was shaking that he was sat on.

Jame’s had put his hand on the table and could feel the same thing, though it probably only lasted for less than a minute, it was really weird. There seemed to be a certain corner in the room on the left side that people would see the same shadow, it could only be described as a ‘monk‘ as it looked like it had a hood. I personally did not witness this myself, but a few others did at the same time and said the same thing.

Not only did we investigate the hotel but also the grounds which are reputed to be extremely haunted. Whilst I did not witness anything unusual when we were investigating outside, I really enjoyed walking up to the old water tower and seeing the amazing scenery. It was eerily spooky at night even more so on Halloween!

Bosworth Hall did not fail to disappoint again with activity and I’ll definitely be returning in 2019 at some point.

The spirits inside of it’s walls seem very eager to communicate with the investigators, It can only make me wonder what else we will uncover in the future and then maybe we will able to piece together the stories that they are trying to tell!


Here are some photos I took from the previous event at Bosworth Hall!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Andy Soar of HauntedLive was in a different team to myself on the evening and as mentioned I wanted to get a perspective from each team. He was kind enough to write up the experiences they had, here is what he had to say!

The Hallowen II event at Bosworth Hall did not disappoint. The unpolitically correct title – Team SPAS (Simon and Andy) had the task of starting off in the upstairs conference room. We had the Plasma Ball, Afterlight box and the SLS camera setup in there along with Jason’s flashy balls and a KII. In fairness, it was a little quiet at first and took a while for the energies to build up. In a very warm room, we experienced cold spots, Sam and Maxine from ParaAngels picked up on a distressed female in the corner of the room. They had an Alice box running and School Mistress was one of the words that came through. In this first session, there wasn’t too much to report in all fairness. That would change in a later session where Sam and Maxine opted to return accompanied by me whilst Si venture to the Bridal suite. More on this later. Not for the first time the numbers 3 and 7 featured prominently on both of the ITC devices.

This was the first opportunity to investigate the Cellar area at Bosworth. It felt a little restricted, Afterlight didn’t yield anything of any real value despite being perched near the second door from Newgate Prison. It may warrant further study but with a substantially smaller group. We opted to investigate the Dysart Room next, a room which always feels like more should happen than it does. The odd bump here and there. This time however, one of the flashy balls intermittently went off on the far table, shadows and movement around the door near to the other door from Newgate and the table itself, to those sat around it, felt like it was moving. Temperature dips here and there and some good banter made this room feel a little more active than before. One of the guests Nadia, seemed to be getting very good responses from calling out and did for quite a lot of the night.

I have to say, I quite like room 134, the one that’s now believed to more likely have housed the dying Anna Dixie. Yet again, we experienced the chain on the door looking like it moves by being touched rather than pendulously as a result of the door closing. Taps in the bathroom, temperature changes and a few good words coming through the devices. But arguably not too much else.

After the hot chocolate break, the groups split. As I mentioned earlier, I opted to sit in with the Maxine and Sam as they very much felt they had unfinished business in the conference room. And in all honesty, they were right. Each time that I went to a certain spot at the fireplace, I felt a charge, hairs on my arms standing on end. Each time this happened to me, there appeared to be some sort of transference to a creepy male spirit behaving in a pervy manner with Maxine. Sam caught a number of light anomalies during this time and showed me an epic capture from earlier in the evening as Maxine stood in front of one of the main mirrors looking transfigured. A remarkable photo as it’s only the area around her that was affected. At one point I chose to sit down and experienced pressure on my neck and shoulders as though I was being forcibly held down. Moments later it dissipated and I felt okay again. This area the second time was the highlight for me and the energy those two brought was fantastic to work with. A couple of times I did poke my head around the door only to see all sorts of stuff kicking off on the REM Pod – all lights being lit up and what looked to be a very happy bunch of guests.

Seeing and hearing accounts from the other groups, I know that this Halloween event was great for the majority of guests and I look forward to returning to do it again in 2019.

Sam Littlejohns from the ParaAngels was also in Andy and Simon’s team on the night and she captured a rather amazing photo which you can see at the end of her write up. Not only this, but she also sent me along a video of some strange light anomalies. Here is Sam’s account of evening!

What an amazing place Bosworth Hall Hotel is!

Two members of ParaAngels team attended. We are not mediums but we do have sensitivities that we are listening to a lot more during investigations. Our best equipment is ourselves.

We started in a large stately room. Set up for dining this room was foreboding with a large fireplace and 2 large mirrors.

Upon entering the room I felt the energy of a female. She was stood in a far corner just watching us. After a few moments I was hit with a feeling of utter sadness. At this point I started to use the dowsing Rods. The information I gained:

  • Nanny
  • Not worried
  • Sadness
  • Died here
  • 1710
  • School mistress
  • Poverty

Maxine was also picking up on an anxiety feeling with the same female energy and a pressure in her head which was confirmed by Simon a HauntedLive member, who felt the same.

We returned to this room at the end of the night to see if we could communicate with this lady but when we had gone in we immediately noticed the feeling had changed.

A male energy was now present. At the side of the fireplace had become ‘charged’ with energy which was tangible. A lecherous man who Maxine felt was touching her. During this time we were filming and caught some light anomalies that seemed to back up what Maxine was feeling. Upon reviewing some pictures took earlier in this room I caught a black mass near one of the mirrors.

Downstairs in a small meeting room we saw shadows pass by a large glass window to an empty corridor and also felt taps on the table and felt footsteps that actually made the floor ‘bounce’.

Here is the mysterious photo that Sam captured of a strange black figure / mist forming by a mirror in the upstairs conference room.

Photo taken at Bosworth Hall Hotel by the ParaAngels.


This is the video she also provided (Thanks Sam)

I particularly find the part from around 36 seconds very interesting. You will see a strange light anomaly (definitely does not look like dust or a bug) whisping in-between the two people stood in the video. It almost looks like it’s bouncing between the two before it completely disappears!  STRANGE!


Jason Wall of HauntedLive who was in the third and final team has also provided us with his experiences of the evening!

Here’s what he had to say!

Bosworth Hall Hotel. Just the name itself is enough the make the HauntedLIVE team a little excited. This is the location of our very first public event, Halloween 2017, and a year to the day we were back to celebrate our first anniversary back at where it all began.

There are so many different layers of history in and around Bosworth. Not just the land, where the famous battle took place but in the hotel itself. From a family home with a dark story to cloud the magnificence of the building, to a hospital where lives started and were taken away, even after a year of investigations, we are only touching the surface of what we believe is there.

For their sins, my team, or team Jason no mates, as we were affectionately (I hope) called began in the cellar area. This was a first, no teams had previously been allowed into this part of the hotel on the events before. The cramped and restricted space made the area feel oppressive to some degree; however, it was eased by the fact that the lighting could not be switched off and there was a constant background noise from the working hotel staff. From an investigation perspective, although of interest to the guests it was not a great space to focus our energies on so we quickly moved to the smaller Dysart conference room on the ground floor.

The Dysart room, situated on the ground floor of the hotel, was in a previous life a justice room. People were bought in, sentenced and taken away again to serve whatever punishment was given as quickly as it took to read this sentence. Scary really!

Although we tried calling out and had several EVP sessions, there were no immediate responses to what we were trying to achieve. As we continued our calling out though, we slowly felt the atmosphere change in the room and a pattern started to develop with how the K2 meters lighting up. Placed on opposite corners of the table they were bizarrely reacting in almost perfect symmetry even at a distance of 2 meters away from one another. Two of the group, sat in the furthest corner of the room both felt or were aware of a presence around where they were sat. Whether this affected our the team mind-set is unsure, as we all collectively experienced what we believed to be a change in temperature and slight draft move around the table. It was as if someone were moving around, checking the team out. It was only after this, from the opposite corner of the room to where the presence was felt, and interestingly where the second K2 was placed making themselves known with we thought to be a slight knock, not once but at least twice, maybe three times. For a 25 minute quick vigil we all came away from the room thinking this was the start of something more for the night.

Vigil 3 & 4 were in the bigger ground and first floor conference rooms. I have combined these two vigils because, at this point some of the guests believed we had the same spirit follow us from the Dysart room. Lucy, who herself is experienced in investigations believed that the spirit from the smaller room was moving around us initially in the large room downstairs. We sat in a circle, with the K2 meters again with the same people as before and the motion sensor ball in the centre of the team. The ball was set off a number of times, and despite us trying to debunk this, it was clear that without us being obvious with our movement or stomping loudly that we could not make the ball light up. As earlier, the K2 meters were once again working in tandem around the same people as before. Interestingly, the REM pod, situated away from us was silent. When we moved upstairs to what I find the most active of the conference rooms, things changed. Lucy was last to enter the room, however just before she was about to step inside she stopped and held the door open for someone she thought was behind her and part of the team. There was nobody there.

In order to try to confirm if we were communicating with the same spirit from downstairs we replicated the vigil from downstairs. Sat in a circle, with K2 with the same guests and the motion ball in the centre. What we experienced was the same K2, the same ball movement again. This time with specific responses to lead us to believe that whoever was there was the same spirit as in the Dysart room, and the larger conference room on ground floor. This re-enforced what the team already thought. What is interesting is that as we were about to start the vigil, a photo was taken of the room with the door to the room in shot, this shows when zoomed in what could be taken as the face of a person. The face is very high when measured against the height of the door, and it is easy to make out features of a man.

Is this pareidolia or is it the face of the person Lucy felt the presence of and saw standing behind her when she went to enter the room? That is open to discussion. All we can say about our experiences within the building is that they were consistent throughout the evening!

After refuelling on copious amounts of hot chocolate and snacks (if you ever join us on this event make sure you have a brownie and flapjack, get in before Simon and Vicky though or you will be out of luck, I speak from experience!), we had our last vigil outside in the gardens of the hotel.

Just beyond the building, there is a set of trees close to the stream. One of the first trees we come across is set in a circle, surrounded by bushes and appears to be set out similarly to other locations investigated where witchcraft and sacrifices took place. Previously we had great activity in the this area and as then, the first initial feeling was of being watched. This feeling and some strange noises around the team ensured that we all unknowingly closed in together to form a tight circle. There were clear movements that could be clearly heard by all the team behind the tree, where the greenery had disappeared as the colder season had taken hold. The fact the plants and bushes were bare meant we could see there were no animals to make those noises and most of the team agreed that the sounds were more like footsteps and movement attributed to human rather than animal. Alice backed up these claims by coming up with the words, died here and more chillingly, not at rest when we asked if this was a soldier from the battles that had been nearby. It is an area of the event that needs more investigation work.

Once again, Bosworth Hall had not disappointed, repeated activity around certain team members and a photograph of a face that raised even more questions. None of us can wait to return and explore more of the mystery of this fascinating location.

Paul Stevenson who was in my Team on the night has also contributed to the blog, Talking about what it’s like to investigate with the HauntedLive team and being at Bosworth Hall! Here’s what he had to say!



When Vicky asked us to write about the Halloween Ghost Hunt at Bosworth, I just knew I had to be different, not just because I knew that most of the other guys would want to write a piece about what happened and what went off (and rightly so), and the one thing you don’t want to read is repeat, after repeat, after repeat. But also, because different is good, different is cool and different is just simply me, pure and chuffing simple.

This was our 4th ghost hunt at Bosworth Hall, and our 2nd Halloween event and to cut a long story short, you advertise an event, people pay to go on said event, people turn up for said event, you do the said event, you chat and mingle with people during the said event, the said event finishes, you wish everyone well and then everyone goes and the said event finishes. As I said that’s the short version.

A lot goes into planning an event to make it run the best it can, from the beginning to the end and everything in between, and if you’re thinking by planning we mean “fish wire”, guests being dragged upstairs by ghost ropes and the Hall’s kitchen knives being flung around the rooms like it is an audition for Britain’s Got Talent, you are very sadly mistaken.

For HauntedLIVE we are five very different types, all good mates, different in personality, different in skills and different in life in general BUT that’s what makes it work, we think.

We’ve been doing events at Bosworth for just over a year now and WE LOVE IT, the location, the history, the fact that we are the first people do to this kind of thing at Bosworth Hall and of course, our working relationship with the people at Bosworth Hall, add all those into the mix and we truly believe Boz (our nickname for it) is simply one of the best places to investigate.

With this event (and all events to be fair), our design guru, Andy, aka The Haunted Guy designed yet another cracking advert poster for the event, we are all old enough and ugly enough to realise that marketing and promo plays an important role in any sales for the event.

So, the advert gets placed on social media, the main three being Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and interest in the event happens fairly straight away, then sales follow, deposits or full payments, entirely the customer’s choice and then the event starts to fill up, we limit the number to 30, as we think this works, given the amount of teams that we split the group into and also the areas that we are given access too. We could sell 40 or 50 but to us that’s not customer effective in our opinion, each to their own, I guess. We, as I am sure other companies do like to make the payment process as quick and easy as possible, as it should be, email confirmations are sent out, any news updates re: the event / Boz / what we are doing gets sent to them, just to make them aware that we thank them for their custom and it’s not just a case of pay, turn up and go.

So, the event becomes SOLD OUT and preparations start for it, we do a recce at Boz just to see what locations work best, what have worked best in the past, what new locations and areas are available and obviously discussions with Ruth at Boz re: food, logistics and all that behind the scenes stuff that we like to make sure is bang on. We all know that on an event, anything can happen, such is the beauty of the paranormal but back of house we like to have things set in place so that we can deal with any issues should they arise.

As an event location, Boz is getting use to us and we are getting use to Boz, none of us know if the ghosts and spirits of a location have to feel safe and comfortable before attempting to possibly communicate but hand on heart, every time we have ran an event here the activity has grown, yes quieter in some areas but overall the crescendo in activity has increased.

The guests, the paying public are the Kings & Queens of the event, we are merely the servants for the evening, some may say court jesters. It is their night, it is their event, we are there to help, to explain, to interact, to make everyone feel comfortable and (at times) to go “wow, WTF was that, did anyone else hear that?”.

I could have gone on and on about how the five of us all work differently in the paranormal, how we like to mix up who each of us team up with, how we like to test ourselves, how we like to try to give a paranormal experience like no other without the need to fake, to spoof or to stage anything, but I won’t as I believe Andy has written a thesis and Jason and James have pitched in with their encyclopaediac pieces.

All paranormal event companies are different, we don’t profess to be the best, to be the most fun, the most experienced, we just want all of the guests to have an enjoyable time on our events, maybe to have picked up some paranormal activity, but also to have had a laugh, to have some bloody fantastic food (at Boz) and to have met new friends and to go home thinking “you know what those HauntedLIVE lads, they aren’t bad you know”.



To finish this blog I am going to post a Poem that James Pykett from HauntedLive wrote about the Halloween event. It pretty much sums everything up in a lighthearted and fun way!


There is a Hall named Bosworth where I spent Old Hallows Eve,
I walked around it’s haunted grounds as leaves fell from the trees,
I went inside to start the night and felt all warm inside,
With food laid out and drinks a plenty – my stomach I could not hide!

We started in a big old room with nervousness in the air,
As lights lit up and beeps were heard we knew that they were near,
It wasn’t long before we changed as there was so much more to see,
I even stopped at the haunted toilets to let out a little wee…

The Bridal suite is where we went even though we weren’t to wed,
As the handle turned with no-one there – was it all just in my head?
Paul sat awkwardly near the window whilst Vicky pushed for more,
Asking questions over and over like the sea returns to shore,

Next was Dysart, cold and dark with panelling all around,
“If you can hear us tap the wall – so we can hear your sound!”
Violent words flashed up on Alice which put us on high alert,
Vicky was tapped, and I was touched but luckily, we weren’t hurt.

After a break we went upstairs to investigate some more,
With two Alice’s running, and innuendos we were left rolling around the floor!
As it got dark we switched it up and decided to go outside,
The dark trees stood there all imposing for the spirits and ghosts to hide.

We shared stories like long lost friends and stumbled along a trail,
Knowing full well that this amazing night will be told in future tales,
I don’t think we have even scratched the surface, but friends I see you all,
I love this place more and more – The amazing Bosworth Hall!

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the guest writers on this blog for getting involved and sharing their wonderful experiences with everyone!


HauntedLive have exclusive Ghost Hunting events with Bosworth Hall so if you ever wish to investigate this magnificent place they have now announced the dates for 2019 and you’re able to book on!

Just visit their website HERE for more details!

It is also a fully functioning hotel so you can book a room and stay there yourself! (I have to admit, the rooms are very beautiful!)

For more information on this you can visit the hotel’s website HERE!


But, Until next time

Happy Hunting!

(Blog written by Vicky Grant and guest edited by Paul Stevenson, Andy Soar, Jason Wall, James Pykett and Sam Littlejohns.) 


  1. Just came back from Boz Hall ! Not knowing there were ghostly happenings there ! We experienced hearing someone walking across the floor in bedroom ! It happened every night ! Thought we were hearing sounds from the next room !? My friend Rose was pleased to hear about this last night! as she had heard similar stories from colleagues at company conference! We stayed in room 163 !

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