My Personal Experiences.

Hey everyone,
welcome to a special edition of the dead central blog where I will be talking about my own personal experiences that revolve around my everyday home life.

This is a little different to anything I have ever done before.

I normally converse with others about the ‘strange goings on‘ I feel have happened to me during my time at home but Inever normally share them with anyone else.

I thought this would be a great idea to write about them on my blog. I know that thousands of people across the globe have their very own experiences and some find it hard to talk about them in fear of what other people would think.

Hopefully this blog will give at least one person the courage to come forward and tell their story!

My personal experiences.

I want to start this blog with some of my previous personal experiences.

These particular experiences happened to be a couple of years back at my home and fortunately they have not happened to me since!

I am a big believer in spirit attachment since this happened to me, I also believe that spirits can follow you home from a location that you have been investigating which is something I never really thought could happen, until it happened to me.

Strelley Hall – Notthingham.

We’d been investigating Strelley Hall,  This is a place I have investigated many times in the past. After the investigation and everything had been wrapped up I had returned home as I normally would. It was around 3.30AM and I was exhausted. I’d changed in my pajamas and got into bed though I couldn’t sleep. The atmosphere in my home felt strange, it wasn’t the light relaxed feeling I would normally get, it felt dark, oppressive even.

I was lying in bed with my cover wrapped around me, practically like a cocoon as it was freezing!

I felt the sheet being pulled from my body.

It was that harsh that it ripped the blanket a good few inches away from me and the room was so cold I could see my own breath.

I was utterly terrified and froze in that moment.

I’d looked up but didn’t see anything, the room was pitch black. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest from how frightened I was.

After a few moments I managed to get out of bed but I didn’t stick around, I ran straight into the bathroom and I remember I just sat on the floor and cried.

It was so unexpected and it really did scare me that something could have that much energy to pull the duvet from my bed. It really was like a scene from these cliche horror movies you see.

After a good ten mins being spent in floods of tears I started to feel REALLY angry that I could allow something to have this effect on me, so much so that in that moment the anger seemed to take over and I’d stormed back into my bedroom shouting and screaming for whatever it was to go away and leave me the hell alone!

It went quiet.

The dark feeling passed. And since that day, I’ve never had anything pulling on my bed sheets again!

The Old Warehouse.

This experience is a lot more recent, Only a few months ago myself and James went to investigate an old warehouse in Derbyshire. It was a former factory from the 1800’s and it was the first time it had ever been investigated by anyone.

We were in the main office calling out and again, I began to feel very uneasy, the atmosphere had changed.

It seemed darker, malevolent even.

That night when I got home I still felt this feeling and for my own peace of mind (to be safe) I’d told whatever it was that had followed me home that it was not welcome here.

I went to bed as normal and I never said anything about me feeling like something had followed me, even though I still felt like it was around the next morning.

My mom had actually mentioned to me that the house felt difference since I’d come home and she thought she’d saw a shadow of a ‘tall man’ on our landing.

That same morning she had gone for a shower and hung her dressing gown on the back of the door. When she got out her dressing gown had been tried in several tiny little knots around the hook! so she’d struggled to get it off!

This was weird!

She said she felt like she was being watched and after that, it was enough for me to take out my ‘protection sticks’ and I began to light them moving through every-room stating that this entity was not welcome.

We never had anymore experiences after this.

My personal Life.

Not many of you know as this is a part of my personal life and something I find extremely hard to talk about. I sadly lost my nanna to cancer a few months ago (15th o May 2018) and we were very close.

She knew what I did within the paranormal and she herself was a believer as well.

It’s strange now looking back as she always ‘jokingly’ said to me that she would ‘come back and haunt me‘ but in reality you never really think much of it.

I’ve been having some rather odd experiences at home since her passing and I wanted to speak about them.

Wear This?

The first instance happened about a month after her death.

I was at home. Me and my mum were sat in our living room. We had some of my Nanna’s clothes in the back room, a few of her tops were resting on a chair.

I’d said to my mum that we should go to the pub tonight for a little while but I had no idea what to wear, the next thing we heard was movement in the kitchen and upon inspection, one of my nan’s tops had fallen onto the floor.

I had walked over and picked it up.

It was one of her favorites that she enjoyed wearing when we would go out to our local. It was quite dressy and my mum had purposely taken it from the house for me to have. (yes, my nan wore very modern nice clothes!)

I find it strange that upon our topic of conversation about ‘not knowing’ what to wear that an item of my nans clothing just so happened to fall on the floor.

As if to say ‘wear this’ and you know what? I did wear it.

Coincidence? It’s a pretty big one. I would like to think of this as some kind of sign. Maybe because I miss her so much so I will keep hoping it was?

The Fire Alarm.

My second experience was also at home. Again, it was just me and my mum.

Now most people have a fire alarm in their house (if you don’t then you should!)

Myself and my mum were in the kitchen, she was boiling some potatoes. So nothing that should have set the alarm off.

My nan has been a topic in our house since she passed (as you can imagine, we like to talk about her and keep her memory alive.) – This is exactly what we were doing.
I remeber I was sat at the kitcken table, asking for a sign in my head.

The next thing, the fire alarm started to beep.

Not fully, just a few. I assumed it was the battery at first.
Until it then stopped and started to full on sound the alarm.

I grabbed a brush with a long handle so I could hit the button. Though me and my mum were slightly confused as to why it was going off in the first place with no smoke (and honestly, the fire alarm in our house has not sounded in forever, I can’t even remember the last time it did it!)

As I walked upon the stairs (it’s situated on the high ceiling above them) it stopped.

So I was just stood there, brush in hand. No alarm.

I remember my mum said something like ‘It’s nan messing with you‘ and it made me laugh. She was a joker for sure when she were alive.

We both asked if it was her and it beeped. Just once.

I walked a little further up and it started to go off again  so I lifted the brush and hit the button, turning it off. I stood waiting for a few seconds, nothing.

I was about to call my mum to say it had stopped and as I opened my mouth to tell her, it beeped at me again!

I just laughed.

My mum was stood in the doorway just watching.
I waited again about a minute or so. Nothing. Silence.

I went to speak to say it had stopped.. and AGAIN mid sentence, it beeped, interrupting me!

It continued to do it every time I went to speak (as if it was trying to be funny!)

In the end my mum shouted ‘MOTHER, PACK IT IN‘ (Slang for stop it)
And low and be hold. The beeping stopped and it’s not done it again since.
Explain this to me? as I certainly can not!

It was a very weird experience. Coincidence again? Maybe – but they seem to be mounting up now!

The Ceiling Fan.

Three of us present in our living room.

We were sat watching TV and we heard what sounded like a clink against glass. The next thing their was a shadow in the room, as if something was swinging to cause it.
All three of us looked up to see the chain (from the ceiling fan light) swinging quite roughly from side to side as if someone had just knocked it. Which must have been the sound of the clinkling glass we heard.

I think we all just kinda sat looking at each other like ‘wtf’ just happened.No windows were open and It would have had to have been a pretty good draft anyway to make that happen!

Again, just a little something I can’t explain. Like someone trying to get our attention.

The Dream.

This is the most recent experience and probbaly the strangest of everything.

It was an experience my mum had.

It was late around 2AM – My mum was still awake watching TV but my step dad was asleep.

My step dad is not really a believer in this kind of stuff, which is fair enough. Though I think after this experience it may have opened him up a little more to the possibility that something is out there.

My mum had turned to look at him as he was mumbling something in his sleep.

The words were – “eeeeeeee, hello.” and then few second later, again. “eeeeeeee, hello.

At this point, my mum was a little freaked out as she said his voice had changed. He has rather a deep voice, but this almost sounded female and the way the words were dragged on could only be described as if it were like something out of the excorsit. (no joke!)

She ignored it and a few minutes later he woke up from his dream, asking my mum if she were okay. She replied yes and that was the end of it.

The next day, my mum came home from work and told me what had happened.

I agreed it was a little creepy but she didn’t want to tell Dave encase it freaked him out.
When he also returned home, we didn’t mention what he’d said, but my mum asked if he could remember anything about the dream he’d had last night.

He responded that he could.

That he’d saw my Nan last night in his dream. For only a split second. She was glowing in white before him and then she shot up (as if into the sky) gone.

Me and my mum were pretty shocked by this.

He also said their was a lot more to the dream, but for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it was.

Was this my Nan trying to come through and give my mum a message?!
Pretty weird, pretty big coincidence.. again!

I will admit. It’s the weirdest thing ever. Considering that same night, I also heard my dog howling from downstairs and I had to go see if he was okay. When I got down there he looked in shock, as if he too had a nightmare.

I can’t explain anything that’s been happening just lately…
But I certainly do feel as if someone had been trying to let us know they are still here with us.

The Writing on the wall.

Moving off the subject of the strange experiences with my nan.

If you follow me of twitter you’ll see that I recently spoke about this little experience as honestly, it has freaked me out quite a bit!

I woke up one morning and I looked up to see writing all over the ceiling and my bedroom walls. It was white, glowing and looked as if it was handwritten in ‘squiggles’ is the best way I can describe it.I have a few pictures on the wall, but it didn’t cross over them, it was just the walls (which is even more odd!)

Hallucination? It’s pretty specific if it was.

I have no idea what the writing said as it did start to fade pretty quickly and plus, it looked as if it were hard to read.

What had just happened?

I instantly took to google to find out (as you do!)

I was shocked to see this happens to A LOT of people.

Their is even a forum online of everyone looking for the same answers to this question.
Some believe it is psychic intuition and recommend keeping a journal by your bed for when it happens again to try and write down what you see / read.

Others believe it’s a bad omen.

I don’t know what to think of it. All I know is that nothing like this have ever happened in my entire life before and I don’t know if it’ll ever happen again.

Have you ever had something like this? I’d love to hear from you.



Well, there we have it guys! A few of experiences that I have had over the years!

To finish this blog, I’d like to take this time to say thank you for reading….

I’m sure many of us have had personal experiences in our lives and we all feel like sometimes we are going a little mad. I hope in some way that this has helped you.

We may sound crazy to some people but to others who have felt or seen the same things it just brings us all that little bit closer into trying to understand life after death.

I do truly believe their is something out there, though I know not what.
We will all know the truth one day.

And that’s all that can be said about it!

Until next time…
Happy Hunting.

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