The Hermits Cave.

‘We don’t need no permit to investigate The Hermit’ 




Hi everyone! 

For those of you that are aware, myself and James here at Dead Central have been involved with haunted magazine now for the second time running this year. We recently got involved with the latest issue ‘HAUNTED H20

We wrote an article on our investigation at the Hermit Cave.

If you’ve already managed to check out the write up then you’ll know that we promised a couple of videos to go along with it!

Here you can find the short videos of us investigating the Hermits Cave as well as the links on how to read the magazine.


You can read it for free online by clicking here

OR you can order yourself a copy in the print by clicking here.

Haunted magazine is such an amazing project to be a part of and we are sure their will be much more to come from us in the future! 


But until next time,

Happy hunting!




We recommend you wear headphones whilst watching for the best experience. 


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