Haunted Magazine.



‘The Magic Of The Gadget’ 


Before I begin, I would just like to state what a privilege it was to be approached by Paul Stevenson of Haunted Magazine and be asked to write an article for them along side some of the great’s within the paranormal field!

As many of you know, This blog has only been active for a few months and I am truly honoured by the response it has received so far!

We love writing about the paranormal … and pretty much all things spooky, so keep your eyes ‘peeled’ for many more blog posts to come this year. This is only the beginning.

Now, let’s have a deeper look into Haunted Magazine… 

Taken from the Haunted Magazine Website…

Haunted Magazine is a FREE magazine about all things, ghostly, spooky and things that go bump in the night. Its primary aim is to do what a magazine should – entertain its readers. It’s not there to preach, to bamboozle you with science. It’s packed full of paranormal pleasure. It has a modern and fun approach to the history and mystery of the paranormal. It is written and designed for you – because, essentially, we are YOU, we’re lovers of the paranormal, we love ghost stories, we love exploring the unknown and we love being creative with Haunted Magazine.

Paul Stevenson and Andy Soar are the driving force behind Haunted Magazine, backed up by some fantastic writers and photographers along the way. Both with different skill-sets they work hand in hand to make Haunted Magazine the best it can be. Their modus operandi is simple; Paul creates a paranormal jigsaw and gives it to Andy to finish, adding his design stamp all over it. They normally finish their jigsaw every other month, which is no mean feat considering it normally says 4-6 years on the box.

There’s no other magazine like it in the paranormal genre.



And, I have to agree with all the above!

I have been reading this magazine for a while back and forth through the different issues which are all available for free on the website. Each issue is unique in it’s own special way and it provides a healthy dose of the paranormal into all of our lives.




‘Skeletons in the foundations’ 

mag 1

In Issue 19 – We here at Dead Central wrote a piece in regards to our investigation at Gresley Old Hall. We choose this location as it will forever be one of our all time favourites!

It was a great night and we wanted to give you, the readers, an insight into the way we research and investigate locations.

We actually uncovered some pretty amazing facts about the old hall through researching on old newspaper archives… but I won’t give too much away! 

mag 2

During our investigation, we also had a fair amount of activity using several different spirit communication devices and some of the responses we received were very in line with our questioning.

I’m not going to say anymore as it’ll give away too many spoilers!

If you’d like to read our article for free, head over to the Haunted Magazine website and follow the instructions!

You can also purchase this magazine in print, which I would definitely recommend doing! You can even bag yourself a bargain subscription! 



Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy the Magazine in all it’s glory and also the article we wrote!

Who knows, maybe we’ll have another article published again sometime soon? 😉

But, until next time…

Happy hunting!

Written and edited by Vicky Grant

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