Fort Paull Investigation.

Hi everyone!

As many of you know, myself and James here at DEAD CENTRAL joined the Breaking Paranormal UK team to investigate the impressive Fort Paull situated in Hull, UK this past February. We have been working hard on the following blog since then, putting an array of different information together regarding the Fort for you all to read.


For this blog – we have researched the history, ghost stories and even included images and a couple of investigation videos. I am keeping this intro as short as possible as a lot of awesome information lies ahead, so without further ado….

Fort Paull History

Written and edited by James Bosley

The first fort on the site of Fort Paull was complete in 1542, during the reign of Henry VIII. Since then the fort has been used in various roles before becoming what it is today. The Fort was originally commission by Henry VIII in an endeavour to protect the then thriving Humber Ports, specifically Kingston Upon Hull. Built as a gun battery, Fort Paull had capacity for 12 guns, the current Fort however is pentagonal in shape and was built in the early 1860’s following advice from the Royal Commission.

The original emplacements, nineteen 64 pounder (29 kg) RML artillery pieces were concealed (or demolished) in 1894 when concrete emplacements for three disappearing guns and two quick firing guns were built. With the addition of a mining station in 1886 and searchlights in 1907.

Fort Paull boasts home to the World’s only surviving Blackburn Beverley Aircraft. The plane was originally built at the British Aerospace in Brough and made its final flight into Paull Aerodrome just outside the village; it remained there for ten years before being moved to the Beverley Army Museum where it was a focal point for visitors for several years.

When the museum closed a bid was made by the Fort to purchase the aircraft. The bid was subsequently successful and in 2005 the Beverley returned home to Paull. The Fort is steeped in over 500 years of history, there are hundreds of stories within this superb Napoleonic fortress, surrounded by 10 acres of landing and with spectacular views of the Humber estuary.


 The Ghost Stories

Written and edited by Vicky Grant

Fort Paull is known for being a Paranormal Hot-spot here in the UK – It’s visited by hundreds of paranormal investigators and teams each year and investigated almost every other weekend. Over the years it’s of course built up quite the reputation and is reported to be the most haunted fort in the entirety of the United Kingdom. I have done a lot of research into the reported ‘ghostly goings on’ and here is just a few that I have come across.

One of the most famed stories of ghosts is that of the ‘Rabbit Nanny’ – her real name was Mrs Jenkins. She got the nickname as she would sell rabbits from a cart in the streets of Hull. Prior to her death and to make some extra money, she sold her body for a mere five pounds and agreed that it could be used for medical research after her death. When the Rabbit Nanny died, her body was obtained by a Dr Hay and then later sold to the Fort where soldiers would use her skeleton to frighten new recruits. Eventually they decided the skeleton should receive a proper burial so she was laid to rest in the grounds at Fort Paull. The rabbit Nanny is said to haunt the under-croft of the museum and their has been lots of reports of people hearing the echoing sound of Mrs Jenkins still trying to sell the rabbits from her cart. ‘Rabbits …. Rabbits…’

Another popular ghost story from the Fort involves that of two soldiers. Fort Paull was one of the first Forts to have its own electricity, therefore, to the soldiers who were situated there it could be quite profitable for them. They would regularly steal items to sell in Hull and one night, two soldiers were caught stealing and evidently they were court-martialed and both sent to cells at Fort Paull down either side of the under-croft (which is now a part of the museum) The next day, one of the soldiers was found hanging in his cell and it said that it is he who haunts this area. We know not why the soldier hung himself, but it was stipulated at the time that the Fort was incredibly haunted and he couldn’t bare being in solitary confinement.. though how much truth their is to this, we will never know!

Their has been an array of ghost stories at Fort Paull but the two above are the most popular. The Fort has so much history so I’m not surprised to hear their has also been reports of children. Another popular story is that of a ghostly solider wandering around the fort who has been spotted on many occasions. The staff and visitors have also reported doors slamming, disembodied voices and shadows.

 History In Pictures

Edited by James Bosley

Set in 10 acres of landing

A tunnel within a tunnel

The last surviving Blackburn Beverley

The Museum today is used to set the scene of times gone by


Investigation Videos

Edited by Vicky Grant

Investigation Experiment


For our experiment we ventured into the pitch black bunkers at Fort Paull. The bunkers are known to hold a darker energy which likes to communicate with their voice.

I actually saw this experiment on an episode of Kindred Spirits with Amy Bruni and Adam Berry The simplicity of it is, one person (me) wears noise cancelling headphones and a blindfold whilst listening to the spirit box and the other (James) asks the questions whilst I respond when I hear the SB7 say something.

It’s actually rather brilliant considering the fact that I have no idea what questions James is asking as I can not see nor hear him – so to get an intelligent response to one of the questions is quite remarkable!

Watch the video below to find out what happened!

Investigation – The Plane


During our investigation, we ventured aboard the last surviving Blackburn Beverley Plane and decided to a do little bit of filming. We actually received a generous amount of activity here. Please watch the video below and find out what happened!


Investigation Conclusion

Vicky –  Throughout the night we investigated the tunnels, the train, the under-croft and the Plane. It was actually, all in all, a quiet night. On previous visits to the Fort I have generally experienced a lot of activity on the train, although on this night it was eerily quiet!

We did our spirit box experiment in the Bunkers and although we didn’t receive a lot of answers, I am actually quite impressed as the responses we did receive did make sense to the questions we were asking – particularly in regard to the spirit of ‘David’ and that of the child who responded ‘yes’ when asked if four was their age.

The most activity on the night actually came from the plane. You can see from the video the amount of banging we could hear whilst we were upstairs (which at first I thought may have been the wind until I heard the footsteps!) and then as soon as we went back downstairs the bangs all seemed to stop for a while. I am certain we came into contact with a playful spirit. The Ovilus responses were very ‘spot on’ to the questions we were asking and I’m amazed we captured that small male chuckle on the cameras audio as we didn’t actually hear that at the time. I definitely think there is more to explored there!

James – If I was asked to describe the night in as few words as possible I’d say F**K**G FREEZING! I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold in my life. I want to also apologise for sounding like a giant pile of bacteria throughout the filming, I wasn’t in a good place.

Anyway, despite temperature and illness I thought the investigation went really well. I’ve spent several nights at Fort Paull previously and would say that this was one of the better ones. As Vicky mentions, the most active part of the night was when we investigated the plane, the taps, bangs, whispers and whistles where constant at some points and where often in response to our questions. I was also impressed by the time we spent in one of the bunkers. It has corrugated tin walls (modern, but obviously made to look like a ‘traditional’ bunker) and we had multiple tapping responses on that.

I was equally impressed with the spirit box experiment and really like this approach to using ITC! While the spirit box is often open to interpretation (because who can really tell what things it’s saying most of the time) this makes the method more interesting as answers can be relevant or irrelevant. a lot of the answers both Vick and I gave back to questions were relevant, which was…interesting!



Big thanks to everyone who took the time to read this blog as well as to watch the videos! I hope you enjoyed it….

We’ll be back again soon with another investigation post similar to this one, but this time, we’ll be investigating the amazing Shrewsbury Prison! WE CAN’T WAIT!

Until then… Happy Hunting!


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