Valentines Day Special.

Welcome to the Dead Central Valentine’s Day special blog post! 


Myself and James have been doing A LOT of research into things that quite literally go ‘bump’in the night.

In this post, we have explored the ‘other’ side of ghost interaction which revolves around love, sex and quite frankly, down right hellish unwanted attention.

So, we’ve all heard of Casper the friendly ghost, but what happens when Casper becomes the over friendly ghost? 

I was actually surprised by how many stories were out there in regards to spirit relationships. We will be looking at the lighter side, the stories you probably saw in the news and they made you giggle (it’s only human nature to do so, I’m the most immature person on the planet, so of course I did!) and then we will also be looking into the darker side, it’s all fun and games…. but how would you feel if something like this happened to you without your consent? ..

It could lead to a pretty terrifying experience. 

We hope that you enjoy this blog, I know that we really enjoyed doing the research for it, it was interesting to say the least ….


Written and edited by Vicky Grant

Spectrophilia is a fetish that is classified as the paraphilia in which one is attracted to ghosts or spirits. Spectrophiliacs fantasise about ghosts and often imagine scenarios involving sexual events between themselves or others and spirits.’

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’d associate this particular topic in the paranormal world with being quite modern… It seems within the last few years or so their has been a whole host of ‘ghostly lovers’ stories hitting the news headlines, which has of course brought a lot of attention to the subject. That’s why I was surprised when I began to do my research into the topic and found news stories that were over 150 years old speaking of the same things!

Oh,I’m not lying, check out these juicy publications I found on the British Newspaper Archives!


First Published on the 18th of April 1849 in the Kilkenny Journal, and Leinster Commercial and Literary Advertiser – titled ‘A GHOST IN LOVE’

Eh, they really had a way with words back then, didn’t they?

I love the way they have described every little detail, though I’m not quite sure they’d be able to get away with something like that in this day and age! It’d now most definitely be classed as adult reading material… ’50 shades of ghosts’

Though looking at it, if we ignore the way it’s written, there is actually a lot of fantasy books out there now that deceit the above story. Man looses his wife and she comes back to haunt him as she’s not happy with his new lover? – Mmm, I’m pretty sure there’s a couple of movies knocking around as well!

Moving on to our next snippet…


First Published on the 12th of April 1934 in the Sheffield Independent – Titled ‘Encounters with Ghost of suicide Lover’ 

I think the above is my my most favourite find out of all of the research I did for this Blog – especially the part where it explains that …

‘Three young men tried to lay the ghost, they spent the whole night in the three storied house but neither saw nor heard anything from darkness till dawn’ 

That’s what you’d do right? after hearing this story…. You’d definitely without no hesitation at all … go off  with your mates and try to get freaky with a ghost.

Pure Genius!

Succubus and Incubus – Quick Facts

  • In western folklore, the succubus is a demon or evil spirit who takes on a female human form to seduce men. The succubus most commonly seduces men through intercourse. The succubus is said to take semen from the male for use in impregnating a woman.

  • The counterpart of the succubus is the incubus. The incubus is a demon that is said to take on a male human form. The incubus, much like the succubus, is said to seduce women into sex with the objective of impregnating the woman with its semen. The belief that succubi and incubi are spirits or ghosts that have sexual intercourse with men and women classifies the phenomenon as spectrophilia.

I’m sure many of you will remember the above topic from a memorable Ghost Adventures episode ‘The Ancient Ram Inn’ which first aired on the 24th of July 2009



Sadly John Humphries passed away in December 2017 – Rest in peace
‘You left behind the stories of a legend’

Well, now that we all know that this isn’t just a modern day fad, It’s actually been going on a lot longer than I think most of us realised.

Let’s have a look at some of the stories that have become public in the last year or so… Obviously times have changed considerably since the 1800’s … Now we have Televisions, so people can actually go onto live TV and speak about their sexual ghost experiences.


First Aired on live UK TV breakfast show ‘This morning’ on December 7th 2017

I actually remember watching the above story one morning on my day off from work, I was all settled on the sofa with my cup of tea and BOOM …. here it was, a woman on TV talking about the fact that she’d given up men to have relationships with ghosts. I must admit I was rather fascinated by the interview. It didn’t take long for it to hit the social media sites online, in fact, it was posted in a lot of the paranormal forums I follow on Facebook. Each reaction was different, though I do remember seeing a lot of people calling the woman crazy and unhinged.

Honestly, I think she handled herself very well during the interview … how would you explain something like that to someone?

Exactly, it’s going to be a challenge right?

I’m not going to comment on if I believe it or not, simply because I honestly don’t know. A part of me thinks something like this could happen, but then a part of me believes the entire thing is ridiculous. I guess I can’t judge her just because it’s something I have never experienced … though not entirely sure I would want too?! I mean, I know my mother is always on at me about not having a boyfriend and settling down yet, but introducing her to a 300 year old spirit from the Georgian period called Charles would really be a whole different ball game!

So with that in mind, Let’s move on to our final story that was in this press of January this year, Published in The Sun Newspaper.

This lady actually decided to take it that one step further – sex is all fun and games, but what about when you want actual real commitment? … what do you do? ….

You Marry the ghost of course! and this wasn’t only just a Ghost…. it was a PIRATE ghost!


Want more? Read the full article here

After reading this story … The first thing I thought was GOOD ON HER.. Hey, you can’t mock a person for being happy.. and well … she clearly is! Even if the story is a little far fetched and down right beyond belief – This is something she genuinely believes in, so how about we just let her get on with her Ghost Pirate Husband and wish them all the best in their marriage, it definitely sounds like she went about things the right way….

“I told him I wasn’t really cool with having casual sex with a spirit and I wanted us to make a proper commitment to each other.”


Come on? At least he was respectful enough to adhere to his woman’s wishes and make that commitment .. which is more than I can say for many of these living guys…

What? Hah ! (I wasn’t being specific! Calm down!)

Well, It’s time to wrap up the lighter side of ‘Ghostly Love’ – I hope you enjoyed reading all of the different stories I chose to involve in my section!


Written and edited by James Bosley

For this bit, I’ll be talking about one story in particular, you’ve probably already guessed which…

The Entity, is a 1978 Novel by Frank de Felitta, later adapted in to a film written by Frank and directed by Sidney J. Furie in 1982. The film depicts the tale of a mother who suffers unimaginable abuse from an invisible force, all witnessed by her own children. If you haven’t seen the film where have you been hiding? It’s one of the horror genres classics and certainly shook its audiences in cinemas during the early 80’s.

The story, as most of you will be aware, is based on true events. Although the reporters, researches, investigators and family members involved in the real case behind the screens claim the film is just a lose adaptation of the torment that was really endured.

The Mother behind the story

Doris Blither, a mother living in Culver City, California, is the woman behind the story. Her life was turmoil from the beginning; she suffered childhood abuse, was disowned by her family in her teens and was victim to a string of violent relationships. It’s at this stage you might already be thinking her story is discredited, but it gets a little worse when you learn she was also an alcoholic receiving no treatment for her illness. She resided in a house that was rapidly spiralling out of control, it was dirty, unkempt and in need of severe maintenance work.

It was 1974 when Doris claimed the attacks started. At the time a haunted house wasn’t anything new, although it still piqued the interest of a particular group of individuals, bumps in the night, strange noises, ghostly figures and moving objects were widely reported across the US. Doris, however, was claiming something completely different, Spectral Rape.

Spectral rape dates back to ancient Greek Literature

Doris reported she was suffering from frequent paranormal attacks whereby a spirit would physically attack and rape her. Her children reported to have become so used to seeing spirits in the house that they called the most frequent visitor ‘Mr Whose-it’.

Groups of ghouls?

Before I get in to this section, I want to say; take everything in this blog with a pinch of salt. The case of Doris Bither is quite frankly enormous and the reports range from being quite similar to worlds apart. For anyone looking for a deeper insight in to the wild, dark and disturbed life of Ms Bither, I’d recommend taking a good few days out of you life, lighting a few black candles and residing your self to the fact you’re going to be a little more messed up on the other side.

“When they would make themselves known, it was always like a fog. Like a human…but not quite.” – Brian Harris, Son of Doris.

Anyway, Doris claimed it was not a single phantom attacking her, but three. Two of which were small non-human creatures that would hold her down, while the third was a bigger more forceful entity that raped her. There’s a whole heap of speculations as to what or who these spirits were, some say non-human, some say Asian men, others have even suggested the spirit of a family member.

All in the mind or a visit from demons?

The attacks were incredibly frequent; forget full moons, planet alignments or witching hours, Doris was experiencing abuse nightly. One of her sons, in a 2009 interview, talked of how his bedroom was next to his mothers and he would have to listen to the attacks most nights. He often saw her being attacked by an unseen force, hearing slaps and watching as she was tossed around the room. When he did try to intervene he too would be thrown across the room.

“everything about what was reported was true. It did happen. Living in that home was hell.”  

An explanation?

As previously mentioned, the Bither case is a big one and so explanations and speculations are plentiful, but here are a few:

Negative energy (perhaps the understatement of the millennium) was a suggested reason behind the experiences in the house, due to previous violence on the land. It was suggested that something so horrific had happened on the site the house was built on, that it led to the manifestation of poltergeists – not helped by the negative energy radiating from Doris and her troubled mind. A poltergeist is said to be a non-corporeal manifestation usually associated with loud noises, moving objects and the occasional scratch – so maybe this was just a particularly angry one?

A deal with the devil?

Others claimed it was her fault. She had been known to get involved in the occult; investigators said she had opened a portal within herself that was allowing these evil creatures to enter her life. Another, more sceptical explanation was that the attacks were caused by her subconscious reliving the traumatic events of her past. This explanation of course doesn’t explain why all of her children witnessed attacks and in some cases were even victim to scratches, slaps and being pushed themselves. Family visitors also said they had been attacked by the menace ghouls.

Let’s not forget the default; sleep paralysis. It’s been used to explain almost any unexplainable experience that a ‘victim’ has endured at night or whilst in bed. Sleep paralysis is very real and is every bit terrifying for those unfortunate enough to suffer it. It occurs when we wake up before finishing our REM cycle and will cause you to feel conscious but unable to move for anything from a few seconds to a few minutes (it’ll feel like a lifetime).

Camera shy…

Around 30 paranormal investigators were involved in the ‘official’ investigation. They littered the house with an army of cameras and instructed Doris to conjure the sprits. She started to shout abuse and torment her attackers, bright orbs started to appear and then a green mist crept eerily across the room from one corner to the centre, where it transformed into a torso and mass of muscles – an investigators dream come true!

Until they checked the cameras to find they captured nothing but an arc of light above Doris’ head. As you can probably imagine, this didn’t do much favour to her case. Her sons were becoming angry with investigators visiting, due to the increased and more aggressive activity when they left. Doris was probably fed up of retelling her horrific story; which explains why she was beginning to go quiet. Towards the end of her life she would avoid journalists and reporters like the plague.

The evidence left investigators stumped, the arc of light could have been taken for just a stray hair

To this day, the Bither case remains unique in its heinous nature. The Entity, even compared to modern horror and the incredible developments in special effect technology, and substantially inflated budgets, still remains as shocking and disturbing as it once was.

The Conclusion

Written and edited by Vicky Grant

I really hoped you enjoyed this blog and hopefully it’s opened your eyes to new possibilities and maybe you have discovered something new – I know I definitely have.

I would like to conclude this blog with a Poem from Robert Graves, first published in 1920. Many college professors who have studied his work and that alike believe this particular poem to be about Robert’s fascination with a ghostly lover. Give it a read and see if you can decipher the meaning behind his words…

As I walked out one harvest night
About the stroke of One,
The Moon attained to her full height
Stood beaming like the Sun.
She exorcised the ghostly wheat
To mute assent in Love’s defeat
Whose tryst had now begun.

The fields lay sick beneath my tread,
A tedious owlet cried;
The nightingale above my head
With this or that replied,
Like man and wife who nightly keep
Inconsequent debate in sleep
As they dream side by side.

Your phantom wore the moon’s cold mask,
My phantom wore the same,
Forgetful of the feverish task
In hope of which they came,
Each image held the other’s eyes
And watched a grey distraction rise
To cloud the eager flame.

To cloud the eager flame of love,
To fog the shining gate:
They held the tyrannous queen above
Sole mover of their fate,
They glared as marble statues glare
Across the tessellated stair
Or down the Halls of State.

And now cold earth was Arctic sea,
Each breath came dagger keen,
Two bergs of glinting ice were we,
The broad moon sailed between;
There swam the mermaids, tailed and finned,
And Love went by upon the wind
As though it had not been.

Until next time, Happy Hunting.

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