Paranormal Problems.

He said! She said! It’s not about the dead?


Hi everyone!

So I’ve decided to write a blog about my experiences whilst working within the paranormal field.

For those of you that don’t know me, My name is Vicky and I run this blog. I have been actively involved in the paranormal now for around the last 7 years starting out in 2012.

I got interested in the paranormal due to some personal experiences and it was then I went on my first ever organised ghost hunt. Not long after that was when I joined a team.

I won’t be naming any names in this blog. This is just about my view of it all. 

I remember feeling that buzz for every investigation at the start and not only that, I’ve always been one of these people who find it hard to make friends, mainly because of my interest in such a subject, people often think ‘I’m off my head‘ so when I joined a team, It finally felt like I had friends around me and that we all understood each other and wanted to work towards the same goal of finding evidence of the afterlife.

Now for any paranormal investigators reading this, I’m sure there will be points in this blog that you can relate too and others not so much. As stated, this is about my experience of it all, but seeing what I see on social media each day… I’m pretty sure a lot of you are going to be able to relate to this.

And for those of you not involved in the paranormal field, maybe you’ve been on a few ghost hunts and enjoy watching the shows on TV. I can honestly tell you it’s nothing like that when you are involved in it. Not everyone is your friend and it’s not all smiles and working together in one big unity.

I had some of the happiest times of my life whilst I was in a team. I got to travel the length and breadth of the UK and investigate some awesome locations whilst working with the general public which also opened me up to meeting new people and making new friends. Although myself and this team did not end on the best of terms, I would never go back and change anything about it, it was just a shame in the end that you realise that people are not really your friends.

Being talked about behind my back was the entire reason I left.

I am no angel in this and I openly admit I said some things too afterwards. When you are so close to people and living inside each others pockets day in and day out, I guess it was bound to happen eventually. I even know since I left that things are ‘apparently’ still being said about me, maybe even to this day? (Or so I’m told?)

But that’s the funny thing about this entire situation. I still have people running to me two years later to say ‘so and so said this’ and ‘so and so said that’ and at the end of the day I’m just sat here thinking… why? Why bother even telling me?’ It’s been two years and there are those out there who are still on a vendetta to ruin people’s lives.

I am not saying this team is out to ruin mine (I doubt they are lol) but I do know of teams who bicker and back stab each and every day!

The paranormal field is filled with so much drama it’s unbelievable.

After I left the team it was a few months later that I decided to set up my blog. After my experience I just wanted to set something up on my own, where I wouldn’t have to answer to anybody about anything. I could my own thing.

The hard thing about being in a team is that the majority of teams like to keep to themselves (which I completely understand) They won’t work with other people because it can cause controversy.

It sounds daft right? But I can see where they are coming from. Being friends with everyone can cause a lot of drama, simply because there’s always going to be one person who doesn’t like another and then guess what?

YOU have to listen to them complain about it.

Sure, go ahead, team up, but at the end of the day people’s ego’s in this field can be so big that eventually that person you thought was your friend will turn their back on you if they think for the slightest moment that you are doing just a little bit better than them. (It could be that you have a better social media presence, you get more likes on something, ridiculous stupid reasons)

I know this because I’ve been through it and I’m going through it now.

I hate to say this but most people get involved in this field because they believe it is a sure and easy way to hit fame.

I see this happening day in and day out.


Just recently I have had two teams fall out with me over practically nothing, One I was not so close to and one I was very close too.

I decided to speak my mind on my FB page about how I can’t do everything for everyone. My status was aimed at a team who got mad at me because I refused to attend one of their events and blog about it (For anyone that doesn’t know, that’s something I am not doing now moving forwards) so I’d politely said ‘no’ and then I received a huge backlash of abuse from them for it. In the meantime, this other team I was close too took it as a dig at them and they all deleted me.

I could honestly see it coming and I could have for a while. Simply because I noticed things started to change once I began to do a little better with my blog.

Jealousy and the green-eyed monster play a HUGE part within the paranormal field.

Wether people care to admit it or not there will always be someone wanting and waiting for you to fail and if you end up doing well but don’t take them along for the ride, that’s when they turn on you.

Not many people know but I have been offered 7 different TV appearances on shows this year alone, from the UK to America and guess what? I turned them all down.

It’s really not something I wish to do but I do have plans to want to better myself and my life situation, I would like to become an established author.

Does that make me a bad person for wanting to do that? and does it make anyone else a bad person for wanting to be on TV? No it does not.

It just means you have goals and I have nothing against anyone who is on TV, I wish them all well for their future.

So what’s my experience of this so-called Happy paranormal world?

It’s really not happy at all. You make friends but evidently no one is really your friend, They may start out like that but at the end of the day they are only out to get what they can from you before they push you aside.

People within the field will support you for a while, but as mentioned before, start doing well for yourself and watch all of your so-called friends turn their backs on you and try to copy / imitate what you doing hoping that it will work out well for them too.. AND 9/10 it doesn’t work out and you just end up looking like a copycat.

That’s just the way of it and in my experience, it’s been this way for the entire time I have been involved in the field.

I have a very SMALL handful of people who I actually trust.

In fact, I can count them on my fingers.

Mainstream Problems.


You have people (friends of friends) running to people’s defence on a subject when these people running have no idea what’s gone on in the first place! Mind boggling isn’t it? (And Yes, that is a real word!)

And then we have the…

People getting blocked by association… that happens too. Because you speak to someone in the paranormal field and if someone else doesn’t happen to like them… they block you LOL (I’ve never met you, what’s the problem?


People moaning about other people’s evidence or calling them fake publicly. If you don’t like it, ignore it. Whatever you do or say will not change anything, trust me. I know people who are fake in this field because I’ve caught them doing it myself (some of them are now on TV) but have I ever publicly outed them? No. 

Why? Because it’s my word against them and it just brings more of the pointless drama. 


You have people making fake Facebook / Twitter accounts as they haven’t got the balls to say anything to your face so they make a fake account and start commenting typical keyboard warrior things off of that. (Ohhhh it happens, believe me!


You have teams who will call a location and cancel another teams event (sometimes on the day) just to be spiteful… OR when a team falls out (as they usually do at some point) the persons separated can not just drop the vendetta against each other and then hence ALL OF THE ABOVE HAPPENING. 

School playground? It’s worse, trust me. 

Y’all need some CLOSURE people !! 

My advice — see a councillor. 


So, due to all of my experiences lately, I will only be working with James moving forward and we will continue to do our blog.

It’s been evident since day one that some people have a problem with us working together and again, why they have this problem, I don’t understand.

It’s not going to change anything, we are still going to go on enjoying investigating without all of the drama.

I will keep myself to myself which is a shame to have do something so drastic, but this is my way of walking away from the drama and all of the childishness.

I admit that I too have said and done things in the past I am not proud of but at least I have the balls to admit that, Unlike some people who like to act innocent in every situation.

You want to support me? Great. I’ll support you too.

You want to hate me? Great. I don’t care.

Just don’t be including me in your playground politics.

If you don’t like the way someone is doing something, ignore them and separate yourself from it, concentrate on your own shit.

This is YOUR journey, not anyone else’s so you don’t need to be calling people names constantly behind their backs, surely you have better things to do with you time? Or at least I’d hope so. If not, then it’s an extremely sad life you must be leading.

Moving forwards I will not hesitate to start cutting people out of my life who cause drama, because at the end of the day


Maybe you should too?

Thanks for reading!

Vicky xo


Anchor Church Cave.



The Anchor Church cave is a mysterious dwelling nestled on the banks of the River Trent in Derbyshire, England. 

This magnificent rock face has over 1,000 years of history. Originally being naturally formed by the action of the river upon the rock.

According to local history the Cave was home to St Hardulph of Breedon and is first mentioned in the Repton Church Record in 1658.

St Hardulph would live and pray here between the 16th and 17th century to find peace and reflection. The site would also become known as a safe haven from Pagan prosecution.

The Cave itself was never as big as it is now, this is due to a man-made intervention in th 1800’s.

In the middle ages the Caves would become home to a Monk by the name of Friar Bernard who would then go on to die at the location whilst doing penance for his involvement in a crime, which, I will get to soon!

By the early 1800’s a wealthy family who have links to the nearby Foremark Hall would take it upon themselves to extend the cave and have a door fitted in 1845. This was all paid for by their younger son, Sir Francis Burdett.

The Burdett family would then go on to use the cave as a summer-house where they would hold lavish parties and picnics although it is rumoured that women were not permitted to attend these parties and it became a sort of ‘mans club‘.

Some even believe it could have been Masonic in nature.



A Story of Jealousy And Betrayal.


There is a very well-known legend which surrounds the area of the cave and that of Foremark. A wealthy man by the name of Sir Hugo De Burdett who lived in a castle at the nearby knowle hill presumably murdered his wife and her supposed lover in the woods beside the cave! 

The story goes that whilst Sir Hugo was away his wife Johanne had been unfaithful to him with his close friend and advisor the Baron of Boyvill.

Boyvill was apparently a well known ladies man who would try to court Johanne although she had made it very clear to him that she was married and not interested. Boyvill, determined to get his own way would then go on to Bribe a monk named Bernard (as mentioned above) to con Sir Hugo into embarking on a crusade, thus leaving his wife alone and defenceless.

So whilst Hugo was away, Boyvill would then make his move upon poor Johanne.

Whilst away in the holy land, Sir Hugo was captured by Bernard and then told that his wife was unfaithful and unwilling to pay a ransom for his return, which of course was a lie. Meanwhile, Boyvill went on to tell Johanne that Hugo was dead and that he would now marry her whether she liked it or not!



Later, Boyvill would refuse to keep paying Bernard to keep Hugo as a hostage and so Bernard would allow Hugo to go free. It was then, a few years later that Hugo would come across Boyville whilst on a hunting trip at the surrounding wood of the foremark cave.

The argument and heartbreak were settled by the point of Hugo’s sword where he apparently killed Boyville and as Johanne would try to intervene he supposedly cut off her left hand, the hand of betrayal where her wedding ring would once have been.

It is said that Johanne had also bled to death in those woods.

Meanwhile Friar Bernard would then spend the rest of his days in the cave of the Anchor church for his crime. He would call to Sir Hugo whilst on his deathbed. He told Hugo the truth about everything and then Hugo would  begin to mourn his wife, forever feeling his guilt and a great pain.

Sir Hugo’s ghost is said to haunt the area, still sorrowing for his wife.

But, How much truth is there to this story? We don’t know. The names and references can be linked to real people of that time and indeed there was a monk called Bernard that did live and die in the cave for an unknown crime he committed. But did all of this really happen? 

I guess that’s why they call it ‘A local legend’



UFO’s And Little Green Men. 


Upon our first day visit to reccy the cave, Myself and James had arrived to take photos and some footage for our intro as well as to get a handle of the area just in general.

We’d taken The Alice Box device with us which had began to throw out a few words. One in particular being ‘Alien‘ which in retrospect is something I would usually ignore and just assume the device had thrown out a random word.

It wasn’t until we’d explored the cave that we found that someone had drawn three ‘Alien‘ head symbols in a kind of graffiti on the wall inside of the cave.



Later that evening, with my mind ticking over the subject, I’d decided to do a little research into it and I found out that particular area in Derbyshire is very well-known for UFO sightings in the sky.

Not only that, some believe the area to be very active for this phenomena as there is a power station very nearby and apparently that can act as a hub for that kind of activity and those interested in that kind of thing are known to camp out at the cave looking for a glimpse of something quite literally, out of this world!

Now, I’m not a UFO hunter, I’m a ghost hunter, but I did find this theory fascinating all the same, especially because the Alice box had said that particular word which then led me to find out that it does indeed have links to the area….

Crazy huh?

So if there is any avid UFO hunters out there, check this place out and let us know if you find anything?


Our Investigation. 


This was our second visit to the Anchor Church Cave, although our first had only been a few days in between each other!

We always like to reccy a location first to find out what we are dealing with and this was a prime example of why we do this! It turns out the cave is a couple of miles walk (at least.) The first time we went we almost died and the second time we got absolutely drenched and covered in mud… It was fun though!

It’s not for the faint of heart, I’ll tell you that!

But, regardless of all that, the cave itself and the surrounding area once we had arrived was absolutely beautiful. As mentioned we went early evening whilst it was still light which allowed James to take some amazing photographs.

I definitely recommend you check out our investigation video at the top of the page if you haven’t already! 

It’s fine me sat here explaining what happened to you, but in the video you can also see for yourself some of the amazing stuff we captured!


On our second visit we went straight into the investigation.

It was around half past 9 when we got to the cave and it doesn’t start getting dark here properly until around 10PM now in these ‘summer months’

It may have been a little light outside but inside of the cave it was as dark as ever and we pretty much began to receive intelligent responses from the off.

I like this location as it’s not typically investigated by a lot of teams all year around. I can understand why though with the journey you have to take to get there!

To me that makes it a really special place.

Though I’m sure that after this blog goes out a lot of other investigators will want to check it out (if they haven’t already) all I will say is PLEASE BE CAREFUL if visiting due to the terrain and also be mindful of going on a Friday or a weekend evening as it tends to be full of youths drinking or people camping out.

You’re better off going midweek and hoping you don’t bump in to anyone… living at least! (lol) 


We began our investigation in the left side of the cave.

I’d actually set up a small ‘Alter’ with a cross and some candles as well as a touch sensor device made by Andy at Infraready. I wanted to do this experiment as the cave was used as a place of worship in the past and I was hoping it may have drawn out some of the spirits that could possibly reside there.


Alter in the cave


As stated, we had strange happenings right from the off.

A lot of the activity seemed to stem around the carved cave entrance doorway where we heard what sounded like footsteps a few times. It was as if someone was entering and then stopping at the door and not coming inside fully.

Maybe it’s because we were there? but we did our up most to try to make this spirit feel comfortable and to join us, which eventually, we believe it did.

You’ll see in the video that we captured a few strange voices on the cameras audio (best to listen with headphones) some of the words are quite clear and the majority seemed to be coming from a female.

One of my favourite moments is when James moves into the left side and you’ll clearly hear a muffled voice say “Hi” at first which then turned to “Hello” a little louder.

I remember being sat in the opposite side of the cave and hearing a woman’s voice at that moment although I was unsure what she had said.

Within a few seconds I responded and just said “hello?”

It’s as if I had answered her! You can also then see the difference between the voice captured on the audio and my own.

We also had a strange experience with the candles. I’m still unsure if it was just the wick making them change / blow but it only seemed to do it when we asked it too or we were calling out.

I can’t definitely say that was paranormal… but at the same time I can’t say it wasn’t (like a lot of things I suppose!)



James began to hear voices in the cave so we decided to conduct an EVP session. I like to use white noise when conducting EVP, I believe it helps the spirits to speak. You’ll see me explain this in the video about the different types of noise. 

We did about four or five sessions but only two of them stood out to me when listening back. Those are the two that are included in the video.

I ran them through a programme so you can see audio waves and where it spikes. When the voice appears on the EVP strangely there is no spike unlike when me and James speak, you can clearly see the audio format of those.

My favourite is definitely what sounds like a little girl humming and if you listen close with headphones it carries on right to the end of that particular recording.

For the final part of the investigation we moved into the right side of the cave. In this area for some unknown reason James always feels uncomfortable. He said it’s like he’s being surrounded, just an uncomfortable feeling which puts him on edge!

I actually felt fine this entire investigation and didn’t feel threatened in the slightest.

We had the Alice box running at this point and at first it seemed to be describing the remanence of the evening at the cave prior to this one. It was quite clear someone had camped inside of it with leftover BBQ and wood etchings on the floor.

The Alice box said ‘tent’ ‘burning’ — it all made sense.

During this time we’d also caught the flash of a light next to me which James had also witnessed with his own eyes.

We actually captured this on camera. I’ve zoomed in and also slowed it down for you all to check out. When I did a frame by frame on the footage it approximately lasts for around half a second or so. It appears to swoop up out of nowhere and then disappear.

We were using an infrared night vision camera and were not using any kind of direct light source therefore we have no idea where this flash could have come from and it was the only time it happened on the footage throughout the night.

I personally believe that using infrared whilst investigating makes any kind of light anomaly or shadow much more credible.


Alice Box saying the name ‘Jack’


With the Alice box responding well, we also received two names.

Elizabeth and Jack.

I don’t know why but at the time I had a feeling about these two names, whether I just have a really overactive imagination or not I don’t know. I really had a hunch that Jack was a child.

You’ll see me speak about this in the video and then a disembodied voice will respond “yes” — was this answering me? Was I right? I don’t know. I seem to be picking up on more and more strange feelings like this just lately.

I’ve now researched the names to see if I could link them to the area and whilst I couldn’t find anything for Jack, I did indeed find something for an Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Burdett was the mother of Sir Francis Burdett. Her son was the one who extended the caves in the middle 1800’s — she died when he was very young and later his father remarried. She was actually quite well-known to the foremark area.

Was this Elizabeth communicating with us throughout the evening?

As mentioned, the disembodied voices we captured seemed to be coming from a female.

Now with James still feeling a little uneasy we did have a quick break and then do a spirit box session for around 15 minutes or so.

This is not included in the video as unfortunately we didn’t capture a single voice. It was nothing but white noise for the entire time.



I really enjoyed this investigation, it definitely felt like we were not alone and we believe whatever was there definitely made itself known!

I really hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and the video!

You can check out the photographs that James took and his amazing gallery over on Haunted Insight by clicking HERE


But until next time,
Happy hunting! 😉

Blog written and video edited by Vicky Grant
Photos of location by James Pykett







Patti Negri – Old World Magick

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the very FIRST of our featured writer blogs!

For this blog the lovely Patti Negri has given us exclusive excerpts from her international best selling book Old World Magick For The Modern World and she also provided us with a brilliant in-depth exercise which you can try yourselves at home!

Before we get into the main feature of this article

Let’s learn a little more about Patti!




Patti is a psychic-medium and “good” witch.

She was voted number one psychic, medium, trance medium, tarot reader, witch / magical practitioner in the world this year in an International competition by Times Square Press.

Patti has been able to communicate with the spirit world since she was a toddler and consciously since she conducted her first séance at age eight. Since then, she has conducted séances, clearings and sessions on radio, film, TV and in living rooms across America.

Patti enjoys working her magic on television. She appears regularly on the Travel Channel TV Show Ghost Adventures.


Patti alongside the GA crew.


Patti’s working style is magical, loving and upbeat which creates a positive, safe and fun environment for you to learn, grow and heal.

She has been practicing natural magick her entire life. Her specialty is in adjusting energy and flow – in people, spaces, situations, most anything.

She works organically by creating spells and rituals that arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe to bring about healing, change our lives for the better, and create balance.



Patti’s new book ‘Old World Magick For The Modern World‘ has recently topped the best seller charts in FIVE countries! The US, UK, Germany, France and Australia! 

She has provided us with excerpts from her book below including an exercise you can all try yourselves at home!


I am now going to hand the blog over to Patti and you can read below what she had to say about her book!




In my book OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Balance, Empower and Create a Life You Love! You will learn to bring clarity, confidence and courage to your life with fun, simple magickal practices.

Enlightenment is all about your relationship with yourself and with spirit.  You will receive a collection of fun, easy, insightful techniques to open your awareness and your sight – and therefore your own self-empowerment!  You will learn easy ways to truly take the driver’s seat and be the architect of your life, so you can create a life you truly love.

For the fulfillment of our heart’s desires we need the willingness to step out of our cocoon of false beliefs and any limitations that appear to be sabotaging our efforts. The choice is ours, and it is greatly dependent upon how we view change: as an opportunity to release our fears and insecurities or as a challenge we prefer to avoid.

When the exploration of consciousness is interwoven with the unfolding of events in our everyday lives, we have made a conscious choice to discover and live our limitless potential.  Our dreams really CAN come true!  And, it is as easy as we allow it to be – or as hard as we make it.  Let’s go for easy!

What is Practical Magic? 

Practical magic is simple techniques, spells and thought patterns that anybody can do to improve your day to day life and help you live a magical life every day!  Everything is a combination of Mind, Body and Spirit to create the shift, open the door, enhance the opportunity, see a new perception to move forward in the direction you want with a bit more grace, ease and enjoyment as you manifest the life you want!  Everything from how to deal with difficult relationships, your own personal blocks, fears and limitations, to how to develop your own psychic ability and intuition and to tune into your own guides and deity.   Who has the power?  YOU do!     (If not… who or what have you given it away to?)  I will teach you how to be the master or your universe.  The architect of your own life.

Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

The one thing we know from the 200,000 books written about it, is that everything we do must include mind, body and spirit. One out of three is “wishful thinking”.  Two out of three is “hit or miss” at best.  Three out of three is a “home run”!  To break it down, to do anything we first must do or have it in our head, in our thought process. We don’t do ANYTHING without it being a thought first. Examples are: “I’m going to be rich.  I’m going to eat.  I am going bowling.  Everybody takes advantage of me”. Etc.  Then, hopefully, our body takes action.  We start the process of making money, eating, bowling – or even the manifestation of people taking advantage of us…  (People most always DO live into our expectations…  keep aware of that!)  But the third and often elusive is the “spirit” element.  It’s less tangible.  Harder to grasp.  But, the spirit aspect is the “battery power” that makes it happen.  It’s like the aspirin for the headache.  Spirit can be created a lot of ways; via prayer or affirmations, vision boards, spells and magical workings, or it can be done via the elements. Every element has some specific attributes.  We will be using all of these techniques, elements, spells through out

Living your belief system

To me it is all about Awareness…  Awareness, Intent and Conscious Creation. Let’s live our life “Awake”.   Which is very different than a life lived on “auto pilot”, “phoned in” or “asleep at the wheel”!   This book is the perfect place to get started…We know that where you put your energy is where you live.  Start putting your energy into the things you want – not the things you don’t have.  The classic “Glass half empty vs glass half full” is a perfect place to start. Yes, fate exists.  But free will and manifestation outweigh it by a landslide.  This is a good place to begin in creating a life you love.  You can’t control everything around you.  But you CAN control how you react to the things around you – and that changes EVERYTHING!



Elemental Balancing Exercises 

Or what I like to call… 30 seconds to fix anything!


I think the key to almost everything is balance. Every once in a while, well heck almost daily, we get or feel a little out of balance. Here are my super easy elemental exercises to help get you back in balance within 30 seconds almost anywhere you are!

Picture your entire life in the four basic elements.  Earth.  Air.  Fire.  Water. Your Earth is who you are, your home, your sense of being, the womb. Our Air is our thinking brain, our thoughts, our sense of reason, (and often that chatter that won’t shut up when we want it to).  Your Fire is your passion, creativity, the blood in your veins, your spirituality. Your Water is your emotions… and remember water is about 70% of our body and 70% of our planet, so our emotions are a big part of who we are.  So, the next time you are not as happy as you can be, or productive as you can be, or even as awake and conscious as you would like to be… (we really don’t want to go through life “asleep at the wheel”, “phoned in” or on “automatic pilot”!)  Instead of just staying in that state decide which of those four elements is the most out of balance. I promise, one of them will be!

Water/Emotions…  Is it your emotions that are out of balance?  Are you angry or sad or worried about something? Whether held inside or screamed out the window… whether justified or not, if it is your emotions keeping you from your full experience of life in this moment… you need the water element. An attribute of water is emotion. Think of it like an aspirin for a headache. Just think how good you always feel after a shower. It’s the water!  You can’t jump in a shower every time you’re sad or angry or worried, but you can almost always find running water. A sink, a kitchen, a bathroom, a drinking fountain or hose. So, going back to the mind body and spirit equal “home run” formula… walk up to that sink turn on the water, first set your intent (mind) perhaps ask your higher self, God your Spirit guides or whatever words you use that with this water you are releasing this extra emotion.   Then run your hands under the sink for 30 seconds (body or action). If you want, you can visualize that anger or sadness running down the drain. The water itself is the “spirit” or battery power!  You now have all three elements, so within 30 seconds you will have healthfully released that excess emotion.  Gone.  Not stuffed down, or ignored or discounted…. just gone.  So now, if you need to deal with what caused the emotion, you can now do it without the overwhelm of it.  Give it a try…  I think you will be pleasantly amazed!

Air/Thoughts…  Do your thoughts get the best of you sometimes?  Do you overthink?  Get foggy?  Sometimes can you just not get your thoughts to SHUT UP!  If so, you need the air element. An attribute of air is thought. In these rushed modern times, very few of us breathe deeply.  Unfortunately, the effect of shallow quick breathing goes directly to your head!  So just being aware of your breathing can be a huge help in itself… but my “magic fix” for foggy brain is adding some sound to your breath…  Vowels sounds to be exact.  Any vowel, any order.  Vowels literally clear the head.  Think about how almost every sacred word or chant is a vowel… “Amen”, “Om”, etc.  So… next time you get chatty or foggy brain – do my one, two, three (Mind, body, spirit) quick fix.  First set your intention that with your deep slow breathing and vowel sounds you will clear and quiet your mind… then just DO IT!  Within 30 seconds you will actually notice the chatter in your head begin to stop – and the fog clear up.  Great to do before a presentation or important conversation – or anytime you need clear thinking!

Earth/Grounding… If you are not feeling “grounded” or “in your body” – you need to tap into the earth element.  Its great to get outside in nature.  Get barefoot in the dirt or grass.  Hug a tree – literally!  But, if you are on the 35th floor of an office building going in to a very important meeting and feeling a little “queasy” – grab ANYTHING that is wood or stone.  A pencil, a wooden chair or desk.  The granite countertop, a crystal, even the diamond, opal or any stone in your ring.  Grab onto it.  Decide in your head that this item will ground and center you.  Hold on to the object.  Deep breath for 30 seconds.  Everyone feels this one a little different.  I feel like a warm earthen blanket surrounds me.  Some people feel like “roots’ are coming out of the soles of their feet into the ground.  However it feels to you – you WILL feel immediately grounded and centered.

Fire/Passion… If you are feeling tired, passionless or not inspired – you need to call in the fire element.  Maybe you have a hot date with your honey and just not “feeling it”. Or working on a creative or art project and need inspiration – or maybe you are just exhausted, in bed and have to get up!  You have all the “earth” you need – but you need the “fire” power to rise and shine.   This, like air is breathing and sound magic…Set your head what you want as in the others…  than do 30 seconds of deep breathing while going zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Ask any eight-year-old what sound a bee makes… you’ve got it!)  Within 30 seconds you will start to feel a tingling in the base of your spine.  It will rise up and in no time at all you will have all the energy, passion and creativity you need to move forward.

These four techniques really can be like your hidden super hero powers!  You can do them anywhere.  They cost nothing and take only 30 seconds!  Keep them in your invisible back pocket – and pull them out whenever needed for immediate balance and relief!



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I really hope you have enjoyed this blog! Patti is one of the most loveliest people I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to and it’s been a real honor in having her guest write for my blog!

I definitely recommend her book!

As the first of our featured writers I would like to say a massive thanks to Patti and also to everyone who took the time to read this article!

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Welcome to the next investigation installment blog!


Entrance to the cemetery.


For this blog myself and James of Haunted Insight traveled to Sheffield to investigate the incredibly eerie Wardsend Cemetery!



Brief History


Wardsend cemetery spans a MASSIVE 5 acres and is reported to have over 20,000 graves on the site. The ground that it stands on was originally purchased by a man called John Livesey in 1857. He was the vicar of a nearby church.

The original purpose of the land was to be an overfill graveyard.

The first burial to take place on the grounds was that of two year old Ann Marie Marsden in 1857 and she is said to be the ‘guardian of the cemetery’

The Graveyard is also the only one in Britain with an active railway line passing through it.

As well as Ann who is buried on it’s grounds it’s also known for being the final resting place of George Lambert who was a highly decorated Irish soldier.

The site also holds many plots for the victims of the Great Sheffield Flood in 1864.

The cemetery was closed to legal burial in 1968 and since then Sheffield City Council have done little to maintain the cemetery and it has fallen into neglect.



The 1862 Riot


Artist newspaper illustration.


On the 3rd of June 1862 a riot broke out at the Cemetery as the Reverard John Livesey and his sexton Isaac Howard were accused of neglecting to bury corpses and instead selling them to the town’s medical school for anatomical dissection!

The rumors were later proven false but both Livesey and Howard were fined for reusing graves in order to save space although many still believed that they were guilty!

The two were originally accused by a man called Robert Dixon who’d moved into the sexton’s house.

He said he observed a ‘curious smell’ coming from the room above the stable and when he approached he found many coffins with corpses, the majority which seemed to age from ten to sixteen years old.

We will never know truthfully what went on at this time, but it certainly gives you something to be aware of when approaching the investigation!



Ghost Stories


Over the years the site has been a ‘breeding ground’ for those with darker intentions.

As the Graveyard is abandoned it has involuntarily opened it’s doors to many who wish to perform rituals on the site.

In fact, it’s no secret that these grounds have been used for that exact purpose in the past with the intent to summon something malicious.

The cemetery itself and the headstones are filled with different symbols and markings.

I even once came across a group of people who looked to be performing a ritual only a mere few years ago.

They were shrouded in black cloaks and standing around a fire they had created and were chanting at the top of the main path. As we’d approached they had all decided to run off leaving the reminisce of a ritual behind.

What they were planning to do, I have no idea.

Many stories have surfaced over the years of this type. In fact, due to so much of this being done, one of the more famous ‘ghost stories‘ is that of a dog like creature which prowls the area with piercing red eyes.

Apparently this has been spotted on several occasions by visitors.

Not only this but there have been many reports of  young children walking the site late at night and also some vistors and investigarors have seen apparitions that seem to be holding some kind of old fasioned oil lamps! VERY spooky indeed! 


One of the many sunken graves.



The Investigation


Please watch the video to find out what happened!

Headstone Markings


Star like symbol drawn on the headstones.


You can see in the above photo one of the several markings on the headstones at Wardsend. I’d like to point out that not every headstone is marked, just a few along the main path! 

We went into this investigation totally blind with only the stories and a brief history of what had been happening at the location.

Markings, rituals and witchcraft is not our area. So after the investigation I got into contact with the white witch & psychic medium Patti Negri who was able to give us some input in to what she believes these markings could be!

It feels like both a ‘marker and a protection sigil’ like the eight sided cross although the ones in the photos have been quickly done. These are used a lot in compass work and in ritual and can signify the protection sigil ‘Helm of awe’. They were clearly marking the graves for some reason and adding magick and protection to the mix.

I would like to say a massive thanks to Patti for her input on this as I really had no idea which way to turn with it….

Her input made a lot of sense!

During the investigation as you will see in the video above. Myself and James were unsure if these markings were possibly made for something much more darker. Though the evidence we captured and the responses we received now make more sense for the markings to actually be protection!

When the word ‘Crayon and Wash‘ came through on the Alice box, we now believe this may have been a darker entity trying to persuade us to clean the graves and take off the protection that had been put upon the headstones!

Which is why you will then hear a man’s voice intercept as a direct voice phenomenon through the camera’s audio and say ‘I don’t want you here‘ – Which could have been someone protecting their final resting place!

Also when we asked why the marking’s were on the graves, Alice responds again saying the word ‘War

Which again we now believe is a darker entity that may have been ‘summoned‘ to the area, telling us exactly what was going on.

Do I believe in Demons? It’s still a no from me!

But I do believe that bad spirits and energy can be brought into something during rituals.

It definitely feels like a battle between good and bad upon the entire path on the way up!



Investigation Analysis


As stated above, it now makes sense that the spirits may be trying to keep the protection upon their graves, so with this new insight, we will be returning back to the site with a completely different approach.

I am still VERY intrigued to find out who this dark entity is that claims they were the ‘devil‘ so many occasions during our SONOX10 spirit box session.

As you will see above, we received A LOT of intelligent responses throughout the night.

Even reference to ‘The dogs are out‘ which makes sense and links to the ghost story of the dog like creature with red eyes! We knew about this story before the investigation, which is why you’ll see us react to it!

Not only this but also the story of the guardian of the cemetery. A very clear soft female voice comes through and asks ‘please leave‘ as if in a kind of polite warning.

I wanted James to do a brief write up of how he felt when we ventured up to the top of the graveyard.

I have honestly never seen him act this way before!

Here is what James had to say about the whole ordeal!

Walking around graveyards is a bit of a hobby of mine, but before Wardsend I’d only ever investigated one. I’ve heard many views on whether burial grounds can be haunted or not, and just like everything in the paranormal, I agree with some and not others. In my opinion, the only way you can find out is by getting out there and experiencing it for yourself, and what we experienced that night at Wardsend will live with me forever.

Like many of the locations myself and Vicky investigate, we start by having a general walk around to gather our bearings so to speak. It’s at this point that I try and get some photos of the location whilst we also talk about how we are going to conduct the investigation. This all went plain sailing on the night in question, Vicky had been there before, so I’d already been told what to expect.

As we explored the dark and overgrown headstone ridden woods, I felt a buzz, but it was mixed with a feeling of nervousness and restrain. We headed back to the main gate to start the investigation with the view to going to the upper tier of the cemetery to do some spirit box work. We’d had some recent success with a new program that we are using, and we were excited to see what evidence we could gain here.

It didn’t take long for us to work our way up to the railway bridge which acts as a gateway to the higher ground. After crossing, we sat on some steps that had been landscaped into the sloping banks. We put the Alice Box in front of us whilst we set up the spirit box. As we were arranging our equipment, I saw what I thought to be a large shadow type figure to the right of us. Now, it’s extremely dark, our only light came from the moon so I can’t rule out it being a trick of the light or even my imagination – which at this point was racing!

We proceeded to conduct our spirit box session, unlike others we have used in the past, this one cuts out the white noise and therefore we are able to pick up on responses with relative ease. As you will see from the Vlog, we started getting some fantastic responses, such as Vicky sneezing etc… I’m kidding! Yet also when watching the video, you will see the exact moment where, in all honesty, I absolutely s##t myself. You’ll notice that the camera is sent looking into the stars and the night sky of Sheffield, but this was no visual for editing purposes.

No, I had rocked almost onto my back as a defence mechanism, as we had someone, or something run straight at us! We were sat maybe 4/5 steps up from the bridge, the floor is like what you would expect at a local park, hard with loose gravel. If you’ve ever walked around your local park, you’ll know the sound of that gravel under foot as a jogger approaches you from behind. It’s unmistakable, and extremely unusual for it to happen right in front of you when there is no one there. That’s exactly what happened, it’s the only way to describe it, it blew us away, yet it’s also the point where my mood changed completely.

I remember standing up and scanning the area with my torch. Remember, when we are filming, we only have infrared, and anything other than the camera screen is in total darkness. I could have sworn someone had just ran at us, an actual person, and I was in no mood for playing games. Let me put you in my position, it’s just me and Vicky, we have a lot of equipment and cameras, adding up to I don’t want to guess how much, and someone had just ran at us in the dark…

I went into complete defence mode. I don’t recall much of what I was saying but looking back at the footage I’m almost a little bit embarrassed. I was ready to fight, it was as simple as that. I had to protect us both, and everything we had with us. It was a natural reaction, apparently Vicky was repeatedly shouting me to come back as I went looking for what or who it was, but I didn’t even hear her, I was completely zoned out. The most amazing thing about it all was that there was no one there.

Not a soul, it was so close to us that if it was a person, we’d have seen them. I immediately put my torch on, unless they had Harry Potter’s cape of invisibility then I can only assume that whatever it was wasn’t human. It was a truly unbelievable experience that involved fear, aggression, excitement and a little bit of laughter – only afterwards though! I’ll never forget it, and I’ll just apologise now for walking off and leaving Vicky in the dark!

I hope you have enjoyed the blog and the video.

In my mind we captured some great evidence which fell in line with the location and it was an incredibly draining night!

I knew at that moment towards the end that it was time to wrap it up, the entire feeling in the cemetery was not right and it definintly felt like we’d overstayed our welcome! 

I can’t wait to return now that we have new information and maybe we will be able to shed some light on what is REALLY going on there!

The FULL gallerey of photos will be available soon and will be over on Haunted Insight

BUT.. Until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Blog written and video edited by Vicky Grant. 
Photographs of the location by James Pykett. 




The Hermit Cave.

Hi everyone! Welcome to the next investigation instalment blog!

For this blog we travelled to Derbyshire to investigate the hauntingly beautiful Hermit Cave!

For those of you that don’t know, I actually wrote an article for Haunted Magazine (Issue H20) where I covered the story of the Hermit  and what it was that made him leave his life behind as a baker and decide to live a solitary life in the woods.


I definitely suggest you check it out to get the full historical story.

The issue can be read for free via the app or you can order your copy in print by visiting the Haunted Magazine website!

The Hermit Cave.


The entirety of the Hermit Cave and the woodland surrounding is deemed to be extremely sacred ground. I won’t get into the full history of the Hermit, but the story goes that he had a vision from god and was told to move to the woodland and live out a solitary life.

The hermit supposedly spent the next 80 years living inside of this cave and practicing his faith.

So why is the cave reputed to be so haunted?

Pathway to the cave.


Over the years there have been many stories which surround the cave and some of them are very dark indeed. It is said that satanic rituals have taken place here as if to once disrupt the peaceful ground and try to summon something much more evil.

I will admit…

I have investigated the cave on a few occasions and as mentioned in my article for Haunted Magazine I have always believed that there is some kind of push between good and evil.

Although it can totally depend on when you visit and what those spirits have in store for you.

Do I believe that something demonic resides there?

The answer is simple. No.

BUT I do believe that the grounds and the cave itself harbours a strange energy of good and bad spirits. The bad spirits which in my experience, like to imitate and pretend that they are worse than they actually are….

Surely if something demonic was there, I’d be in a worse state than I am now after investigating it so many times in the past!

That’s how I like to look at it logically anyway. 


The Investigation. 

Joined by my friend and fellow investigator James Pykett of Haunted Insight & HauntedLIVE we ventured to the cave for another investigation.

I say another, it was for me, but this was the first time that James had ever visited this location.




We were armed with our equipment in hand and it was around 9PM when we arrived.

We’d taken the short walk up to the cave and through the woodland and on the way it seemed that the activity had already began because the brand new batteries I’d only just put into my torch moments ago had already started to drain.

These are industrial batteries, they should last for hours (if not days) so yes, I did find that a little strange!

Also, it’s not the first time that this has happened to me whilst investigating this location. 

As we’d approached the cave, we did a quick scope of the area to make sure that no one was around and it was all clear.

We’d stepped foot inside of the cave and heard a ‘Hiss‘ like sound almost immediately.

The cave is not a massive area, in fact, it’s incredibly small. We couldn’t see an animal inside and nothing had gone past us to get out.

We had no idea where the hiss had come from and if I’m honest, it almost sounded human. 

From that moment, we went straight into investigating.

We began to call out, asking for noises and signs that someone was there with us. We did hear a few strange bangs which sounded like they were coming from above the cave, not only this, but myself and James both saw what looked like a ‘dark shadow‘ move from the right side of us.

Whatever it was looked as if it was inside of the cave with us.

Now taking out some equipment, we decided to test a new ghost box called the SONOX10 Spirit Box.

The above is a description from the creator to explain how the device works!

For the first part of the off camera session we started to receive words such as ‘Sacrifice, Alter, Demon, Demonic‘ I was even called a ‘Bitch‘ as I’d called out.

It was pretty apparent to us what kind of night this was going to be.

With such accurate responses relating to the stories of the area, we flicked on our night vision camera and hit record to try and document some of them!


Here’s the full Ghost Box session video!

We captured some AMAZING responses, please give it a watch and let us know what you think!


I think my favourite moment in the above video is capturing that ‘cackle‘ of a laugh which must have spanned over several sweeps!

To me, that’s pretty awesome! 

Not only that, but we were receiving FULL sentences!

Honestly, I’m still pretty amazed by it all.


Ghost Box Session Analysis. 


The first part of the ghost box session seemed to be making reference to ‘naughtiness‘ quite a fair bit. What makes it so intelligent is that I kept hearing a male laugh and then we receive the response ‘We’re having fun‘ so to me, that comes across as something clearly playing with us.

You will then hear a female intercept and say ‘Scratch her little butt‘ which watching back, I was a bit like WOAH… No way did it just say that, but it CLEARLY does.. I couldn’t not point that out (as stupid as it sounds)

You’ll then again hear a male come through and say ‘A bit naughty‘ and then we received that creepy cackle of a laugh from a female. Everything rolled in conjunction with one and other and it wasn’t long after this that I heard the noise next to me….

I still think the leaf randomly flying into the window is a little creepy.

Considering there was no wind. It could have been an animal, I’m not going to discount that, but it sounded closer to me like it was inside of the cave.

In my mind, I felt like it was building up to something.

( And don’t worry, I checked my ‘Little butt‘ when I got home and I hadn’t been scratched LOL )

Moving on to the next part, we switched it up and James took the ghost box to see what kind of response he would receive with him being a male.

As you’ll see in the video, His name is said pretty much from the moment it’s turned back on as you’ll hear a woman say ‘James Can help‘ and after that yet again we receive another intelligent response when he asked ‘who keeps moving?’ it responds ‘very good movement

The next part I believe we were picking up on some kind of ‘residual‘ energy as it speaks the words ‘F**cked and then says ‘I’m gonna die, and I know it‘ !!

That was one of the best and clearest sentences I’ve EVER heard through a ghost box.

It can only make you wonder what this moment is referring to and what possibly could have happened in this cave!

The only name we received all night through the ghost box was ‘Walter‘ – The ‘W’ sounds quite pronounced to me, but again it could be conceived as ‘Alter‘ as there actually is one in the cave on the opposite side.

The other name we received was ‘Donald‘ and this was given to us through the Alice Box later in the night.

James would also ask the question ‘can you come towards me and try and touch me‘ and again the spirit box would respond within seconds ‘Reach out and touch me‘ – another amazing intelligent response over several sweeps!

The sound outside was also strange, it was like a gate opening.

There is gate which you have to go through to get to the cave but it’s at least a good mile or so away. Unless the sound travelled to us, but again, who had opened it? We didn’t see anyone else whilst we were there and when we later reached the gate on the way out, it was still closed.

Not long after this we heard what sounded like footsteps outside. Again, we can’t discount that this was just an animal. Luckily the camera picked up the rustling of the leaves so you can hear it for yourselves. At the time it didn’t sound as pronounced as that to us, it actually sounded like tiny feet outside, like a child. Soon the Alice box said ‘7‘ randomly after we mentioned a kid.

You’ll see me react and say maybe its an age?

I honestly think James was spot on with his statement of saying that something was messing with us and maybe trying to imitate a child as nothing else seemed to be working. It wanted to gain our trust. 

With receiving responses such as ‘Demonic’ Scratch her, Alter‘ etc… There was no way that I believed it was a child spirit.

For the last part of the session, I’d already spoken aloud and made it pretty clear that I didn’t think it was a child, but I’d humour it all the same. 

I think this actually may have annoyed whatever spirit was there, as it began to take a dark turn once more.

I’ve honestly never heard my name being said so many times through a ghost box. I didn’t hear it whilst we were sat in the cave but watching it back I was SHOCKED.

Not only did it say my name, it also called me a bitch again.

The voices were very odd, they also sounded ‘child like‘ but they definitely had a darker tone behind them and the giggle was the weirdest thing I’d ever heard.

You’ll also clearly hear the ghost box say ‘Get out all of you, Ha ha‘ right towards the end.

I think it was a pretty eventful night and the responses we got were impressive! 



Myself and Jame’s are already planning to go back to see what else we can get now that we’ve been through the footage and know what to expect!

The light anomaly was also strange, definitely not a bug of any sort and there was no moisture or dust in the air, it was a clear night. No wind, no nothing.

Plus it seemed to fade out of noting and beam brighter before it disappeared.

Can I say that is Paranormal? No. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.




After the ghost box session we ventured out into the woods but we didn’t receive anything out of the ordinary.

The temperature began to drop and it was absolutely freezing! We’d been out for a good 3 hours or so and we decided to wrap up the investigation and head home!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and the video, It’s a little different to what I normally do but I must admit I really did enjoy filming and being able to actually showcase our evidence as well as write about it in an analysis!

There will be lots more like this to come from myself and James in the coming months….


Until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Blog, photos and video edited by Vicky Grant. 



Grace Dieu Priory.

Hi everyone! 

Welcome to the next investigation installment blog!

For this blog I teamed up with James Pykett of Haunted Insight and we went off to investigate the magnificent Grace Dieu Priory in Leicestershire!



The priory itself was founded in around 1235 by a lady called Roesia de Verdon and was an Augustinian priory dedicated to the Holy Trinity and St Mary church.

Sadly all that stands in its place now are the ruins, but boy, are they atmospheric… and also reputed to be quite haunted! 

This wasn’t my first investigation at the priory… in fact, it’s an old favourite of mine. I’ve been here many times before in the past, but for James, it was his first time ever visiting.


Not only are the priory ruins itself supposedly haunted but also the massive woodland that surrounds the area… and in my personal opinion, I’ve always believed the woodland to be more active for spiritual activity.

I’ve always found the priory itself to be quite peaceful.

Even at night. I’d never really experienced much activity there before and as stated above, the majority of activity previously came from the surrounding woodland.

On the night myself and James investigated, we’d arrived at the priory at around half past eight. 

I say we ‘arrived’ at the priory…

We actually didn’t find the ruins until an hour into our investigation.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have the worst sense of direction…. EVER.

I’ve been to the ruins about eight times in the past and guess what?

I still got lost! 

James was hoping I’d be his tour guide… oh how wrong he was! 


The Woodland. 

When you arrive you have to park at the back of a pub which leads off towards the woodland trail. After a short walk you have three options on which way to go…

I remembered a bridge so we headed right and I was pretty convinced that this was the correct route…

But after twenty minutes of walking… 

it became apparent that it definitely wasn’t the right way! 

Even on our walk down into this unknown area of the woods we were hearing voices.

Human voices. To the point of where I was highly convinced that other people were around, maybe even other ghost hunters…

But we didn’t see anyone!

It was incredibly eerie to say the least. 

We’d stumbled upon a certain area, it was a little more open and less shrouded by trees.

The atmosphere here didn’t feel the same as the other areas. I’d felt fine the entire time until we’d reached this opening and what’s even stranger is that in the center of this small opening was a massive rock, around the size of a boulder.

The weird thing was, someone had clearly placed tiny little rocks around this HUGE rock, in a sort of circle.. 

My first initial thought screamed witchcraft….

Who would do something like that? and why? 

It was really odd! 

As this area felt stranger to the others, myself and James decided to officially start our investigation right out there in the woods.

We’d found a semi stable log to sit down upon and James was running the Alice Box which generates words.

Supposedly spirits can manipulate this device to say certain words from the dictionary (kinda like the ovilus) we’ve personally had some great results with this in the past. 

We were sat for a few minutes and it was eerily quiet as we called out.

We’d gotten familiar to our surroundings by now. Taking in the different sounds, able to debunk what may have been animals and natural audio.

But there was one really strange sound we couldn’t debunk.

It sounded like rope, The best way to describe it is a noise that is made when rope is tightened around wood and you’d hear that creak or swinging sound! 

Me and James sat for a while just listening.

Could it have just been the wood creaking? We’d asked this question to ourselves. But the sound moved!

Not only this, but when we started talking about it sounding like rope…

It got closer to us. At one point it sounded right above us! 

It was the most weirdest and creepiest experience ever.

James had a hunch about the spirit that could possibly be around us, we’d asked for a name and the Alice box responded right on cue…


So we greeted and asked more questions about him. Tried to get more answers, but nothing.

Jame’s changed his line of questioning…

Asking if Edward had taken his own life. Something that could possibly make sense from the strange rope sound we’d been hearing all around us.

The Alice box responded again…



Alice Box Response in the woods.


Honestly. We were gobsmacked and I’m pretty sure we high fived? (not because the poor guy was hanged, but because the response was so intelligent!)

We continued our questions but nothing more really stood out after this, although we didn’t feel alone.

At one point it sounded as if something had been thrown towards us, like a rock of some sort and it fumbled across the ground and we’d also heard footsteps.

Not something we can definitely say was paranormal activity…But we couldn’t find an actual human or animal that was causing it.


The Priory Ruins. 


Picking up our backpacks we decided to actually try and find the ruins now so we headed back the way we’d came and took the other path to the left.

It all started to look really familiar now and at last I knew we were on the right track once we came across the massive bridge!

The ruins were not far down the path now and James had stopped as he thought he saw a torch light in the distance.

Now remember, we’re in public woods and anyone could have been around so James was a little on guard.

That was when we heard distinct talking. 

People. It had to be.

I remember saying to James “Don’t worry, it’ll just be other ghost hunters..

We reached the gate and heard a woman laughing. 

I said “it’s fine, it’s just people” so we walked down a little more… Expecting to find someone at the ruins.



The place was deserted! We checked it top to bottom and the only way someone was getting out was to walk right past us!

We were both a little freaked by this point being as we were pretty convinced it was actual real people!

BUT… on an upside it was clear we had the place to ourselves.

James had brought his camera along with him and he went around snapping the photos you have seen so far… As well as these amazing ones below! 


Heading to the main part of the priory this was where we started our investigation once more.

We’d sat down and began to call out…

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I’ve always found the priory to be incredibly peaceful in the past.

But everything was about to change. 

I was sat on one of the old windows ledges and myself and James were chatting and out of the corner of my eye… I saw a figure. 

It absolutely took my breath if I’m honest. It was a black mass, hovering by what I could only assume would have been a doorway back in the day.


James jumped up… and again, we checked for people.

No one! 

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that the actual doorway must be around 6 feet tall and this figure that I saw had towered over the top of it.

SO both feeling a little on edge now…

But we pushed on. This was great. 

I’ve always found the spirit box seems to bring out activity… even if not used directly. Something about the white noise always seems to draw the energy in. This seemed like a good idea so we set it up.

But it was as quiet as a mouse. 

It wasn’t even picking up on your usual blip of a radio station. It was deathly silent.

Not long after we’d turned the device on James had also saw what looked like a figure pass by a window. It moved really quickly and then disappeared.

He described it as much smaller than what I’d seen, almost childlike.

So again we checked for people.. no one. It seemed we were going back and forth chasing whatever this was around us.

We were walking around at this point…

The spirit box had been quiet but that soon changed when it spoke in a female voice… it sounded spoken in French, but we couldn’t make it out at all.

I turned off the box and then proceeded to argue with James about the priory not being French so it made no sense for it to do that…

LATER after some research.. I found out the priory actually WAS French… and so they would have spoken French there after all!

Hence the name, Grace Dieu…

(Duhhhh Vicky!) Hey… we all have our moments. Haaa!


James was right, I was wrong. Doesn’t happen very often but on this occasion I can’t argue and we still have no idea what had been said to this day.

Around this time we also noticed the wind started to pick up and the weather was getting pretty bad to be honest.

We’d continued to walk around the outside of the ruins and we were seeing all sorts of shadowy movement out of our peripheral vision and again, James was pretty sure he’d saw a small childlike figure run across the field.

Now standing by an opening in the ruins more towards the exit. We heard the most creepiest ‘witch like’ cackle come out of the spirit box. So much so… we both just stopped in our tracks and stared at each other like ‘what the actual f**k was that?!

We’d even turned the spirit box off at one point and were hearing voices with our own ears!

And then… it went quiet again. By this point it had really started to hammer it down with rain. We took shelter in a nearby fireplace, this fireplace to be exact..


Notice all of the tiny stones? Yeah? I tried to sit on one of those and fell off into the mud. After ten minutes of James laughing… he finally helped me up. Proper gentlemen.

*eye roll* 


The weather just got worse. Rain, demonic wind. There was no way we could continue on with the investigation so sadly we had to call it a night. Now with our hoods up and equipment packed away we ventured back into the woods for our walk back to the car park.

But it wasn’t over.

Not only did we both distinctly hear something growl at us on the way back, we again heard a woman’s voice as well as footsteps following behind us.

The entire time it was a ‘don’t look back and just keep walking‘ situation! 

The energy was dark in the priory that night, Like nothing I’d ever come across before. It can only make you wonder what’s been happening there recently and quite possibly what people may have been doing… hence that weird rock circle we’d come across!

We definitely want to go back and we WILL be at some point But this time, we will be armed with a night vision camera as moving forwards myself and James have decided to film a little more of our investigations to accompany our blogs!

That will be SUPER fun and I’m excited. Who knows what might happen? or what we might capture? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog…

But, Until next time..

Happy Hunting!

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant and all photo credit goes to James Pykett of Haunted Insight. 

Tatton Old Hall.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the next investigation installment blog! 

For this blog I traveled to Knutsford in Cheshire to investigate the breathtaking Tatton Old Hall!!!


The Hall itself dates back to the 14th century and is reported to have a whole host of ghost stories which is not surprising for a location that is steeped is so much history!

The hall has also been featured in the most recent issue of Haunted Magazine (Issue 22) and I’d definitely recommend you grab your copy to read more about this magnificent building!


For this investigation I was lucky enough to be welcomed to the location by TV ghost hunter Danny Moss and his team The Haunted Hunts.

Danny and the Haunted Hunts Team.

I’d been seeing this location advertised on social media for a while and I had felt incredibly drawn to it. It really does hold it’s very own personality, that’s a certainty!

Not only is the building said to be home to it’s very own spirits and residual energy, but that is not all!

Recently Danny has been working on building his very own Haunted Collection and has slowly been introducing some very unique items into the hall!


My Night at Tatton… 

I arrived at Tatton Old Hall at around 8PM accompanied by my dad. For those of you who have read some of my previous blogs, you’ll know that he sometimes tags along. (He loves it, bless him!)

Before I get into anything, I need to tell you about the drive up to the place…

The Hall itself is set in a massive park surrounded by beautiful wildlife. Now you have to remember, this was at night and it was completely pitch black. The drive up to the actual Hall was one of the most eeriest experiences of my life… and I’m not even exaggerating.

We’d pulled up outside and Danny soon came out to meet us.

He gave us a private tour around the building and filled us in on some of the history, ghost stories and also a little more information into some of the Haunted Objects he had brought into the building.


The Haunted Chest.

I was SUPER interested to see these items. I had watched a few videos online from Danny’s social media page of the insane evidence he had captured whilst working with these objects and honestly, I was a little apprehensive!!

The first item he showed me was The Cursed Chest..


The story behind this item is that it was found in the basement by a family and roughly would date back to the early 1800’s.

Why is said to be cursed? No one truly knows… but everyone that has owned this chest has experienced extremely bad luck after they acquired it, Including Danny himself. I was told what happened to him but I won’t get into the details as it’s something highly personal to him.

The chest itself also has weird scratch like markings on the back which Danny has had several different people look into, yet still no one can explain exactly what it is?

After looking at the markings myself…

I will admit. The first thing that popped into my head was ‘witchcraft


Bob The Clown Boy. 



And now we come to Bob…

The creepy little clown doll.

The story behind Bob again dates back to the 1800’s. He was found in the attic of a home by a young boy who then went on to have an unhealthy obsession with him. The little boy would tell his mother that the dolls legs would move by themselves and the boy would be grounded for supposedly  lying about it. It wasn’t until the mother witnessed this phenomena for herself that the doll was then cast out from the family home and handed over to specialists within the paranormal field.

When Danny had taken me into this particular area to see Bob up close and personal – I remember the atmosphere inside of this room immediately changed for me.

I’d felt fine walking around all of the other areas so far, but in this room…

It had a very bad vibe. 


The Grace Doll. 


She looks so innocent right?


Grace is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a witch and Danny alongside his team have done extensive research working with this particular item with several different methods.

Whilst using the S-box – they have captured the same malicious sounding voice on several occasions which has said things like ‘Curse you, Hang them, Evil and Release me as well as making reference to ‘Ruthin‘ when asked where she had come from.

We ALL had a pretty profound experience with Grace on the night I went to investigate and Danny captured it all on camera!


As well as the above, Danny also has a Lamba tribe mask which is said to have been used in rituals in Africa, this particular item is known to give off random bursts of extremely high EMF readings, again, something that has been documented by Danny on several occasions.



The Investigation – The Main Hall. 

After my tour with Danny and getting filled in some of the strange happenings at the Hall the rest of the guests arrived at around 9PM.

For the first part of the evening we all joined together in the great hall in an attempt to build up energy for the evening ahead! 



There was around twenty of us (or so) and we’d spread out perfectly in this hall to form a kind of circle.

Danny took the lead and began to call out. Asking for any spirits of the hall to come forward and communicate with us. He also asked for one in particular…

Thomas Kingman

He is probably the most famous and well known spirit (a former gamekeeper) who is said to reside at Tatton Old Hall. He is deemed to be a very powerful poltergeist with a nasty temper who has a disliking for women.

In life he was known to be a drunk and he would also abuse his own wife and children on a regular basis.

In fact, there is a picture of him hanging in Tatton Old Hall…


A week prior to my visit, Danny was on location filming and a door had mysteriously opened in the lower corridor which was witnessed by the TV crew at the time who thought someone was trying to come inside. When they’d looked, no one was around.

Danny believes this to be that of  Thomas trying to get their attention! 

The Door which had opened a week before my visit.

During our time investigating as a group in the main hall, There were several K2 devices scattered around us which slowly began to spike without a reasonable explanation.

They seemed to be responding in regards to Danny’s taunting. He did inform me at the start of the night that he would use provocation to generate activity from certain spirits in the house due to their nature in life and the bad things they had done.

I honestly had no problem with this… and it worked really well!

We’d been in the hall for a good twenty minutes or so before the activity seemed to spike up. I remember I was stood towards the back and I began to feel really uneasy, as if someone was stood directly behind me. I’d glanced back, nothing. Everyone was still in the circle. It was then I got this unbelievable stench of what I could only describe as ‘Alcohol

It absolutely reeked.

It smelt like someone had been in the pub all day and had literally just breathed on my face and the fumes from the alcohol lingered in the air.

The only person stood close enough to me was my dad and he hadn’t been drinking. In fact, he doesn’t even drink anyway!

I’d spoken up about this, mostly because Thomas was known to be a drunk in life and I was wondering if I was picking up on him.

It wasn’t long after I said this that a few other ladies in the room on the complete opposite side of me had said they thought they had smelt it too.

Whatever it was seemed to be moving around the room and would only last a few seconds at a time.

It felt like we were being watched.

The women in-particular were the ones who seemed to be singled out.

This along with the random EMF bursts made the first part of the investigation VERY interesting indeed.


The Living Quarters.

For the second part, Danny split us down into smaller teams.

I was paired with himself and a few other guests as we’d headed upstairs to what would have been the living quarters.



I myself went into one of the rooms with a couple of guests whilst everyone else stayed just outside of the door in the corridor.

It was rather quiet in this area where activity is concerned. Danny conducted a live EVP session but nothing was captured out of the ordinary.

Another ghost story for this particular area is that of children spirits but Danny did go on to mention that he hadn’t heard anything from them for a while and he was unsure if it was because of Thomas or maybe the haunted items he had brought into the building.

As stated, I was stood in one of the bedrooms when I began to smell that awful stench of alcohol again.

It wafted right past me almost in a breeze and I was pretty sure that whatever was downstairs was now in this room with us. I also had a pretty personal experience of my own here like I had been touched upon my shoulder.

It was very prominent and certainly made me turn around quite swiftly!


The Outside Barn. 

Swapping teams around. We now ventured outside to the barn to which Danny did state was not the original but it did rest on the original land.

Unfortunately for this part of the investigation we didn’t receive any activity in our small group. Which to me, is just the way Ghost Hunting goes sometimes! Spirits are not performing monkeys at the end of the day they will communicate with you if and when they please!

regardless of the above, I did hear that another group that had ventured into the barn a little earlier in the evening had some great activity with the Ouija board as well as having touch sensitive balls light up on command!


The Victorian rooms. 


This area was REALLY interesting for me. I was teamed up with Haunted Hunts investigator Becky and we’d all gone down to the lower rooms.

Some of the guests stayed in the back room to try and conduct a ouija board session but myself and another female stayed in what could only be described as a ‘tea room’. It had a huge table in the center and was set up with cups and cake trays etc, all for decoration.

I’d sat back and heard what sounded like something shuffling on the table next to me so I’d turned my torch on to see but I couldn’t make out what the noise exactly was.

It honestly sounded as if something had moved and I wasn’t the only one to hear this!

Myself and another lady also witnessed the REM pod going off which had been placed down the corridor so we’d decided to stand a little closer as Becky tried to entice the spirit of Sir Thomas towards us.

Standing alone in this little out-cove was very uncomfortable.

Myself and the other female guest I was with both heard two very distinct bangs on wood which sounded like it came from directly in front of us. I also heard what sounded like old fashioned music, just a few notes. I later found out there is a type of music box a little further down the hallway, so I can only wonder if that’s what it was! 

We continued to call out in this area, but again, sadly, the activity seemed to come in a short burst and then go flat again.


The Master Bedroom. 


After a short break and a nice hot cup of coffee we were back and ready to take on Tatton Old Hall once more!

This time we teamed back up with Danny and went into the Master Bedroom.. which also happens to be the new home of Bob the haunted clown doll. (GREAT!)

Ha, only joking. I was proper excited. Not gonna lie.

In this area a movement sensor had been placed on the stairs and Danny began to conduct a spirit box session.

It was pretty active from the off!

To the point of my own dad even feeling like he was pushed! 

Right, so anyone who knows my dad knows that he kinda lives life in his own little bubble so for him to speak up and say he felt that, I know it definitely happened.

He was pretty shaken by it to be honest (bless him!) He had his back to the bed at the time and no one was behind him.

Danny was provoking Bob the doll with the spirit box and he’d asked a certain question…

And I SWEAR I’ve never heard a more clear response that said ‘F**K OFF* come through the spirit box. I was a little amazed by that! I also found it really funny too as this Bob clearly had some attitude. (uh-huh!)

When Danny went back at him for saying that, the spirit box AGAIN responded with the word ‘F**k‘ – so really, that only verified what we’d just heard moments ago!

As my dad had quite clearly been touched by this point, Danny decided to get my dad to call out to Bob and he received some responses himself, but when my dad asked who’d touched him… it actually said the name ‘Fred

Not going to lie… the spirit box session was insane. I REALLY enjoyed this.

Not only that but during our break prior to going into the Master Bedroom, a few guests had gone up to do an EVP session and captured what sounded like a child laughing at them ‘HA‘ – it’s very clear and you’ll be able to see all of this is the video that Danny and his team put together at the end of the blog.


The Nursery. 


For the final part of the investigation we’d headed down to the nursery area to do some work with Grace the Haunted Doll which is believed to be possessed by the spirit of a witch.

Danny admitted to me earlier on in the evening that this particular item scares the absolute shit out of him, mainly because of the evidence he’d captured when trying to communicate with it.

Just prior to us going down, Danny had taken another team inside whilst we were upstairs.. and legitimately, all I could hear were people reacting to what was clearly happening downstairs. It caused quite a ruckus.

When we swapped over the other team had told me that this same creepy ‘old woman’ kind of voice kept coming through the s-box and also they’d heard several taps on the glass box (to which sounded as if it was coming from the inside!) – In three knocks, responding to Danny.

I couldn’t wait to get in there!

Danny wanted to continue on with the session as he’d been getting great activity with Grace so we simply swapped over.

We crowded into the room and stood around whilst he began to call out to Grace using the S-box.

It had seemed to go quiet for us, but after a few more attempts a very clear (disturbing) voice came through the box… which sounded to me like ‘Shut up‘ – It was your typical old cranky lady voice! Hellaaaaaa horrible. 

That was the only time I heard a voice and Danny went on to try and get the taps on the box to happen again.

It did…

And Danny is gonna hate me for this.. but I didn’t hear it! (I’m sorry!)

EVERYONE in the room reacted to it, even my own dad heard it. But not me. I find that doubly weird! I will admit though, I was slightly zoned out in this area and I didn’t feel like myself. I’m not saying that something paranormal had attached to me, I just knew something was not right.

BUT.. Luckily for you all (and me) The whole entire thing was being filmed and it was all captured on video and you can watch it ALL below!

It was an incredibly active night and I’ve probably missed off some stuff that happened as there were different teams etc. But I’ve highlighted all of my own personal experiences! I had a lot!


I absolutely loved my night at Tatton old hall and it’ll be one investigation I am not likely to forget very soon, that’s for sure.

Massive thanks to Danny Moss and The Haunted Hunts team for having me along!

But.. until next time,

Happy Hunting!

Blog written and edited by Vicky Grant. 



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